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Character Information
Name PrussiaFlag.png Kingdom Of Prussia (Königreich Preußen)
Human Name Gilbert Beilschmidt (ギルベルト・バイルシュミット, Giruberuto Bairushumitto)
Age 20↑
Gender Male
Birthday January 18
Hair Color Blond (early color images), Platinum blond
Eye Color Blue (early color images), Red-Violet
Height 177-178 cm (5'9-5'10 ft est)[1]
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Strip Maria Theresa and The War Of Austrian Succession
Game Noto-sama 5
Drama CD Hetalia Drama CD Interval Vol. 1: The CD Of The Awesome Me
Anime Episode 10 (cameo)
Episode 24 (formal debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Atsushi Kousaka
English Jonathan Brooks

Prussia (プロイセン, Puroisen) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. In his younger years, he is known as the Teutonic Knights[2] and in modern day he represents the former East Germany and the present region of eastern Germany[3] (though he remains a separate character from his younger brother and is generally only referred to as Prussia throughout the series). In 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and he received the name Gilbert Beilschmidt (ギルベルト・バイルシュミット, Giruberuto Bairushumitto).


A 'chibi' version of Prussia. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog and the Character CD Perfect Guide.


Prussia has short, light-colored hair with asymmetrical bangs[4] and red eyes, though he first appeared in color images (circa 2007) with blond hair and blue eyes.[5] His hair varies between platinum blond[6], white, or silver[7], while his eyes have also been depicted as pink[8] or a dark red hue. The color chart cites him as having pale, greyish blond hair and his eyes are red, purple, and blue.[9] Based off of images which display him with the multiple eye colors, he has vertical heterochromia iridum.[10][11] In a requested comic showing Prussia and Germany's infiltration of the American camp during WWII, Prussia was required to wear a helmet in order to hide his hair and eyes from view as, without them, he would instantly be recognized, hinting he's rather unique. According to Germany, even wearing his helmet, he looked very suspicious.[12] Due to bad nutrition, despite being the older of the two, Prussia is shorter than Germany by two or three centimeters and is not as muscular[13][14]. Himaruya noted that Prussia, like England and China, has a rather expressive face and is easy to draw with varying expressions.[4]

He and Austria are around the same age, Prussia being slightly older despite not looking it.[15]

He is seen in many images with at least one little yellow bird[16] upon his head or on shoulder which he appears to rarely notice[17](however, the bird is often depicted with a hat, presumably given to it by Prussia.) He seems to be easy to find, as he's distinguished by his constant laughter and birds nearby him all of the time.[13] He's been described as having a constant self-satisifed expression[18], and that a serious one would be unusual for him[4].

He wears a deep blue (Prussian blue) military uniform, akin to a Luftwaffen Fliegerbluse with an Iron Cross on his tie. In the WWII-set Buon San Valentino, he is shown to wear a Waffen SS uniform like his brother.

Personality and Interests

Sketch of a young Prussia, then known as the Teutonic Knights.

Prussia was born to fight the same type of battles as Austria, but was a hooligan who did nothing but fight and found a means of escaping marriage.[19] He loves fighting and will often say things in order to start quarrels.[15] He will do anything to become strong[19], and has an arrogant attitude and a "world-sized ego"[20]. Despite this roughness in his personality, he is said to be "unexpectedly fairytale-like," too.[18] Himaruya has stated that he was originally a villain-like character, but over time, became more hetare, but it doesn't show in his outward appearance.[4] Although he claims to enjoy being alone[21] and that clustering is for the weak, he was brought to tears upon seeing Hungary and Austria together, though he admitted the tears were already welling up(however this was from his "love" for being alone and his "lack" of bitterness being surrounded by couples in the streets.)[22] It was stated that this loneliness stemmed from that he felt like an enclave rather than an actual nation. Despite feeling alone, he seems to have many friends, though when informed of this he gets rather quiet.[23] He's fought for his own survival since he was born and is very strong as a result[15], and has even maintained this strength in modern times despite his status as region, forcing one of the Parallel Frances off of him and out of the house through a window with a single shove, after being attacked.[24] In addition, in Noto-sama 5, it was said that he's much stronger than he looks.[25] When Prussia drinks, he appears to become rather sleepy.[26][27] Germany once said that Prussia "knows little about common sense."[28] Deep down, it is said that his true nature is that of a punctual and diligent soldier and Germany's severe, methodical, serious big brother, though his bad manners (especially during his "transition period") mask it.[29] This is supported by Latvia commenting that Prussia was very punctual and never late for anything, very methodical, and very persistent in his diary writing, never missing a day. Latvia also said that Prussia "loots everything and opens all the drawers"[30], showing his methodicalness in a rather negative way. He's been stated to be a hard worker, but his exterior shows an "Not gonna do anything" face.[18] Despite that he often seems to be lazy, he does seem to have his own work to do, or that he at least helps Germany with his, as he had a meeting with Switzerland about some important work[31] and he accompanied Germany to a world meeting in their Counting Sheep CD. During the meeting, he somewhat helped Germany with his presentation, making comments and asking questions here and there.

