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Character Information
Name Persian Empire
Gender Male
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 1 (cameo)
Volume 2 (formal debut)
Strip Persia and the Two Kings
Voice Actors

Persia (ペルシア, Perushia) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He represents the Sasanian Empire, and it is implied through his name that he also represents the other early Persian empires such as the Achaemenid Empire and the Parthian Empire.


A 'chibi' version of Persia from the Shonen Jump+ website.


Persia has long, dark hair with an ahoge sticking out forward from the back of his head.[1] He is depicted as wearing a long-sleeved tunic with what appears to be a beaded scarf wrapped around his neck and another around his waist. He wears shin-high sandals with slightly baggy leggings.[2][3]

Personality and Interests

Persia is described as being "self-assured" and it is noted that while he may appear carefree, he endured a lot of hardship but remained strong. These experiences directly "carved out his current personality."[3] In his appearance with Ancient Rome, he gloats over his recent victory over the latter and capture of the Roman Emperor Valerian, indicating that, at least with Rome, he can be rather smug.[2] He is said to enjoy making silver art and carving reliefs, and he is apparently noted by his neighboring countries to be exceptionally skilled with delicate objects.[1] He's described as often using fancy and cute motifs in his art.[2][3] He is also said to be in a similar position to Ancient Rome, having grandchildren and adoptive children.[4]


Ancient Rome

Main article: Ancient Rome

Persia is shown to have an antagonistic relationship with Rome. After the capture of Emperor Valerian, Persia returned to bask in Rome's misfortune and make fun of his physique.[1] Later, when Rome comes to negotiate for Valerian's return, Persia remarked that he's ahead of Rome in living conditions as well.[3] In the footnote of another strip, it is indicated that Rome doesn't find Persia cute like he does Ancient Greece, Pontus, and Egypt.[5]



Persia made his debut in the strip Persia and the Two Kings, which was later reprinted as two chapters of Hetalia: World☆Stars.[2][3] Persia, having defeated Rome and kidnapped his emperor, returns to make fun of him for his loss. At the end of the strip, he remarks that his living conditions are better than Rome's.[1] He later appears in a footnote in a chapter of World☆Stars collected in the first volume as Act.10 where Ancient Rome indicates that Persia and Germania aren't cute like Ancient Greece, Pontus, and Egypt.[5]


  • It is stated that he has grandchildren and adoptive children, implying that he is not representative of the successor states to the Persian Empire such as Iran. In an image posted to Bamboo Thicket, he is shown with a child that is likely one of these countries.[4]


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