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This article is about the character representing the ancient civilization. For the character representing modern day Egypt, see Egypt.
Ancient Egypt
Character Information
Name Ancient Egypt
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 1 (cameo)
Volume 2 (formal debut)
Strip Jump SQ. Official Tour Edition
Voice Actors

Ancient Egypt (古代エジプト Kodai Ejiputo?), also known as Mother Egypt (エジプト母 Ejiputo-kaa?) or simply as Egypt (エジプト Ejiputo?), is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is the mother of Egypt.


A 'chibi' version of Ancient Egypt from the March 2015 issue of Jump SQ.


Ancient Egypt has light-brown skin with blue eyes and messy, shoulder-length brown hair which is held back by a golden headband. She wears a long pale blue dress and is shown to wear several pieces of gold jewelry including a belt, small round earrings, several bracelets and a large necklace.[1]

Personality and Interests

She has been described as "a mysterious woman with a downright enigmatic aura."[2] Although she may seem mysterious from a distance, due to her having a whip and using magic and sorcery, Ancient Egypt is actually a laid-back person who is likable and lenient. She worries about how other people see her, fearing that, due to the Stone Slate Crusher, people will think she is strict and scary. Her leniency has been passed down to her son, along with many of her historical remains. Her appearance and demeanor at the time most of her stories are set is said to be "the fault of" the Hyksos kings.[3]

She doted on and worshipped cats, and, because she saw them as holy, didn't want to give any to other countries. She appears visibly upset when Rome decides to keep a cat as a pet.[4] In a post on Bamboo Thicket, she suggests spending time in the sun when you're feeling down.[5]


Ancient Rome

Main article: Ancient Rome

Rome is said to have fallen in love with Ancient Egypt at first sight. However, it is unknown if she reciprocated his feelings.[6] At one point, Rome took over Egypt and began to spread cats over the world, contrary to Ancient Egypt's wishes as she considered them to be holy, and was unwilling to give them to other countries.[4] In the afterlife, Rome discussed how he met a lot of cute girls when he was alive, Ancient Egypt being one of them.[7]


Main article: Egypt

Although Ancient Egypt has not been seen interacting with her son much, he is said to have inherited his laid-back personality from her. In an illustration posted to Bamboo Thicket in 2013, she is depicted cradling her son lovingly,[8] and is shown standing alongside him in another entry when discussing ways to cheer yourself up.[5]



Ancient Egypt appeared in a couple of illustrations and sketches in Bamboo Thicket entries in late 2013, though she was not named at the time.[9][8] She later made a cameo appearance in Act.10 (serialized Chapter 21) in Hetalia: World☆Stars, where Rome mentioned her among the cute girls he got to meet during his lifetime.[7] She made her formal debut in the Jump SQ. Official Tour Edition chapter, originally released in Jump SQ and later collected in Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 2, where she struggled to adapt to the religious reform Pharaoh Akhenaten introduced. He replaced all the other Egyptian gods with just one, Aten, whom she struggled to understand despite her attempts to assimilate to the change. At the end of the chapter, the new pharaoh Tutankhamun decided to return things to the way they were before his father's rule.[3]

In an extra strip included in Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 2, she appears when America uses Ancient Egypt's fashion as an example of why a sleeved blanket is a legitimate outfit, stating that despite the stereotype of a royal Egyptian wearing a headdress and lots of gold, they usually dressed casually because it was hot.[10] She next appeared in the eighty-first serialized chapter of World☆Stars in a strip explaining how cats originated as pets in Egypt, and how they were then spread around the world by Ancient Rome.[4]


  • Despite not appearing until much later in the series, she was frequently mentioned whenever Egypt appeared and in his profile information, often in the context of how archaeologists and tourists from around the world are still fascinated by the ruins and history she left behind.[11] At the beginning of her formal debut, she referred to herself as the "country of the sphinx and the pyramids".[3]
  • The first sketch of the character was grouped with three other characters, one of them being Ancient Greece and the other two presumably ancient civilizations as well.[9]
  • She is sometimes pictured with the Ancient Egyptian god, Medjed.[12]


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