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A sheet illustrating several animals and creatures found in Hetalia.

There are many animals that appear in Hetalia: Axis Powers. This article includes information about the characters' pets and other animals that appear in the series.

By country


When ordered to "go make friends" in Japan, America befriended a whale. Later, it is shown to be living in a pool in America's backyard. It is fond of Lithuania, much to Tony's jealousy. It's a rather strange-looking whale that Himaruya referred to as being "unidentifiable." A white, fluffy cat is shown as America's pet in Why Americans Love Spring. Possibly inspired by the pun on his name (usa, which looks similar to U.S.A, means "bunny" in Japanese), young America is often shown either holding or playing with a brown and white rabbit. America also takes care of a unicorn that "flew out of the forest" to meet him (though England also gave him a unicorn for his birthday, and it's unknown if it's the same one.) He actually cannot see the unicorn, but he manages to take care of it. Tony sees the unicorn as a rival.

When asked about carrier animals in reference to Austria's eagle and France's Pierre, Himaruya said that America has an eagle of his own to send messages for him.[1]


In his introductory sketches, Australia is shown to own an angry-looking koala. It's possibly a joking reference to Australian "drop bears".


Austria is shown to have the Austrian eagle deliver messages for him in the War of Austrian Succession strips.


Cameroon is revealed to have a pet lion cub named Kokolo in his appearance in the special edition booklet of Hetalia: Axis Powers volume 3. In the Halloween 2011 event, it is revealed that Kokolo is a University of Glasgow fine arts graduate.


Kumajirou is Canada's polar bear companion. He is known for saying "who are you?" to Canada and rarely says anything else. However, Canada never says Kumajirou's name correctly either. He is very apathetic but might be good at taking care of people. Kumajirou is a young Polar bear whose growth is slowed by contact with Canada. Himaruya was unsure of whether to make him a living animal or a stuffed toy, but chose to make him a real bear after seeing a photograph of a polar bear frolicking through a private Canadian residence.[2] Germany mistakes Kumajirou for Knut, a baby polar bear from Germany. Kumajiro is voiced by Ai Iwamura in Japanese and Alexis Tipton in English.


China has a panda that he often carries around with him in a bamboo basket that he slings over his back. According to a blog post, it is always a different one. China has also been seen with a life-sized panda that he calls Mr. Panda. But the panda was replaced by a giant kitty on Christmas.


In some comics, a younger version of England is shown to have had a rabbit that followed him around.


Finland and, by extension, Sweden, own Hanatamago, a small white dog. She is able to talk during Christmas specials, where she once wished she had a normal name like 'Charlotte', and that she didn't like the things that Finland feeds her. A blog post described her as friendly, bright, calm, and fluffy. Another blog post stated that Hanatamago is a regular dog but her owner's longevity rubs off on her. If she were to be separated from her owner, she would become a normal dog and age normally.[2] Finland also appear to have some reindeer.


France has many small, white birds, all named Pierre, whom are used to send and receive letters and messages to and from other nations. They are all voiced by Ai Orikasa. Pierre #1 is said to be for communicating with Spain,[3] while Pierre #3 is Austria's. Spain, at the time of the Seven Years' War, showed the ability to identify a Pierre by number(and whom it came from through that number,) though it's possible they were simply marked.[4]


Germany has three dogs shown and named in canon: Blackie, Berlitz, and Aster, all three of which are mentioned in his version of Hatafutte Parade. While their species have yet to be identified officially or set to names, one appears to be a Dachshund, another a German Shepherd, and the last is a Hovawart or a Golden Retriever. According to one of the Birz strips, the latter is Berlitz, and is male. All of his dogs are said to be particularly wild and enjoy running around in the hills and will often get dirty because of it. They're all loved immensely.[5] The golden retriever appears to be friendly with Luxembourg's dog.

A fourth, unnamed dog and its puppy have been shown in the trading card set. They appear to be Dalmatians. Germany is depicted in Red Panties with a dog, as well as a black cat voiced by: Aki Kanada. He is later shown to own a deep gray cat that has a personality much like his own, identified as Germany-cat and voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.

When asked about carrier animals such as France's Pierre and Austria's eagle, Germany was cited to have a stork which delivered messages for him.[1]


Greece has many cats that live in his house and follow him around, parodying the large amount of stray cats found in Greece. Most of them are not named, as Japan found out while talking to Greece.


