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Germania Manga.png
Character Information
Name Germanic Tribes (or the region Germania)
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green (manga)
Blue (anime)
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2
Strip The Countdown
Anime Episode 60
Voice Actors
Japanese Kishô Taniyama
English Jason Douglas

Germania (ゲルマン, Geruman) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the father/grandfather of the Germanic nations and represents the Germanic Tribes (though it is believed by some that he may instead be intended to represent the region Germania).


A 'chibi' version of Germania.


He has long blond hair, green eyes (changed to blue in the anime), and wears medieval armor and leather over a light tunic with leather boots and a green cloak. He also bears a strong resemblance to Germany. He carries around a sword, though a miniature bio posted on Himaruya's blog in 2008 said he carries an axe in one hand and a bow in the other.[1]

Personality and Interests

A brave and brutal warrior of few words and expressions, he's said to be rather wild. He's said to spread coercive vibes and has a tacticurn and rough personality. Despite this, he loves his children and is said to treasure his family, and Rome even called him a doting parent for thinking of his children when asked of the "cute ones" he knew (as Rome was thinking of women).[2]

Germania is sometimes drawn with a braid


Holy Roman Empire

Main Article: Holy Roman Empire

The smallest of Germania's known children, he tried to become a powerful nation but eventually failed, having crumbled and presumably died after many years of war.


Main Article: Prussia

One of Germania's children, who started out as part of the St.Maria Order, but evolved to the Teutonic Knights and eventually became the nation known as Prussia.


Main Article: Ancient Rome

At some point he was a bodyguard for Rome, but the two became enemies and Germania hates him a lot, though they seem to hang out together in the afterlife. He supposedly delivered the fatal blow to Rome, though the truth is unclear.[1]

In a strip exclusive to the published version of the manga, it is suggested that Germania and Rome were allied as far back as the BC days of Rome, and that they presumably fell out in the AD era. Despite this, their relationship has been noted as being inseparable.


Germania as he appears in the anime



Germania appears at the beginning of Episode 60 (counted as episode 8 for World Series), shown in the BC era with Rome, who he becomes annoyed with for constantly talking about the cute girls he hit on and the fighting he did. He suggests that Rome talk about politics instead, though Rome does not find the idea appealing. He appears again at the beginning of Episode 61, again with Rome, who is depressed about having lost a battle until Germania cheers him up by telling him that the next battle is what counts.

His anime design is notable for removing the side braid in his hair, and his eyes were changed to blue. He is voiced by Kishô Taniyama in the adaptation.


  • Though the offspring of Germania, most notably HRE, are referred to as his grandsons in his early official profile, the Hetalia trading card game refers to HRE as his son (while giving no relation for "Prussia"). It is to be noted that, in the description of the independently-produced Axis Powers Hetalia: The CD drama CD, he was listed as being Germany's father. Also, in the World Stars series, Germany is stated to be Germania's son by Rome. It is likely that his relation to HRE was changed in order to make them further parallels to Rome and Chibitalia. It has also been theorized that some of Germania's offspring bore the other Germanic nations, making him a father to some and grandfather to others, or that he raised his children as sons while Rome raised his own offspring as grandsons (due to having aged considerably by their birth).


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