Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 3

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Hetalia: Axis Powers
Volume 3
Hetalia Volume 3 (JPN).jpg
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released May 20, 2010
Pages 132
Size A5
ISBN ISBN 978-4-3448-1938-2
Character CD Perfect Guide Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 3 Animation Official Guide

The third volume of Hetalia: Axis Powers was released in Japan by the publisher Gentosha. It contains several strips from the original webcomic series, as well as new material. The titles used below are from the Tokyopop/RightStuf translation of Volume 3 released in North America.


A joke is included in front of the book about the behaviors of a German man, a Japanese man, and an Italian man when paying for a meal. This was adapted as a song at the beginning and end of Episode 90.

United States of Hetalia

Germany and Italy stake out England's camping ground, but Italy gets bored and keep telling Germany jokes. Germany scolds Italy to be quiet, and it is revealed that England's known they've been there because they are so loud. Later, Germany reveals that they are stranded on an island without alcohol, and Italy rejoices at his lack of responsibility. Their new ally Japan arrives, and becomes uncomfortable at Italy's absence of pants. After this results in Germany fighting with Italy once again, Japan struggles to come up with something positive to say about them in his report. An extra strip at the end of the chapter shows a gag recap of the series so far.


Suicidal Gag Tactics
(Adapted in Episode 87 of the anime.)
We're in trouble now!!
(Adapted in Episode 87 of the anime.)
Our Axis Friend Saves the Day!
(Adapted in Episode 87 of the anime.)
The Story Thus Far
(Adapted in Extra Episode 3 of the anime.)

Me, Germany, and the Salted Salmon

Germany and Italy visit Japan for his National Foundation Day, and Japan reminisces about how old he's gotten and the aches and pains that come with it. At training, Germany announces that he will be regulating their diet, with Japan growing alarmed that he can no longer eat his favorite salty foods. Germany works Japan extra hard, and Italy discovers a Doctor's note advising more exercise and a better diet. That night, Germany goes to a bar and refuses a drink after seeing Japan solemnly eating a tomato. Shocked, Prussia tries in vain to get Germany to drink, and Italy arrives and tries to get them to stop going to extremes. After initially refusing, they agree with Italy, though Italy admonishes Japan for eating Salted Salmon.


It's Training Time! Everyone Assemble!
(Adapted in Episode 78 of the anime.)
The Beer Tonight Stings My Eyes
(Adapted in Episode 78 and Episode 79 of the anime.)
If You Put Your Mind To It...
(Adapted in Episode 80 of the anime.)

The European Car Fiasco

In a series of strips about cars and travel, Italy offers Japan a ride home, and a traumatized Japan vows to build a much safer car. Italy borrows Germany's car (the "Kübelwagon") without asking, and has it modified so that it can retreat quickly when the enemy appears. When demonstrating the other changes, Italy presses the eject button which sends him flying up into the sky. A traumatized Germany is convinced he is "among the stars now", but soon spots him in a nearby tree. Japan informs Germany of his intention to visit Italy's house, and on his return has picked up many of Italy's mannerisms.


If This Remodel Succeeds, I'm Getting Married
(Adapted in Episode 61 and Episode 91 of the anime.)
It's Contagious
(Adapted in Episode 63 of the anime.)

Let's Learn About the G8 Members!

At a G8 Meeting, England brings up the idea of trimming down membership, looking pointedly at Russia. Russia begins to eat the manga symbols indicating England's glare, and says that the membership number is fine the way it is. Canada tries to speak up, but France recommends that they add Spain to the group. America doesn't like the idea, but Germany agrees on the condition that he replaces France. Japan watches the proceedings, and spots Italy off to the side playing with a cat.


At Least They Listen to Your Opinion.
(Adapted in Episode 82 of the anime.)

England Dreams of the Good Old Days

England falls asleep at a meeting of the Allied Powers and dreams about spending time with a young America. England avoids talking about France, and cooks America a meal of roast beef. While eating, America asks England if what he is eating would be considered "delicious", and a stunned England insists that it is. Afterwards, England announces that he is leaving, and America becomes very upset. England reassures him he'll return soon, and when he does he discovers that America's grown substantially. Back at the meeting, France notices that England is asleep, and America says they should just let England rest. But England begins to say something about him wetting the bed, so America wakes him up.


