Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half

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Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half
学園ヘタリア 進め!新聞部!後半戦
Hetalia: The Beautiful World episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 3
Original air date February 8, 2013
Production Credits
Screenplay Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Storyboards Chiaki Kon
Director Chiaki Kon
Key Animation Mariko Emori
Ending theme "Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo" by Daisuke Namikawa
Hetalia Episode Chronology
Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half Russia and Friends

Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half (学園ヘタリア 進め!新聞部!後半戦 Gakuen hetaria susume! Shinbun-bu! Kōhan-sen) is the third episode of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and the one hundred and third overall in the anime series Hetalia. It was broadcast on February 8th, 2013. It adapts most of the Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! chapter from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 5. In addition, it also adapts Mochi America's dialogue from the first strip in the Omochi Manga Summary story, as well as loosely adapting Mochi Italy's first strip in the same story of the original webcomic.

Plot Summary

Newspaper Club

North Italy, Germany and Japan are so far revealed to be the members of this club. Germany announces that they should continue to interview the clubs, despite how weird they are. Italy mentions that they should have merenda, but Germany disagrees and said that they should do it after the interview, which Japan agrees.

Nordic Club

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark are the members of this club. Denmark sits down the chair and gets excited when he hears that their club were being interviewed. Germany asks him to close his legs, only to be ignored. Norway insists Germany to smack him. Denmark mentions that the Nordic Club designs furnitur, while Finland states that the Nordic Club just ate snacks and talked about furniture or about their future. After Japan writes that down, he said that he wanted them to show him when they finish. Denmark also tells them that their furniture around the world will turn into a huge robot. Although Japan and Italy are amazed, Sweden choke-holds Denmark, stating that he was lying, and Germany replies, "Yes... I know..."

Mochi America

Mochi America raises his American flag, saying, "It's okay! I'm an American!" And he raises his other flag, saying, "Look! I'm an American too!"

Canada Club

Canada reveals to be a member of this club. According to him, the club's members enjoy everything Canada has to offer. They are dressed in Canada shirts, pour maple syrup on pancakes, spend their time singing and toasting marshmallows while drinking coffee and looking at mountains. He even offers them to join his club, with Japan saying that Canada's club is like "a meaning of life.."

Going Home Club

Switzerland is a member of this club. He states that his club was all about going home and self-defense. Germany, confused, asks him if it was an actual club, which Switzerland replies with a simple "yes".

Going Home Club #2

Romano is lying on the floor, saying that he was too lazy to go home, which worries Italy, who rushes to his brother's side. Germany states that Switzerland's club was more active.

Elephant Admiration Club

This scene only shows India and Thailand with two elephants, which is the Elephant Admiration Club.

Swimming Club

Hungary and Australia are members of this club. Italy happily greets Hungary, who states that their club won a few trophies. Germany is relieved that this club was a reasonable and normal type. Australia shows up and challenges Japan to swim 10 kilometers with him. Japan turns him down, saying that his back might give out if he did so. However, Australia thinks that it might not be a good swim unless it's the same as swimming through the Straights of Dover. Nevertheless, a sign says that the Straights of Dover was actually up to 34 kilometers.

Music Club

Austria and Prussia seems to be the members of this club. Austria shows with dismay towards Prussia, who pretends that his broom was a electric guitar and plays it. Germany replies that he will scold Prussia later.

Mochi America and Mochi Italy

Mochi America and Mochi Italy appear on the screen. As Mochi Italy says, "Dolci!" The American mochi was startled and the two begin raising their 2 national flags. Mochi America asks him that if he's Italian, which the Italian Mochi replies, "Sei Americano!"

The Other 27 Mysterious Clubs

As Italy, Germany and Japan are walking, Germany notices something while they were interviewed the clubs, and says that the academy was weird, with Japan nodding. Though, Italy says that the academy was normal to him. As for Japan, he stated that it was just a little extraordinary. Japan stops as he sees a large door. He informs Germany that the 'Popularity Research Club', 'Slightly Bad Club', the 'Fluffy Cat Club' and 24 other clubs were having a meeting inside the room. Germany agrees with Japan to investigate them. They opened the door, only to find the room empty. Italy then scampers on the chair and proudly announces that he was the leader of the 27 clubs, much to Germany's anger. He holds Italy's head, angrily accuses him for flooding the whole school with weird clubs, while Italy cries that the clubs were not weird. They keep arguing while Japan stands outside. Moments later, they finally have merenda. In the end, they somehow got an article for their newspaper, and they managed to pass out the newspaper without a problem.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast


  • There are a few of differences between the original story and this episode:
    • The appearance of Sealand, Wy, and Seborga as the "We Want to be accepted to W Academy Club" was cut from the episode.
    • Canada's segment was placed in front of Switzerland's.
    • Before interviewing the Nordic club, they introduce themselves.
    • One of Denmark's dialogue lines were placed in different order that differs from the manga, when he is being asked about the Nordic Club.
    • Iceland's puffin was seen on his left shoulder.
    • When Denmark lie when he says that the furniture turns into a robot before being chokeholded by Sweden, it added another line of dialogue for Italy when he praises their amazing furniture, after Japan.
    • When Germany asked Switzerland, if it's an actual club. Italy and Japan was seen at the right side.
    • Australia's koala is shown to be flipping off the viewers in the manga, while the anime alters its paw so it's simply pointing with another claw.
  • The first Mochi America segment eliminates the dialogue spoken by his owner (Estonia) and just has him address the audience. Similarly, the second segment eliminates the owner's dialogue as well as Mochi Italy's first line.
  • A possible reason for Hungary and Australia being in the Swimming Club is that, aside from America and East Germany, those two countries won more Olympic medals in swimming than any other country.
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