He is very loyal to his leaders, and had a strong attachment to Frederich II, known to him as "Old Fritz."[19] He continues to hope that Old Fritz will watch over him[31][21] and that he'll be proud. Despite this, he was rather startled when he said that he hated women.[32] It is said, however, that he tends to become rather depressed if his history with Fritz is brought up due to this attachment.[15] A fan once requested Friedrich the Great praising Prussia a lot, to which Himaruya drew Prussia happily being pat on the head by Fritz who was off-screen.[33] Prussia has also mentioned petting others in his character song, and had pet Latvia and a small bird on his blog, enjoying how soft they were,[28] so he seems to enjoy doing so to others as well, likely seeing it as some form of praise.

Prussia often affectionately refers to his younger brother Germany as "West," and hates Russia[19] almost to the point of coughing up blood should he touch him (and losing four eyelashes otherwise)[34] though this may be an exaggeration on his part. He doesn't get along well with Austria, Hungary, or Poland,[15] and also seems to very much enjoy the company of the Italy brothers.[35] Despite his hatred of Russia, because Germany is so strong, he's not freaked out by Russia very much anymore. He seems to be very proud of Germany for this.[34] He often takes out his meddling on his neighbors and Russia.[20] Despite being the younger sibling, Germany has banned Prussia from using his computer[23] and grounded him at the end of Hetalia Fantasia 3.

It is revealed that he had kept diaries since he was formed, which led to him having an entire library of journals. Almost all of them start with passages that read "I'm so cool/I was so cool today."[2] He also seems to be fond of cute things, such as small birds and stuffed pandas, and soft things, like a bird's feathers or Latvia's hair.[28] He loves new things and is sometimes a bit too free-spirited.[36] Prussia has been shown to have little self-restraint, buying pandas from China[37] and Hong Kong[28] under the pretense that they'd make him happy. In addition, he's said that he's fond of sleeping, fighting, Old Fritz, and eating, his fondness for eating being displayed in his going to England to eat lunch, him "only accepting" France's ability to cook well,[37] and his desire to get food from Italy and Austria with his brother in their Counting Sheep CD.

He seems to have a tendency to sneeze and find himself bored with or distracted from tasks, such as reading,[38] although he claimed to be "a wiz at cleaning(among other things)" and also seemed to be good at gardening,[39] so it's possible his skills show when he is more focused. In his and Germany's Counting Sheep CD, after sneezing and growing bored of counting, Germany insists he continue to count, causing him to continue, also raising the possibility that he can continue to do things despite his own odds if encouraged. During Halloween 2011, he claimed he had a natural talent in everything he did, proving it by learning one of India's dances(and performing with him) in a month's time.[23] According to him he'd practiced the whole month. Italy then said that he was a very hard worker, to which Germany agreed.[40]

As a child he was rather religious, having personified the Teutonic Knights, a medieval military order. This is shown after he'd groped Hungary when they were young and, feeling her breasts having begun to grow in and realizing she was a girl, he prayed to God for forgiveness of his sin. God, however, asked him to tell him something new as, with the Pope's permission, he was allowed to do was he pleased, the rule likely being similar to that of the real-life Templars and Teutonic Knights, that he prayed for forgiveness afterwards.[2] Later in life, after the Battle of Tannenburg and being beaten up by Poland and Lithuania, Prussia calmed down, decided to be quiet, and lived under Poland's care and as something like his vassal, the Duchy of Prussia.[41] At this time, he said he was very modest and didn't stand out among his brothers, until the House of Hohenzollern strengthened him. Following that, he became a superpower and decided that the Germans needed to be a proper group. He then kicked Austria out and unified the German states, forming young Germany[36] His training methods are like abuse and his strictness showed in training America during the Revolutionary War.[42]

