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Character Information
Name KugelmugelFlag.PNG Republic of Kugelmugel (Republik Kugelmugel)
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Violet
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6
Strip It's a Treasure Box of Countries~
Anime It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - First Part
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Kugelmugel (クーゲルムーゲル, Kūgerumūgeru) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Kugelmugel.


Kugelmugel appears as a young man with violet eyes and white hair kept in two long braids. He has a mole similar to Austria's, but it's under his left eye instead of his right. He wears a red beret, from under which springs an ahoge. Kugelmugel wears a white vest with a blue-striped dress shirt underneath. He also sports baggy purple shorts, tan leggings, boots, and a small bow. On both his vest and beret is an insignia resembling a coat of arms. His clothing style could be described as being Ōji Lolita/Kodona. He and Ladonia are equal in height to one another, and shorter than Sealand. Liechtenstein appears to have mistaken him for a young girl, though the other countries have not made this mistake.

Personality and Interests

Kugelmugel is a micronation located in Austria. He is an artist who Austria describes as being eccentric. In his debut, Kugelmugel is found hugging his knees and pondering whether revolution and Baumkuchen are art. He suddenly exclaims that declaring his independence is art, and excitedly continues to carry on about this point. Sealand, Wy, and Seborga avoid him initially, feeling they won't be able to communicate with him in his current state, but he has later joined their group of friends. He is shown to have a strong desire to make things "more artistic," such as improving on Ladonia's clay deer design and expressing interest in making his house bigger.



Kugelmugel debuts in It's a Treasure Box of Countries~, a mini-event that follows Sealand, Seborga, and Wy's attempt to enlarge their circle of micronation friends. The trio decide to not formally invite him after he goes into a fit over declaring independence being art. Still, he is revealed to have been accepted into their group, and sits with the other new members while making a thumbs-down sign. The first time he met Liechtenstein (shown in a flashback during the Christmas 2011 Event) he is seen shouting at his home (a sphere-shaped house) and calling it art. After meeting Liechtenstein, he goes to the king and asks him to make the structure bigger, claiming that "Small things are not art. Small living things are art." During another flashback, he is shown sleeping while Ladonia is making a clay figurine. He later wakes up and makes his own "more artistic" by molding a sleeker and tougher-looking version of Ladonia's clay deer, which impresses Ladonia but annoys Wy.


  • While Kugelmugel is shown speaking to the "King" during the Christmas 2011 site event, the micronation was actually a Republic and never had a ruler holding the title of "King".
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