Iceland is often drawn with a puffin-like bird, who claims to be his mascot. He follows Iceland and eats fish; however he's been shown eating licorice with Iceland, and sang with Iceland about drinking Brennivín. In the volume 3 special booklet, he is briefly mentioned in notes accompanying artwork with Iceland, where Himaruya states that his name is Mr. Puffin. He is differentiated from other puffins with his black belly and red bow tie. It is said that Mr. Puffin may look cute, but he speaks and acts like a mafioso. He is haughty and attempts to take credit for things he did not do, and prides himself on how cute he is, expecting compliments from people, especially Iceland. He gets offended whenever he's told otherwise. In a blog post, he was described as being devious, cute but with a foul mouth, and someone who roams around a lot. It's said his relationship with Iceland is "interesting." Mr. Puffin is voiced by Masaya Onosaka.


Pochi (or Pochi-kun), is a small brown (sometimes colored white) fluffy Shiba dog that belongs to Japan. He is often shown with his master, and has appeared in a sketch with Hanatamago and another with one of France's Pierres. It is revealed in a later strip that Pochi is as reserved as his master, becoming angered when Netherlands's pet rabbit licked him and ordering it to take responsibility. He's apparently rather manly for such a small dog. He tends to follow people around and might sometimes deliver messages from Japan to nearby towns.[1] In a September 2013 blog post, Himaruya stated that Pochi is a regular dog but his owner's longevity rubs off on him. If he were to be separated from Japan, he would become a normal dog and age normally.[2] Pochi is voiced by Aki Kanada.


In one strip, Netherlands is shown to have a pet rabbit with a heart-shaped spot on its back. Character notes reveal it to be a Holland Lop. The rabbit is able to communicate with Pochi, and reveals that its master has become lonely due to the conflict with Belgium. Further character notes reveal it to be lazy and not like leaving the house much and that it sleeps a lot. It loves to have the base of its ears scratched.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been drawn with a sheep on the Hetalia World Map from volume 3 of the manga. It parodies the fact that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand. In a design sketch of New Zealand, they are shown to be holding a kiwi, a small bird that is native to New Zealand.


As a child, Lithuania owned a little brown dog which he said was usually quiet, but when they met Russia, it couldn't help but to bark at him. It was then calmed down by its owner.


Pelze is Luxembourg's small, somewhat chubby dog that first appeared in the Halloween 2011 strip. Pelze means "furs" in German. Character notes reveal that she is soft, kind, and doesn't bark much. Unlike many other nations' animals, she can't speak human languages. She's friendly with one of Germany's dogs, presumably Aster.


Molossia has a dog that makes a strange bark. While Molossia himself claims it to be a dog, the other nations seem unsure.[6]


Poland first reveals he has a pony to France and England when they ask him if he has made preparations for a fight against Germany. He also appears with this pony in the film, though both wind up attacked and transformed by the Pict aliens. The pony is voiced by Masaya Onosaka.


Prussia is regularly depicted with one or several small yellow birds, one usually being depicted as riding on his head. He was unaware of the bird until his April Fools blog, after he was emailed about it and Italy informed him the bird had been on his head frequently and he had never noticed. The bird does not have an official name; however, it is referred to by much of the English-speaking fandom as "Gilbird," referring to Prussia's human name, Gilbert. Other sketches have shown him to have several of the birds, and even with the bird(s) wearing a hat(s), possibly indicating that he's begun to notice them, though he'd also been depicted with the bird in his WWII uniform, the bird wearing a matching hat. In the anime, a bird used to send a letter to Austria is shown to be this same type of bird and communicates by making angry grunts (as opposed to the peeping birds in the drama CD and his songs, though the bird continued to peep rather deeply in Hetalia Fantasia 3). Oddly enough, Italy had previously commented on his blog that the bird was likely too small to deliver letters. Prussia's bird is voiced by Atsushi Kousaka.

Himaruya commented, on a picture he drew of Prussia with several of the birds on Christmas that because his current mental state was "one person and one animal" he didn't feel alone.