At another fan request, Himaruya presented a "Shobon Collection"(shobon being a Japanese word that can mean "dejected," "lonely," or "depressed" depending on the context) featuring Prussia, Russia (with Latvia), and Germany (with Italy attempting to cheer him up by giving him a cat). Prussia, however, denied it, attempting to laugh it off.[43] He is said to to get upset at any words that sound like "mark", especially "maruku" (Japanese for "roundness"), "marukyu" (a Japanese grocery store chain), and the name "Mark".[34] However, why this is has yet to be stated.

It has been revealed that a wound he recived from a dog bite on his hand had not healed after a week, where for nations, it should have healed faster than a normal human or almost immediately. This could mean that due to Prussia's status as a former nation, he is beginning to disappear or die and has lost the ability to heal quickly as a result.[44]



Main article: America

Though there hasn't been much interaction between them, it was revealed that Prussia trained America in combat for the Revolutionary War. Initially he was worried about how he didn't know what he was thinking, and told himself to be cautious. However, after Prussia introduced himself he thought Prussia was friendly; he later realized that he was being serious when he said that his training methods were harsh, as they were like torture.[42] In more modern times, on a day the countries had gone to the beach, Prussia and America had a swimming race. According to Prussia, America swims very quickly, like a shark, making it impossible for him to win.[31] In the drama CD, Prussia lost because a wave knocked him back.


Main article: Austria

Prussia takes pleasure in annoying and humiliating Austria in whatever way he can, and fought against him in wars in the past, seizing Silesia for himself in the War Of Austrian Succession.

On numerous occasions, he finds himself alone and crying. Prussia will mention that he is happy alone unlike a certain "stupid aristocrat". In the Christmas Strips, Prussia has to tell himself that he would rather be alone than with others "because clustering is for the weak. Yeah, like that stupid aristocr--". Prussia often speaks negatively of Austria.

In the present day while living with his brother, Prussia freeloads off of Austria as well. In his blog, Prussia went to Austria's house and began to bother him by pulling on his cheek, amused and pleased at how stretchy it was. In the Maria Theresa arc of the anime, Prussia often attempted to make Austria beg for mercy during the battle. He also mentioned wanting a painter to come and paint Austria's face after he had lost the first battle, so that his failure could be etched into history.


Main article: Cuba

Their relationship has only been shown in Prussia's blog as of yet. The two are possibly close, as Cuba calls him "big brother" and Prussia says that he'll look at his blog later once he noticed he had one. Why Cuba refers to him this way has yet to be stated. Cuba praised the maple syrup Prussia had been given by Canada, telling him that if he thought it was simply another April Fool's joke that he should keep thinking that, but eat it anyway. He was also pleased when Prussia was happy after eating pancakes with the syrup.[31] He was also interested in seeing Prussia dance the way he had with India on Halloween during Christmas, asking Germany if that's why he was late.[45]


Main article: England

During the Seven Years War, England became Prussia's ally so that he could fight against France.[46] He was also sided with Austria in the War of Austrian succession. However, the moment he beat France, he declared neutrality, shocking both Prussia and Austria with his unreliability.[47] In modern times, Prussia received a request to eat England's cooking on his blog. When he arrived for lunch, England looked incredibly happy, confusing Prussia. After sharing a picture of the food and happy England on his blog, everyone began to mourn Prussia, thinking he'd died. However, he'd collapsed and woke up shortly after, evident by the next picture he uploaded of distressed England, and he proclaimed that he was alive, calling everyone jerks for killing him off. England, upset by everyone's reaction to Prussia's supposed death, swore he'd make something delicious enough that they'd all compliment him for it next time.[28]


