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Character Information
Name Republic of Nikoniko (ニコニコ共和国)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6
Strip It's a Treasure Box of Countries~
Anime It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part
Voice Actors
Japanese Yūsuke Suda
English Dallas Reid

Nikoniko (ニコニコ共和国, Nikoniko Kyōwakoku) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. At the time of the character's introduction, he has relinquished his status as a micronation and now lives as a normal Japanese citizen.[1]


A 'chibi' version of Nikoniko, the only color picture of the character.


Nikoniko is a young man with dark hair combed to the left side of his head. He is shown dressed in a black school uniform with gold trim. He wears a tricolor sash over his right shoulder, that is composed of blue, white, and green stripes.[1]

In an appearance after he relinquishes his status as a nation, he appears older and wears a dark sweatshirt with a "Dake Hot Springs" badge hanging around his neck.[2]

Personality and Interests

Nikoniko is a former representation of the Nikoniko Republic, located in Dakeonsen, a section of the city of Nihonmatsu in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. He has since given up the spot and reverted to a human form that progresses through a natural human lifespan. Character notes reveal that it may be more difficult for a full-fledged country to accomplish the same feat.[1] Originally, Nikoniko was a middle school student who achieved micronation status through dedication and hard work. However, he seemed disheartened to find that he could not age and that his physical wellbeing depended on the economy. Japan remarks that Nikoniko's ability to change from a normal human to a micronation makes him an anomaly, even among the nations.[3]

When Sealand and Ladonia try to invite him to a Halloween party in 2013, he explains that he's withdrawn from nation status, and lives as a normal Japanese citizen. He still works at the Dake Hot Springs, where the Republic of Nikoniko had previously existed. He also reveals that he now has a son.[2]

He's an easygoing, quiet sort of oddball who loves radium eggs (eggs boiled in spring water rich in radium).[4] While Sealand is reading the note he left stating that he has returned to being a Japanese citizen, Wy spots him in the background saying the egg he is eating is delicious. In another illustration he is pictured with what appears to be a chicken by his side while he holds a radium egg.[1]



Main Article: Japan

Japan is shown to interact with Nikoniko during a Halloween 2013 flashback sequence. Japan, concerned that an individual is planning to create a nation, visits Nikoniko while he is still a human. Nikoniko wishes to be a nation and vows to work hard and become one, though Japan does not take his attempt seriously. Later, Nikoniko contacts him, declaring that he has officially become the Republic of Nikoniko, much to Japan's astonishment.[3]



He initially made a cameo appearance in the comic It's a Treasure Box of Countries~. Due to relinquishing his spot as a micronation, he is the only one not to become a member of Sealand's friendship group.[1] He later appears during the Halloween 2013 event, where he declines Sealand and Ladonia's invitation to the Nation's party due to his new responsibilities as a normal human.[2]


  • To date, he is the only nation or micronation known to have become a normal human and have a child.[2]
  • Though sometimes referred to as Nikko Nikko, Niko Niko, Niconico, and variations thereof, an official Romanization given on a roadside Japanese sign lists the micronation as "The Republic of Nikoniko."[5] The Nikoniko Republic's currency (referred to as "Cosmo") also Romanizes his name in this fashion.[6]


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