Imprinting is Scary
(Adapted in Episode 25 of the anime.)
By the Way, Kittens Grow Ten Times Faster than Humans
(Adapted in Episode 47 of the anime.)
On Second Thought...
(Adapted in Episode 84 of the anime.)

You Can't Escape Italy

England is captured by the Italy brothers, who lock him and and begin arguing over who had the responsibility of handling the situation. While they are fighting, England digs his way out and the brothers fall asleep. On his way out however, he sticks out so much that he is easily spotted by Germany, who recaptures him to Romano's anger. Germany lectures the brothers on what they should do, and England digs his way out again. With the help of a spy named Howard, England disguises himself as an Italian but doesn't act like one, so Germany captures him again. England asks Germany how he was found out, and while Germany is distracted England escapes yet again. England acts like an Italian this time, but sits orders roast beef at a restaurant which leads to his capture.


Mission Possible
(Adapted in Episode 84 of the anime.)
Don't Take 007 Lightly!
(Adapted in Episode 85 of the anime.)
The Man With A Thousand Masks (?)
(Adapted in Episode 85 of the anime.)
You Could Learn From Tsukikage-sensei of The Glass Mask!
(Adapted in Episode 86 of the anime.)

Making a Good Product in Northern Europe

A short strip showing the production process of Goods within Nordic Europe. Finland designs the product, Sweden makes the product, Denmark sells the product, and Norway gives criticism. At the end, Iceland is eating with Mr. Puffin, and asks the audience if they were expecting him to do something. This was adapted in Episode 79 of the anime.

Northern European Small Talk

Iceland receives test results back that confirm that he is Norway's brother. While Iceland expresses disappointment that he wasn't descended from a native people, the rest of the Nordics express excitement at the news. Norway reveals that they had made an agreement that if they were related, Iceland would call him "onii-chan" (big brother in the English translation) like he used to when he was little. Denmark and Finland are extremely amused by this, and Norway insists that Iceland hold up his end of the bargain. Upset, Iceland leaves, but calls him "onii-chan" as promised, albeit while giving a thumbs down. A bonus strip shows Finland and Sweden having lunch together for the first time in a while, and Finland keeps saying the wrong thing.


Just the Five of Them
(Adapted in Extra Episode 1 of the anime.)
Call Him By His Old Name
(Adapted in Extra Episode 1 of the anime.)
Growing Up is Complicated
(Adapted in Extra Episode 1 of the anime.)
Bonus: With Sweden
(Adapted in Episode 82 of the anime.)

I Am Switzerland

In a series of strips focusing on Switzerland, France expresses his jealousy over his economic stability. Taken aback, Switzerland explains the only way he could survive when he was born was to rely on foreign capital and odd jobs, and it took hundreds of years to get where he is today. Having ignored most of what he said, France decides to open is own bank, but once everything is in place the workers go on strike. Additionally, Switzerland and Germany attempt to comfort Romano when there's a pasta shortage, and Japan thinks about the kind of person he had expected Switzerland to be.


Switzerland's Days Are Valuable
(Adapted in Episode 62 of the anime.)
It's Not Just Me, Right?!
(Adapted in Episode 88 of the anime.)

1000 Years in No Time

In the year 1000, Catholic nations in Europe fear that the new millennium marks the end of days. France is convinced that he is going to hell, and seeks out England to live out his lifelong dream of conquering him. Thinking that he's going to die anyway, England complies, and they are both shocked when the year passes without incident. In 1999, Japan expresses his fear about the end of days, which only serves to bring back memories for France and England. This was adapted in Episode 85 of the anime.