Main article: France

France, along with Spain, is depicted as a close friend of Prussia's, stemming from their alliance against Austria during the War of Austrian Succession.[48] Despite this closeness, it's possible that they have a somewhat negative relationship, as Prussia claimed he would acknowledge nothing about France but his cooking[28] and that when "Prussia" demanded that Alsace-Lorraine be returned to him, France said that he hated Germans.[49] France has, however, admitted to knowing a lot about Prussia, though he didn't know whether or not he was a virgin.[22] In the omake for Cleaning Prussia, he was shown to be spending time with France and Spain, telling them about his adventure cleaning the houses of the chosen countries. France was impressed that he was doing volunteer work "like Germany" to which Prussia claimed he overflowed with philanthropy--in response, France snapped that "Fighting with me was an act of philanthropy, huh!" However, when he offered to clean for them, he was quickly annoyed by their demands as France asked for some censored things to be cleaned and rearranged and Spain asked him to clean out his bad credit and the corruption in his government.[39] In Prussia's blog, upon his "revival" from eating England's food, France became afraid that Prussia was a monster, though it was likely a joke as he'd invited him over to eat and take the bad taste from his mouth afterwards.[28]

Prussia, France, and Spain also received a character song sung by the three of them called Overflowing Passion.


Main article: Germany

Prussia is Germany's older brother and the one who formed him from the unification of his brothers. He calls Germany West, while Germany refers to him as Brother. Having been the leading state of the German Confederation, he acted as the most brotherly state after his birth,[36] calling himself his "best big brother."[39] However, he also thinks of himself as Germany's superior[50] and calls their tie an undesirable but inseparable one.[51] Prussia is depicted as teaching Germany diplomatic poses and battle strategies.

A Sketch of Prussia and Germany from a 2008 blog entry.[52]

After World War II, Prussia represented Eastern Germany, and later moved in with his brother after German reunification.[53] Prussia has said that he and his brother have a "wall in their hearts" and that they need to get rid of it so that they can become a better, more effective country.[3] Germany is annoyed by his brother's wild attitude and his tendency to buy strange things which clutter up their living room and make it difficult to clean. He also sees him as having little common sense and is bothered that Prussia doesn't seem to help around the house.[28] However, Germany agrees that Prussia is a very hard worker[40] and Prussia was later shown to be just as neat as his brother.[14] They acknowledge that they are not much alike (while ironically too absorbed in cleaning and folding clothes to realize they were doing it together) and Germany states that it would be too noisy if he were like Prussia.[36] The two also share a love of beer.

In the Halloween event of 2011, Prussia tells India, after Germany performs a suplex on him,[40] that it happens regularly and is nothing to worry over.[23] About a month before the Halloween party, Germany banned Prussia from using the computer. Prussia announced that, if Germany also forbid him from attending the party, he would stay in bed just to upset him. It was revealed, however, that Germany intended to have Prussia go with him and Italy, but Prussia declined the invitation and indicated he would eventually arrive. Prussia's late appearance caused Germany to worry somewhat.[23] Prussia informed him that he might show up to the 2012 Christmas event as well, but reminded him that he was very elusive and could appear at any time, prompting Germany to say that they always had to be prepared for him to show up.[54]

Prussia admits during his and Germany's Counting Sheep CD that he does find himself wanting to act in a big brother capacity. He seems proud of Germany's strength and growth thus far, although he resents his stubbornness. His strength apparently makes him feel safe, as he is less afraid of Russia because of it.[34] Prussia states that Germany is very competent and does most of the nation's work, which allows him to do nothing but read all day.[55] In addition, Germany is shown to accept some of Prussia's stories, having believed Prussia when he told him how cool he was as a child until watching a video of him.[56]


Main article: Hungary

She and Prussia were rivals as children, though Prussia also was called by her to assist in the defense of her house(and he was kicked out following his claiming the territory he was to protect.) Prussia and Hungary herself both believed Hungary to be male until he groped her chest, believing himself to be attacking a weak spot, only to feel that her chest was soft from her developing breasts. She revealed that she believed her penis would grow in before she grew up, proving to Prussia that she didn't already have one.[2]

A drawing of Hungary and Prussia from the 2009 Christmas Requests.

