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Character Information
Name RomaniaFlag.png Romania (România)
Gender Male
Hair Color Strawberry Blond (manga)
Brown (manga, blog)
Eye Color Red
Height 172 cm (5'7.7 ft)[1]
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4
Strip Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!!
Game The Hetalian Horror Show
Anime Episode 92 (cameo, obscured)
Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half (formal debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuya Kodama
English Chad Cline

Romania (ルーマニア, Rūmania) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' displaying one of Romania's color schemes. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Romania has shaggy light brown or strawberry blond hair, and wears a small pearl-like earring on his left ear in some illustrations. He has red eyes and a small fang on the left side of his mouth. In his first appearance, he is shown wearing a small top hat with two ribbons coming off of it (one red and one yellow), and was later shown wearing a large trench coat. A series of chibis show green, black, red, and purple color scheme variations of the hat and coat, Himaruya commenting that deciding on the exact color of the outfit was difficult.

Personality and Interests

He is described as friendly, cheerful, and a bit mischievous, but also as carelessly eccentric. He has a strong belief in black magic and loves folklore. Fairy tale princesses, specifically the tale of Ileana Cosânzeana, bring out Romania's romantic side. Character notes reveal that his strong points are good luck charms, fortune telling, and magic.[2] He isn't always aware of how aspects of his history or culture may affect others, as he doesn't seem to notice when he disturbs Bulgaria with some of his stories. Character notes indicate that, despite his jokester appearance, he is a hard worker and is good at reading the atmosphere.[2]



Main Article: Bulgaria

Romania and Bulgaria were friends with Russia and bonded during that time. Romania immediately takes to Bulgaria's suggestion that they should sing (about Russia) to pass the time whilst they work, and later talked in an animated fashion to Bulgaria about of his history and mythos. They join the European Union around the same time. Bulgaria and Romania attend Halloween and Christmas events together. In Halloween 2013, Romania disapproves of Bulgaria's Attack on Titan military jacket, which he finds unfitting. Later, Bulgaria attempts to comfort Romania after Moldova rejects him for Russia. He states that Romania should not worry about being a failure as a brother, as he and Bulgaria are the top two disappointments in the EU, which upsets him further.[3]


Main Article: England

In Carry On, Newspaper Club! Romania was shown in the Magic club along with England, where he revealed the activities of the club after Germany broke the spoon he was instructed by England to bend.


Main Article: Hungary

In Hungary's bio and relationship chart, their relationship is described like the one between cats and dogs, and Hungary names dogs after Romania as an insult. It is further elaborated that they fight a lot and can't stand each other at all, and as a result Hungarians appear extremely often in Romanian jokes. During the Christmas 2011 site event, they are hostile towards one another, yet make everyone else nervous when they don't immediately start arguing.


Main Article: Japan

Japan and Romania met one another at America's Halloween party in the Halloween event of 2011. Their costumes' wings became entangled, and they talked before Italy and Germany showed up. Italy was surprised that Japan, who looked a bit shaken, was speaking to Romania. Himaruya mentioned that, with them both having wings, they match.


Main Article: Moldova

Romania is Moldova's older brother. During the 2011 Christmas event, Romania asks Germany to send his regards to him. Moldova hopes to spend quality time together and asks Moldova to move in with him. However, Moldova rejects the offers, taking Russia into consideration.[4] Romania is unhappy when Moldova chooses Russia over him and wishes he is more dependable. He feels he is a failure as an older brother.[3]


Romania in Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half.


Romania first appears in the volume 4 Gakuen Hetalia strip Carry On, Newspaper Club! as a member of the school's Magic Club alongside England, revealing that their activities primarily consist of dressing up like Harry Potter, performing love spells, and praying for an abundant harvest.


Romania appeared in the anime trailer for Hetalia: The Beautiful World in a shot of the anime adaption of the Advance! Newspaper Club! strips. In that same episode, which was titled "Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half," he was shown in the Magic Club along with England, where he (Romania) revealed the activities of the club after Germany broke the spoon he was instructed by England to bend.


Wallachia in the anime.
  • In volume 3, Romania is referenced briefly via mentions of the predecessor states Wallachia and Moldavia on a map in a story having to do with eastern Europe. Wallachia is also mentioned by Hungary in a rundown of her enemies, however he was only displayed as a cloaked figure. That Romania is Wallachia is confirmed with Romania having said that Vlad the Impaler was one of his bosses. However, if Moldavia is Moldova is uncertain.
  • In volume 4, Romania is revealed to be a member of the Hetalia Academy magic club along with England.
  • During Halloween 2011 comic strip Romania wears a costume with two bat wings. He accidentally entangles his wings with Bulgaria's angel wings, as well as Japan's tengu wings.


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