Big Boss Spain and Chibi Romano

After a long conflict with France over Italy, Spain declares victory and retains custody of Romano, who proves difficult to take care of. During a Spanish lesson, Romano is disinterested in usual, but perks up when Belgium arrives and asks her for a kiss in Spanish. Spain reflects on the difficulties in taking care of Romano, from the geographic distance to invasion threats from France and the Ottoman Empire. Feeling unsure of what to do, he goes to consult with Austria, only to be struck at how well behaved Chibitalia is, resulting in him begging for a trade. Upon returning home, Romano is upset and Spain apologizes, only to learn that Romano has wet himself in the house. Austria comes by later to check on them, and sees Spain and Romano at each others throats, as well as Netherlands watching everything from the shadows. The story ends with the Ottoman Empire leaving to go wreak havoc all through Europe. A bonus strip depicts and infestation of Sea Turtles in Sourthern Italy.


Big Boss Spain and Chibi Romano
(Adapted in Episode 94 of the anime.)
Big Boss' Spanish Lesson
(Adapted in Episode 60, Episode 61, and Episode 94 of the anime.)
A Good Boy? A Bad Boy? Or Just Normal?
(Adapted in Episode 94 of the anime.)
But I'm the Boss
(Adapted in Episode 61 and Episode 94 of the anime.)
Hapsburg Austria Comes to Check Things Out!
Turtle Turtle Bar
(Adapted in Episode 92 of the anime.)

The Revenge of England's Fashion Fiasco

As England vows to look cooler than France, the later shows up wearing a long, feminine tunic which is all the rage in 11th century Europe. England decides this is one trend he can live without, and France expresses disappointment as he's made one in his size. France shows off his clothes to Spain, who praises it in an over-the-top manner (Romano revealing that Spain is just giving him lip service). England goes to spy on the French kids in order to steal trends, but ends up running into a man wearing a codpiece.


Trends Repeat Themselves
(Adapted in Episode 93 of the anime.)
I'm Gonna Brag About This to My Boss!
(Adapted in Episode 93 of the anime.)
Spanish People are Great at Praising Others
The Secret of the 4-Dimensional Pocket
(Adapted in Episode 93 of the anime.)

China's (Slightly Premature) World Tour

China and Zheng He return home after an expedition, carrying several gifts from nations they've visited across the world. China goes to present all the gifts to the emperor, which all turn out to be exotic animals, leading the Emperor to conclude that China only brought back things he thought were cute. Afterwards, China naps and explains that he's not going out again, explaining that it's too much trouble and the only riches he needs are in his heart (and travelling is too expensive).


Forever Seeking the Blue Bird
(Adapted in Episode 83 of the anime.)

Go! Sealand! (Again!)

Sealand discovers that Iceland is selling himself on eBay, and is thrilled he's found someone in the same situation as him. When Sealand finds him he gives this big speech about being a mentor figure, but Iceland has no idea what he is talking about and Sealand ends up crying on the phone to Latvia. Later, Sealand asks Japan to make him like someone in a Tokusatsu (Japanese superhero) show. While England tries to explain that it doesn't work like that, Japan tells him to close his eyes for thirty seconds and turns him into one. Sealand's enthusiasm is short-lived when his "Rocket Punch" flies out and hits Latvia but won't come back.


I'm Gonna be a Superhero!
(Adapted in Episode 84 and Episode 86 of the anime.)

My Awesome Memorial

In this introductory strip, Prussia expresses his frustration at Austria and Hungary, and decides to unleash his secret weapon - his collection of diaries. Prussia begins reading, and gushes over how cute of a kid he was (with the narration disagreeing). This was adapted in Episode 53 of the anime.

My Awesome Diary Part 1

In Book 128, Prussia reads about when a young Hungary asks him to protect Transylvania from the Cumans. The young Prussia runs off in the middle of the briefing, and Hungary expresses shock when he returns almost instantly, claiming victory and declaring ownership of Transylvania. Later, a badly beaten up Prussia warns Poland not to "screw around with that Hungary bastard."


I Protected the Hungarian House
(Adapted in Episode 53 of the anime.)

