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Character Information
Name FinlandFlag.png Republic Of Finland (Suomen Tasavalta)
Human Name Tino Väinämöinen (ティノ・ヴァイナマイネン, Tino Vainamainen)
Alternate Spellings Timo
Age 20
Gender Male
Birthday December 06[1]
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Violet (manga, Beautiful World anime), Brown (Axis Powers, World Series anime)
Height 170 cm (5' 7")[2]
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Strip Chapter 4: Pact of Steel
Game The Hetalian Horror Show
Drama CD Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2
Anime Episode 01 (cameo)
Episode 14 (speaking)
Musical Hetalia ~Singin' in the World~
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahiro Mizushima
English Clint Bickham

Finland (フィンランド, Finrando) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. In 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and he received the name Tino Väinämöinen (ティノ・ヴァイナマイネン, Tino Vainamainen).


A 'chibi' version of Finland. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Finland has short blond hair and violet eyes[3] (originally colored blue in some early illustrations, and are brown in the anime). He's strong, but with a cute face.[4] He is described as having a "moon face" that is "a bit plump" and round shoulders.[5] He wears a light blue military uniform with a cross neck-charm on the jacket, and sometimes wears a white beret on his head. In a 2011 blog post, Himaruya described him as a "powerful person".[6]

He is the shortest out of the five Nordics[7] and stands at 170 cm, but only when he's wearing a hat.[2] There is approximately a 12 cm height difference between him and Sweden.[8] It was revealed that Sweden knows how to sew, and he managed to alter some of his own clothing so that Finland would have extra clothes, as their height difference was very noticeable.[8] Finland also received clothing from the Italy brothers, in exchange for fish. However it was said they didn't always fit his frame.[9]

He is also often shown in the role of Santa Claus, due to the fact that Santa is claimed to live in Finnish Lapland.[10][11]

Personality and Interests

Finland is described as being simplistic, gentle, and honest[12], as well seeming rather adult-like.[1] Estonia, a friend of his, described him as worrying a lot but with a strong core.[13] He is calm[14] but serious and hard-working.[15][12] He is said to show "great physical strength" during fires and is abnormally strong against the cold.[1] He's very talkative, especially around Sweden, thinking up jokes to lighten the atmosphere, however he is actually a quiet individual.[12][14] He loves to think of interesting and unusual festivals that no other country could imagine[12][1], and actually likes the taste of salmiakki.[12] He also happens to love saunas[1] and loves the combination of alcohol and sweets.[16]

Before gaining his independence, Finland used to be an underling.[12] Out of the five Nordic nations, it is said that he suffered the most hardships in his life.[17] He also sometimes feels a bit like an outsider with the rest of the Nordics due to having a Finno-Ugric language rather than a language derived from Old Norse.[18]

In one of the "Extra Strips", it appears that he doesn't have a good naming sense.[19] It is said that he'll let you poke him up to ten times but he'll return it many times over if you go over that amount.[14]



Main Article: America

Finland was shown to be the first one to discover America in Finland's Holiday Home; after mentioning it to him, Sweden decides to try to capture him, but they both end up being beat up by Holland. Finland also is the one who tells France and England about America. While the two argue over who the boy looks most like, Finland asks if America looks like him. There is a resemblance, but both France and England deny it.[20]

There is not much more interaction between Finland and America, though in the 2010 Christmas Event, after listening to America express his jealousy for the children who receive presents from their fathers, Finland suggested that, since America shared his genes from the colonization days, America could think of him as his papa. America responded with "I might be able to if you looked older", to which Finland responded "I'll wear a beard!"[21] In a 2009 blog post, it was stated America learned to make log houses because of the leftovers he had left.[22]


Main article: Denmark

Finland lived with Denmark, but made the decision to flee with Sweden, having grown tired of being surrounded by stronger nations and wanting to be free.[23] Finland occasionally refers to him as Ta-san[24] (short from the Finnish name for Denmark, Tanska), as heard in the third interval CD.


Main Article: Estonia

Finland and Estonia are very good friends, having known each other for a long time. After fleeing Denmark's rule, Finland stopped by to visit him, while Sweden offered for the Baltics to come join them as family. Though Poland refused to let them go, Sweden and Finland eventually gained partial custody of both Estonia and Latvia.[25]

The two men are known to come up with strange festival ideas together, though Estonia snatched the "leader" position away.[1] They also enjoy making sweets together.[26] He tries to bridge the gap between him and Estonia.[27]