She continued to believe she was male despite Prussia's attempts to inform her otherwise some time until she reached puberty. After a fight with Turkey she was badly injured and they happened upon one another. Though her injuries shocked him at first, he proceeded to say he'd need to do "some really intimate care" on her, telling her not to get the wrong idea, disturbing her. Tearing the cloth of his robe from over his crotch off, he attempted to force her to allow him to bandage her with it, before he noticed and was shocked by her breasts and began to tear a different part of his robe off to bandage her with. His reaction confirmed for her that she really was a girl. They parted ways after Prussia gave her the entirety of the robe. About a year later, she calmed down, began to wear dresses and settled down at Austria's house, beginning to work for him. Prussia, having gotten over the concrete reveal of her gender quickly, proceeded to go to Austria's house to see her and, expressing confusion at her maid dress, demanding she take it off so they could go hunting. Shaking and smiling with discomfort, she claimed she, "unfortunately," was no longer interested in hunting and "with such a feeling, they have been spending their time."[57]

Prussia has also expressed a distaste for her, telling both her and Austria to go home on Christmas as they were having a "family-only"(plus the Italies) Christmas, intending to employ the Lesser Germany Solution despite it being the 21st century. Hungary expressed her desire to beat him immensely, though they did nothing but make childish sounds at one another.[58] Furthermore, in a requested "2-short" image of them, they were shown glaring harshly at one another.[59] Since he made fun of her problems during their younger years and went on a rampage at her house in the past[15], Hungary dislikes him in the present and often hits him with her frying pan whenever the opportunity arises, especially if he's bothering Austria[37]. Despite this, she admitted that she did not want Prussia to die as her life would be boring without him[28], bandaged him up after hitting him in Austria's ending of Osōji Prussia[39], and was worried for him after he was attacked by one of the Parallel Frances.

In Notosama 5, Prussia claimed that "clothes-changing Hungary has always been" his upon finding Yamato and Noto spying on Hungary change in his personal spot to do so in, somewhat hinting at feelings he may have for her.[25] A mascot chibi of them also had Prussia saying they should go eat lunch somewhere, with Hungary thinking that he never learns[60], implying this has happened more than once. The image's title, "Unrequited," may also imply a one-sided crush on Prussia's part.


Main article: India

Prussia and India are shown together in the 2011 Halloween event[61], in which India invites Prussia to join him in making a magnificent entrance to America's party over Twitter. India is impressed with Prussia's ability to learn things very quickly, as he learned the complicated dance routine in a month, and remarks that he must have many friends as Prussia initially wanted to invite others to join the flashy entrance, but was limited to ten people because he would have to teach the dance to them all as well.[23]

When Germany performed a suplex on Prussia, India expressed concern for him later, before he remarked that it was a very usual thing for Germany to do(though India found it unusual and was somewhat shocked.)[23]


Main article: Italy

Prussia is shown to be very fond of Italy and often refers to him as "Ita-chan" in the original Japanese text. According to Himaruya, worrying about Italy is "a tradition from Prussia's time".[62]Upon being asked by a fan, Himaruya said that Prussia grew attached to him some time ago when they fought together.[63] Prussia considers him 'cute' and is attracted to his and his brother's climate and topography[35] and even asks him out on a date in the drama adaptation of his blog event, only for Italy to be oblivious to his question, being fixated on his bird. In the same CD, Germany says that Prussia is very good with Italy. In Osōji Prussia (Cleaning Prussia), if he chooses to go to Italy's house to clean, he states that he has clear ulterior motives to be praised by Italy. Upon arrival Prussia finds Italy asleep in his bed, and begins to stroke Italy's head. As he strokes Italy, he is reminded of the Risorgimento as he did so, and happily daydreams about him and Italy on a gondola in Venice.

Italy has also praised Prussia for his hard work[40] and was eager to join him and India in dancing during America's Halloween party.[61]

In an older series of drawings from the April 2007 blog that was deleted from Kitayume, Prussia was shown blushing and breathing harshly while approaching a teenaged Italy, before embracing him, to his distress.


Main article: Japan

When Japan opened his borders, Prussia was the first and only German state to sign a treaty with him.[64] Himaruya has stated that their relationship is near inseparable and that, while he hoped to depict it in Prussia's April Fools blog, he did not get to. Their first canonical interaction was within the Prussia's Cleaning game. Prussia helps Japan clean after Japan misinterprets his demands as enthusiasm. After they finish cleaning, Japan gifts Prussia several cakes he had been asking for as a sign of gratitude. However, exhausted from cleaning, Prussia manages to "only" eat 34. Japan refers to Prussia with the -kun honorific, emphasizing familiarity. Prussia notes that he usually has tea and manjuu when he visits Japan, implying that he has visited many times. In the blog comic Opening a Country is Tough, Too, Prussia encourages Japan to relax after opening his borders. He offers to help him practice his German and subsequently goads Japan into shouting "Sternhimmel" (starry sky). Prussia advises him to stop suppressing his emotions.[64]