My Awesome Diary Part 2

In Book 158, Prussia comes across Hungary, who is wondering how "he" can beat Turkey. Hungary tells him to go away, but Prussia says he can talk to him if he wants. Hungary thinks he might be sick and his chest has been hurting. Prussia grope's Hungary's chest, declaring that he's hound his weak spot, but is thrown when he realizes how soft Hungary's chest is. Suspicious, Prussia asks Hungary if he has a penis, much to Hungary's amusement. Hungary asks why Prussia is wondering, and that they'll both grow ones when they're older, much to Prussia's horror. Prussia tries to explain to Hungary that it doesn't work that way, but she's called away for battle. Prussia gives up and goes to church to confess his sins.


Hungary's Weak Spot
(Adapted in the Axis Powers Fan Disk Bonus Episode of the anime.)
My Awesome Confessional
(Adapted in the Axis Powers Fan Disk Bonus Episode of the anime.)

The Yolk of Tatar

A young Lithuania comes across a young Russia standing out in the snow, and warns him that he'll freeze to death if he stays out there. Lithuania's dog begins barking frantically, and Lithuania apologizes, though Russia doesn't seem to mind. He explains that he's under Tatar control, and it's a struggle to survive, but one day he'll be a big, powerful country, and the two of them will be friends. Lithuania offers to be his friend now, but Russia insists that he doesn't have enough power yet, before disappearing into the forest. This was adapted in Episode 89 of the anime.

Back When Poland Pushed Around Eastern Europe

A young Lithuania introduces himself to the reader, and explains his current situation while Prussia throws things at him and eventually attacks him. Next, a young Hungary is shown returning from a fight with Turkey, and she spots Lithuania making arrows in preparation for battle. Sympathizing with him, Hungary offers to give him a low-down on his enemies. Hungary gives basic information about the Ottoman Empire, Wallachia, and the Ulus of Jochi, the later of which reminds Lithuania of his brief encounter with Russia. Finally, Hungary tells him about this "super irritating guy" who goes by "The Teutonic Knight" right as Prussia hits Lithuania with an arrow.


Yep, I know
(Adapted in Episode 92 of the anime.)

The World's First Poland Rule

In 15th Century Europe, Lithuania is surrounded by strong countries and empires. While the country has grown, King Wladyslaw II knows he cannot let his guard down as Lithuania keeps getting beaten up, and decides to form an alliance through marriage. Upon hearing the news of the upcoming meeting, Poland freaks out, as he is uncomfortable with strangers. When Lithuania's party arrives, though, he appears refined, much to his king's relief. However, he seems to lose it and asks to see Lithuania's penis, shocking everyone. This was adapted in Episode 95 of the anime.

15th Century Chibitalia

Holy Roman Empire goes to inspect Venice in disguise, and sees a flustered man arrive and lead Chibitalia away. The man shows Chibitalia his new boat, which has become stuck in the narrow canal, and Chibitalia decides to impose a ban on large, clunky boats. The man attempts to bribe Chibitalia with snacks, and it briefly seems to work, but when asked Chibitalia still insists on the ban.


He Was Responsible When He Was Little
(Adapted in Episode 88 of the anime.)

The Tale of the Iron Wolf

Poland and Lithuania each tell stories about their capitals. Poland tells one about a dragon that used to live in the basement of Kraków Castle, and the smartest prince in the country went to go slay it. An epic battle ensued, and the prince killed the dragon by tricking it into eating sulfur, becoming the country's national hero. In Lithuania's story, Duke Gediminas was hunting in a forest said to be holy, and had a strange dream when he went to sleep that night. He saw a giant iron-clad wolf howling at the top of a hill, which according to a priest, symbolized an iron wall that no enemy could pass. As a result, Vilnius, with it's iron walls, was declared the capital. As Lithuania finishes his story, he realizes that Poland isn't listening that closely.


Dances With Wolves
(Adapted in Episode 96 of the anime.)