In the Nekotalia strips in volume 3, Russia is shown to own a large cat that resembles him, right down to his prominent nose. It attempts to make friends with the Italy brothers' cats, though Belarus cat becomes very jealous. In the 2008 April 1st strip, we see Spain reporting on strange(but fake) international news. Towards the beginning, he mentions that rabbits had retreated to the mountains very suddenly. The strip includes a picture of Russia happily petting one of these rabbits.


In an image profile of Sealand, he is seen with a seagull to his right wearing a sailor's cap that is a little different than Sealand's hat. In the Sealand and Latvia mascots, Sealand says he has a pet "hamster", however he said it was 130cms long, to which Latvia said it wasn't, as 130 cms is abnormally large for a hamster. Latvia claimed to wake up with a strange creature in his bed one day, which Sealand said was his pet, presumably the "hamster." Latvia said he'd never seen anything of the sort in an encyclopedia. What sort of creature it is, is currently unknown.


A small bull sometimes shows up alongside Spain to aid him. The bull charged into the Ottoman Empire's carriage after to break Romano free and was later used to carry him back home. He also attacked France from behind during The Battle of Garigliano. During the April Fool's fake news report, the bull sat next to Spain with his own name tag that reads as "cattle" or "cow". The bull is voiced by Keikou Sakai.


Eiger, Jungfrau ('Virgin') , and Mönch ('Monk') are the names of Switzerland's pet goats, all named after Swiss mountains. He is pictured with one on the official Hetalia calendar. They're docile but apparently have a big attitude.


According to a recent blog entry, Thailand has a male elephant named Toto, whom he dotes on ridiculously to the point of it being overweight. The elephant also has a fluffy speech pattern, especially when compared to Iceland's puffin.


Turkey, as the Ottoman Empire, has been seen discussing about the attempted conquest of South Italy with his horse.


England's Magical Creatures

England has various magical creatures that appear before him, such as fairies, pixies, unicorns, and a little winged rabbit. Fanon has suggested various different names for his unicorn, and the green flying fairy-rabbit suggested as being Arthur's magical familiar, or even a pooka. In the English dub, he refers to the fairy rabbit as "Flying Mint Bunny", indicating that the rabbit has no real name in either version. Himaruya has noted that England's fairies are actually rather scary[7] and that they and his other magical friends sometimes deliver messages for him.[1]

Japan's Magical Creatures

Along with England, Japan also has a number of magical creatures, including a kappa, a youkai (in this case, a talking onion-headed creature), and a zashiki-warashi. In Episode 30, England is able to see and even talk to these creatures. They explain that back in the day, some humans feared them while others believed in them and could see them, Japan included. However, in the new era, nobody acknowledges their existence anymore and they have become mere superstition. They also mention that they used to have conversations with Japan, but, like everyone else, he has stopped believing in their existence.


Kitty is a brown cat that appeared with Italy in Episode 13, and again with Japan in Episode 19, as well as some random points in the anime and manga. It also appears in Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White. In the dub, Italy also refers to it as 'Pooky' or 'Pookie', and mentions that it is female.

Norway's Magical Creatures

Norway is shown to have creature companions from Norse mythology. He's often drawn with a troll or a chubby green pixie/fairy, but is said to also have a nisse. He, like England, has his magical creatures deliver messages for him.[1]

Pict Aliens

A species of aliens that appear in the film Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White. They are all white and featureless figures with an antenna protruding from their heads, with no discernible differences to tell them apart, as they act as a hive mind; their princess, however, can take a more defined, human-like shape. Those exposed to the light produced by the Pict are transformed into them and become part of the hive, though the stronger a person's happiness is, the more resistance they have to being fully converted.


Tony is an alien who came to live with America after the Roswell Incident. In that strip, he was introduced as Fucking. He seems to have hated England ever since they first met, going as far as to call him a "fucking limey" but in the dubbed version, tony said "limey bastard" ('limey' being a negative slang term for 'British'). He seems to be quite fond of Lithuania, though, trying to abduct him with a spaceship and getting jealous whenever he spends more time with America's whale. In one of the mini dramas, he ends his sentences with "bubu". He also appears to have knowledge about other planets and aliens, as shown in Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White .


When Spain was out at a restaurant with Romano, he attempted to cheer him up by exclaiming that even the turtles were worried over him, causing Romano to discover that turtles were inside the restaurant. Spain then wondered what they should name the turtles, though a policeman ordered him to give them back.

The turtles have appeared in a short clip of Episode 92.



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