Main Article: Latvia

Though they've been shown as having little interaction in canon, it's said that Latvia hates the Teutonic Knights, one of Prussia's younger incarnations. Latvia also mentioned that he and Prussia worked together not long ago, presumably meaning when they were both part of the Soviet Union.[30] In more recent times, Prussia had pet Latvia and found his hair very pleasing to the touch.[28]


Main article: Poland

Though the two have not appeared in many strips together, it is said that their relations are rather rocky due to Prussia having invaded and gone on a rampage.[15] A glimpse of their past is shown in the Polish-Swedish Wars strips, when Finland mentions the Battle of Grunwald. Prussia was shown to have nearly defeated Poland (and been prepared to kill him) until Lithuania intervened and defeated the Teutonic Knights (after having pretended to flee).


Main article: Russia

Prussia has stated that he hates Russia to the point of "losing four eyelashes" and being close to puking blood should he make physical contact, though this is likely an exaggeration. Despite this, he might be less afraid of Russia than others, as he explained that Germany's become so strong he's not freaked out by Russia as much anymore,[34] and that he's sometimes meddlesome towards him and his neighbors.[20] Russia used to be bullied by Prussia when they were children, however more recently Russia was the one imposing himself on Prussia, wanting to befriend him.[65] It was said that Prussia was stuck living at Russia's house and doing unprofitable jobs after WWII,[15] when he was East Germany and part of the Soviet Union. Russia seems to want to befriend him in modern times, and he was somewhat friendly towards him during his April Fools blog, especially when he mentioned that he napped at Greece's house where it was warm,[28] and when he went to bed, wishing him good night and asking him if it was warm when he did so.[31] While Prussia had, initially responded negatively, he seemed to calm down regarding Russia's presence on his blog over time. Prussia has been stated to occasionally get Ostalgic and, when he gets Ostalgic enough, Russia will appear to impose himself on him.[3]

In the strips depicting the Battle of Lake Peipus, young Russia is shown to be very angry at the Teutonic Knights' carelessness in regards to their movement to attack on the lake, despite that it was covered in thin ice and that Russia had warned him not to, strangling him while he attempted scolding him. However, Russia hoped that the next time they met they would be friends, instead of enemies. Prior to that, young Prussia was one of the countries who would bully Russia. However, when Russia summoned general Winter to fight him and the others who were chasing him, it was revealed that there was no effect as they'd all been raised from birth in cold places.[66]

It's somewhat notable that Prussia was once stated to exist in modern times as an exclave of Russia's. However the same sentence stated that he lived with Germany[29] and more recent notes and developments indicate this may have been an error or rectonned due to inaccuracy.

South Italy

Main article: South Italy

Himaruya stated, in answer to a fan's question, that Prussia and Romano often met when they were younger. As a child, Romano disliked him and wanted to fight him, however he was too afraid of him to do so and merely kept his distance, attacking him verbally. In contrast, Prussia holds the same feelings for Romano as he does for Veneziano, and he is always attracted to their climate and topography.[35] In a request for the 2011 Christmas Event a comic was drawn of Romano working as Prussia watched. After briefly exchanging words in regards to Romano being a surprisingly hard worker and his lack of footwear at the time, he fell asleep and Prussia continued to watch him do so with a contented expression. Throughout the comic, Romano was not openly hostile towards Prussia.[67]

After the comic (presented in-universe as a video) ended, Romano commented that he felt gloomy from how many times he got stuck associating with Prussia.