The Conqueror of Northern Europe and the Champion of Eastern Europe

Finland and Sweden wait on the battle field for their opponents, Poland and Lithuania, to arrive. Before it begins, Finland tells Sweden about a battle he witnessed between them and the Teutonic Knights. Finland describes Lithuania as a capable and seasoned warrior, which acknowledging Poland as lacking in battle skills. However, in this battle it appeared that Lithuania had abandoned Poland, and just as the Teutonic Knights were ready to claim victory, Lithuania returned for a surprise attack. After Finland finishes the story, the battle is ready to begin, but Sweden decides that they should go home. Later that night, Finland demands to know why they retreated, but Sweden won't give a straight answer.

What Happened After Tannenberg

Prussia flees from Lithuania and Poland in defeat, but they chase him and he barricades himself in a building. Lithuania and Poland are prepared to wait for him to come out, but they realize that they need to go home to harvest the fields. The crops turn out great, but they have trouble selling them because they can't compete with Netherlands' cheap prices. They attempt to lower the price but still no one buys, and they wonder what they're doing wrong as Hungary shows up talking about potatoes, corns and other crops from the new world.


That's the Important Thing
A Simple Economics Lesson

My Awesome Struggle

Years later, Prussia is peeing in the bushes when he hears a voice calling out to him. He discovers a dirty and beaten up Hungary leaning against a tree, having been attacked by Turkey and his gang. Prussia rips off the in-seams of his pants to patch up her wounds, and Hungary protests. During the disagreement Prussia notices Hungary's cleavage peaking out from under her clothing, and he becomes flustered and offers to cut cloth from somewhere else. Hungary finally faces the truth of her biology, and as she writes herself off Prussia tosses her his cloak and leaves. Later, when Hungary is living with Austria and dressing like a girl, Prussia gets over his nervousness and invites her to go hunting. Hungary reluctantly refuses, claiming she's not interested in that sort of thing anymore. This was adapted in Episode 90 and Episode 91 of the anime.

United States of Hetalia 2

England announces he's figured out the location of the Axis Powers and that they are shipwrecked, though the other Allies ignore him and make the same discovery on their own. However, upon arriving they get shipwrecked too, and America and China are separated from the others and end up on a beach. America quickly finds shelter and reveals his large stash of junk food, and China tries to convince him to go on a better diet. America briefly convinces him to indulge, but China quickly remembers that they need to find the others. In their search, though, they only succeed in finding a location where they'd like to build a hotel. Meanwhile, France is off by himself enjoying being 'cool' when he's interrupted by Italy, who pesters him with questions and invites him back to the Axis' settlement. When they arrive, England and Russia are attacking Germany while America and China watch. In the nearby town, Seychelles wonders what they're all doing on her island.


The United States of Hetalia 2
(Adapted in Episode 97 of the anime.)
In China, Food and Medicine Are Important-aru!
(Adapted in Episode 97 of the anime.)
Big Brother's French Proverbs
(Adapted in Episode 100 of the anime.)

If Cats Ruled the World

This chapter is told from the point of view of the nation's cats, who share the same personalities and mannerisms as their owners. Cat Italy goes to play with Cat Germany, who is just trying to sleep, and angrily tackled by him when he keeps bothering him. Cat Japan arrives and the situation diffuses, but begins again when Cat Italy begins flirting with a female. At a meeting later, Cat Monaco proposes a ban on the bargaining and exchange of tuna between cats. Cat Japan makes an impassioned plea against it, and after winning appears to talk in front of Japan while he's eating his dinner. Meanwhile, Cat Russia hears that Russia is making friends with Italy brothers, so he tries to become friendly with their cats. Cat Germany tries to wake up Cat Austria for a meeting, but the later is so preoccupied with his appearance and cleanliness he takes forever.


(Adapted in Episode 78 and Episode 81 of the anime.)
Nekotalia 2
(Adapted in Episode 82 of the anime.)
Nekotalia 3
(Adapted in Episode 83 of the anime.)

Battlefield Kick-Off

It's Christmas on the Battlefield, and England comes over to Germany's side of the trenches to call a truce, offering to play soccer with him. Germany is suspicious, and agrees right as England kicks the soccer ball into his face. Germany returns the favor, and ends up winning the game. England wonder's what type of thing they'll be doing next Christmas, and Germany realizes that he'll be taking care of Italy, as usual. This was adapted in Episode 100 of the anime.