Main Article: Germany

The two are said to have a good relationship.[26] The two nations were allied with each other and were seen chatting about their bosses in Hetare 4: Pact of Steel. Germany mentions that his boss is making him look for the Holy Grail. Finland jokingly asks if he worries that his boss will throw him in jail for complaining about him too much but Germany wonders what kind of world involves bosses imprisoning countries. Finland then quietly mentions to him that he believes his (Germany's) boss has it in him to do such a thing.[28] In Comic Diary 4, Germany and Finland were seen having lunch together and conversing, asking Germany if he made a lunchbox in which he replied that Italy made it for him.[29]


Main Article: Iceland

In Wordy Nordic Comic, Finland was excited to hear the news of Iceland's test results, adding that he knew that he and Norway were biological brothers. After learning of the promise that Norway and Iceland made, Finland happily asks him if Iceland could call him "big brother" as well.[30][31] In a drawing posted on Himaruya's blog, Finland notes that he cuts Iceland's hair.[32]


Main Article: Sweden

The two ran away together after not being able to handle living with Denmark.[23] Though Sweden considers him his "wife", Finland insists that he's not[25] (even in the present day, as shown in Christmas Rampage 2007)[10]. Finland later fell under the control of Russia for some time; he stated that he felt more "free" there, though he quickly added that it was more fun being together with Sweden.[33] Finland often refers to Sweden as "Su-san" ("Mr. Swe") for short.[34] In Episode 14 published in the March 2013 edition of Comic Birz, it's hinted that Finland may call him by his nickname so much that he forgets to address him by his actual name when talking to others.[18]

Several strips about their life together were made, including one that features them adopting a dog named Hanatamago[19] and one where Finland runs into a small child (which later turns out to be a very young America). After the boy flees in fright and Finland telling him about the boy, Sweden asks him if he wants kids and he responds that he thought it would be nice if they had a child following them everywhere. Sweden says he'll "do his best" but he doesn't understand what Sweden means.[20]

Although some strips show Finland appearing terrified or uneasy towards Sweden, most strips show a different picture with Finland appearing less afraid of Sweden, most noticeably during some of the Kitayume events like Christmas 2010[21] and Halloween 2011.[35] In Finland's Volume 5 profile, it is said he likes and looks up to Sweden.[36] Sweden's feelings towards Finland have been consistent throughout the series and considers him to be "a good friend".[37][38]

In a response to a fan question (circa 2007), it has been said by Hidekaz Himaruya that Sweden is gay, and only has strong feelings towards Finland.[39]



A cropped image of Finland seen in Episode 14: We've been waiting a long time! Those five people+α are introduced! published in Comic Birz.

Finland was among the first of the Nordics to be designed and made his debut in the original webcomic in Hetare 4: Pact of Steel where he and Germany are conversing about their bosses.[28] He appears with Germany again in Comic Diary 4, eating lunch and conversing with one another.[29] In the strip, Su-san and I, Finland decides to leave Denmark's house and tags along with Sweden. The two start a new life together but Finland feels uneasy towards him; even to the point he considers running away from him. However he later comes to the conclusion that maybe Sweden isn't a bad person and he simply doesn't know how to communicate all that well.[23] Many strips were made showcasing their life together such as Su-san and the Dog[19], The Battle for America[20], and Polish-Swedish Wars[37], as well as three Comic Diary strips.[8][40][41] Finland appears alongside Sweden in a strip commemorating the fifth anniversary of Kitayume.[42] The two are seen again together in the strip, Happy 2009!, where they are celebrating the New Years' Eve watching the night sky and Sweden says he's happy to ring in the New Year. Finland appears startled, saying "he spoke to me right through the start of the year!" but later mentions that he wants to say many things but can't find right words.[43] In 2009, he makes brief appearances in the strips, Wordy Nordic Comic and To Create Better Products in Northern Europe, both which were later republished in Volume 3. In a blog post describing the EU financial crisis, Finland is mentioned to be "cooperating like an honour student" and is taking various measures to help Greece.[44]

Finland has appeared in all the published volumes to date. He makes his debut, but brief, appearance in the Volume 1 strip, Meeting of the World, sitting next to Sweden during the world meeting.[45] In Volume 2, he appears in the strip, Academy Hetalia Christmas answering questions about how Finns spend Christmas.[46]. In Volume 3, he makes appearances in four republished strips, The Chatty Nordics[47], To Create Better Products in Northern Europe,[48] and The Ruler of Scandinavia and the King of Eastern Europe.[49] The fourth strip is a re-drawn comic published in Comic Diary 5 called Together with Su-san[33] and was merged within The Chatty Nordics chapter.[50] In the omake comic released with Volume 4, he is seen looking for Denmark and becomes distraught when Norway holds a photo of him in the style of a Japanese funeral.[13] In Volume 5, Finland is seen in the strip, Go Forth! Newspaper Club! Second Half as part of the "Nordic Club". In the strip, he is shown correcting Denmark and informing that they talk about furniture and their aspirations as well as eat snacks[51] In Volume 6, Finland appears in the strip, Meeting of the Nordic partaking in Iceland's surprise birthday party and enjoying the sweets Estonia brought from his place.[52] In Episode 14 published in the March 2013 edition of Comic Birz, Finland serves as the narrator and introduces the other Nordics to the readers (or in some cases at least tries to). In the same strip, he tells the story about Valhala and is later seen conversing with Estonia, who is trying to join the Nordics. He then becomes frightened about the idea of a "Baltic Duo".[18] This strip was later republished in volume 6.

Finland has appeared in most of the Kitayume events, particularly the Christmas events where he takes a leading role. In the 2007 Christmas Event, Finland and Hanatamago took questions from fans and fulfilled requests and was later kidnapped by France.[10] In the 2010 Christmas Event, Finland, once again, takes questions and fulfill viewers' requests alongside Estonia, Norway, and Sweden. The four of them are later attacked by Parallel France and awake in an unknown location with ripped clothes.[21] In the 2011 Halloween Event, Finland takes part in America's costume contest dressed as a pirate alongside with the rest of the Nordics. When he asks if Sweden thought he looked scary with his mask, he merely responses with the word, "Cute".[53] Later on in the event, Finland becomes shocked when he discovers Hantamago on Sweden's hand standing on her front legs and begins wondering what Sweden had been teaching her.[54] In the 2011 Christmas Event, Finland is riding in a sleigh and talking to Sweden via cellphone, apologizing for being late and saying that he was on his way.[55] Later on during the event, he is seen hiding behind a man dressed as Santa in the back of his sleigh when they arrive to see the rest of the Nordics, Sealand, and Ladonia.[56] In a requested strip, Sweden shows up to assist Finland with his fight against Russia and gives him planes and warfare that are in rough shape.[57] In the 2013 Halloween Event, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia join the rest of the Nordics and Iceland asks if his costume is supposed to partner up with Sweden's. Finland quickly denies this, saying that it would be too intimate and draw too much attention. Instead he went with the motif of a ghost that appears in a white dress in his theatres and notes he held a three day conversation with Sweden as to why the ghost appears next to women who are alone. Things go quiet between them and Finland becomes embarrassed, saying "I guess that is strange, isn't it?"[58]

Drama CDs

Finland makes his debut in Hetalia Drama CD: Volume 2. He also appears in the first two tracks of the Nordic-centered third interval CD. The first track is an expanded version of Wordy Nordic Comic/The Chatty Nordics, in which Sweden and Finland await the arrival of the other Nordics at a restaurant and later reacts to the news of Iceland's DNA results.[59] In the second track, Sweden and Finland think back to the 17th-18th century where the two men did a lot of fighting. In a flashback, the two think back to some of Sweden's old bosses, one of them being Queen Christina. He tells Finland some interesting facts about her life, such as her life on the throne and her desire for travelling. When Finland asks if he was okay with her travelling around the world alone, Sweden says she looked like she was having fun so he was okay with it. Although Sweden's facial expressions didn't change all that much, Finland says he looks as if he was feeling nostalgic.[60] Finland also serves as the narrator for both these tracks.


Finland in Episode 14. He is on the far left.

Finland first appears in Episode 01, seated next to Sweden at the "Meeting Of The World". He gets his first speaking role in Episode 14, when he offers to tell Sweden a joke about Russians, to pass the time in the long line at the supermarket. In the English dub, Sweden's line is mistakenly dubbed as one of America's, causing the role of Finland's joke-listening friend to change from Sweden to America, albeit with Sweden's SD image in a bubble still present.

In The Beautiful World, he makes brief cameos in Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half, Our Failure, and Hetalia of the Dead - First Part. He makes his major speaking debut in Finding Santa. In The World Twinkle, he makes appearances in the Nordic-centered episodes, Meeting of the Nordic and The Nordic Five +α.

In the Axis Powers and World Series adaptation, his light blond hair was changed to a more yellow shade, and his eyes were colored brown. In The Beautiful World, he retained a look closer to the manga's, his hair going back to a light blond color and his eyes back to violet.


  • His birthday corresponds with the date that Finland declared independence from the Russian Empire, on December 6th, 1917.[1]
  • In a 2009 blog post, Himaruya specified that he and Sweden were kicked out of Delaware in The Battle for America strips.[22]
  • In his first web profile, it is said he is in a fight with England in terms of taste.[12]
  • In Volume 6, he is shown to be a huge fan of Estonian sweets.[61]
  • In Christmas Rampage 2007, he was shown to have an electric guitar in his house.[10]


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