The Secret to Making a Punchline in a Pinch

Scattered throughout the book are one-page omake illustrations called The Secret to Making a Punchline in a Pinch. The directions explain that even if the storyline doesn't make any sense, as long as the last panel is funny, it'll make it seem like everything comes together nicely. Each page contains a single panel that would be the last panel of a 4-panel comic strip. These were adapted in Episode 86, Episode 89, and Episode 90 of the anime.

At the end of the book, there is a strip called Postscript Manga: Himaruya in 2009 which shows Himaruya traveling around Europe. He specifically talks about the local food, as well as the difficulties he had communicating with his American English.

On the back cover, there's an extra strip involving Italy trying to teach Japan to smile. This was adapted in Episode 88 of the anime.

Special Edition Booklet

Cover of Japanese Special Edition Booklet.

A Limited Special Edition was released that came with an extra booklet.


The third volume was first released by Gentosha of May 20, 2010. In the proceeding years, it has been published in several nations. Tokyopop announced its acquisition of Hetalia in 2010 and was originally slated to release the third volume on May 31, 2011, but the North American Release was canceled after Tokyopop announced that it was shutting down operations. Later, it was announced that the third volume would be exclusively available through RightStuf with a June 19, 2012 release (postponed to June 26).


  • Me, Germany, and the Salted Salmon is a redrawn version of the Extra Stories National Foundation Day and Salted Salmon, with the portion featuring Prussia expanded upon.
  • The European Car Fiasco is a redrawn version of the strips Meeting from the Japan Omake, Germany, Italy, and the Kubelwagon from Comic Diary 10, and It's Seriously Contagious! from Comic Diary 3.
  • Let's Learn About the G8 Members! is a reprint of the Extra Story of the same name.
  • England, Dreaming of Days Long Passed is a redrawn version of the Extra Story America and England and the strip A Timeless Question from Comic Diary 6, with a new sequence added at the end. Additionally, Monaco replaces an unidentified man at the beginning of the strip.
  • You Can't Escape Italy is a reprint of the Extra Story of the same name, with a new sequence added at the end where Germany talks about the mannerisms of the Italy brothers, and England is able to escape with the help of America.
  • Making a Good Product in Northern Europe is a redrawn version of the Extra Story of the same name.
  • Northern European Small Talk is a redrawn version of the Extra Story of the same name. A redrawn and extended version of the strip Together with Su-san from Comic Diary 5 is included at the end.
  • I Am Switzerland is a redrawn version of the France and Switzerland portion of the Extra Story In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy, as well as redrawn versions of Pasta isn't coming from Comic Diary 9 and Japan's View on Switzerland from Comic Diary 5.
  • Big Boss Spain and Chibi Romano is a redrawn and heavily revised version of the Extra Story Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy, with Belgium replacing Juana of Castile, the addition of Netherlands, Greece, and Switzerland, and the reduced roles of France and Turkey. The Extra Story Back to the Story about Sea Turtles and South Italy is reprinted at the end.
  • The Revenge of England's Fashion Fiasco reprints the second part of the Extra Story Medieval England's Clothes and Hair.
  • Go! Sealand! (Again!) reprints the Extra Story Sealand and....
  • My Awesome Memorial reprints the strip of the same name from the Extra Story Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness.
  • My Awesome Diary Part 1 reprints the strip of the same name from the Extra Story Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness.
  • My Awesome Diary Part 2 reprints the strip of the same name from the Extra Story Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness.
  • The Conqueror of Northern Europe and the Champion of Eastern Europe reprints the Extra Story Polish-Swedish Wars.
  • What Happened After Tannenberg reprints the Extra Story of the same name, and includes new material depicting Poland and Lithuania including the characters Hungary and Netherlands.
  • Battlefield Kick-Off is a redrawn version of the strip A Brief Christmas Story from Comic Diary 1.
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