Main article: Switzerland

When Prussia and Switzerland were both young, Prussia was concerned by that Switzerland seemed so angry at all times despite having never talked to him, and decided that wanted to avoid him.[2] Himaruya listed Switzerland as a relative of Germania, like Prussia, making them related in some way.[12] On his blog, Switzerland came to Germany and Prussia's house to have a meeting with Prussia, which he agreed to do despite that he was falling asleep.[31] Prussia went to Switzerland's house in Osōji Prussia, however he wasn't allowed in as Switzerland felt he was suspicious and he "won’t let someone who has no relationship to me to enter my home!" Prussia then declared that he could work on the flowers in the window, as they were not inside of the house, which Switzerland allowed and joined him in, saying he'd considered doing it that day anyway. Switzerland was annoyed when Prussia praised the flowers he'd grown, however he wasn't as angry as he'd acted, as they were not often praised. When they'd finished and Prussia was about to leave, Switzerland stopped him before giving him flowers from the mountains, saying he was unsure if they'd grow in Prussia's home. Seeing Prussia's honest, hard work, Switzerland considered inviting him in for goat's milk, however his pride got in the way and he didn't want to chase Prussia down. Prussia stopped to buy something to drink before leaving, however he noticed the high price and thought that he would never be able to live at Switzerland's house. This was labeled a Bad End.[39]



Prussia first appeared in a series of strips entitled Maria Theresa and the War of Austrian Succession which, as the title suggests, covered portions of the titular war. Prussia disapproves of Austria's new queen, Maria Theresa, and threatens to invade unless given a portion of Silesia. Maria Theresa refuses and Prussia subsequently seizes the land, and goes to battle alongside Spain and France. A weakened Austria is aided by Hungary in preventing Prussia's invasion, but at the cost of Silesia. Prussia is satisfied with this, but is threatened by Hungary to return it.[68] These strips were later collected in volume 1 of the published Hetalia: Axis Powers, marking Prussia's published debut. In addition, Prussia makes a small cameo in the volume 1 strip He Loves Fishing in Troubled Waters, having just taken Silesia from a wounded Austria.[69]


Prussia's formal debut in Episode 24.
Young Prussia's appearance in Episode 53.
Prussia in "Brother! We are...!!".
Young Prussia in "Russia and Friends".

Prussia briefly appears in Episode 10, during the era of "The War Of Austrian Succession." He is shown beating up Austria until France comes along and takes over. Prussia later returns for his formal debut in Episode 24, where he's once again seen teasing Austria, this time hindering his attempts to impress Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He is depicted with platinum blond and his eyes are a deep red. His cross and gloves were removed, and his tall boots were initially removed.

He has a cameo at the beginning of the film Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White where he hosts a talent show starring Ukraine and Belarus, and is thrown when neither act shows up to perform.

In World Series he has a more prominent role and is the focal character of several episodes. In the first episode, he appears as the younger version of himself known as the "Teutonic Knights" interacting with a young Hungary. The story is continued later in the series with the duo meeting up as adults. His character design is largely unchanged from the first series, though his tall boots are returned to his design in Episode 79. His Teutonic Knights outfit was originally colored red and blue as seen in early screenings of Episode 53 and "My Awesome Diary Part 2", but was changed to white with black crosses due to fan outcry.

In The Beautiful World his hair is changed to lighter platinum blond and his blue uniform is changed to a slightly lighter shade as well. His eyes are changed to a light violet color with a slight red and blue tinges. He made a cameo appearance in "Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half" where he plays a broom as a guitar, and makes his formal debut as an adult in "Our Failure". He appears in his younger "Teutonic Knights" version in "Russia and Friends", where his uniform contains significantly more black, specifically on the sleeves and around the collar.


  • The prototype Teutonic Knight design
    No birthday was given for Prussia in his first official profile. However, in the anime guide World Wide Walking, his birthday was finally listed as January 18th, which corresponds with the foundation date for the Kingdom Of Prussia (January 18th, 1701).
  • At first, as a child, Prussia was protected by the German Knights in Jerusalem and then became part of the Teutonic Knights after the knights who had been protecting him had been called to Hungary to protect Burzenland.[2] However, in Volume 4 Prussia was said to have been raised in a cold place,[66] contradicting his initially given origin, though this may simply have been in reference to the harsh winters of the Baltic where the Teutonic Knights were stationed. Himaruya also stated that Prussia began as the Margraviate of Brandenburg, however it's possible that he merely meant Prussia as the Kingdom and not Prussia, the character.
  • The type of flag used to represent Prussia is the one for The Kingdom Of Prussia, which lasted from 1701-1918. It was succeeded by The Free State Of Prussia, its final incarnation before it was dissolved de jure by the Allied Forces in 1947. In the web-hosted Simple Character Introductions a modern day German flag was used despite naming him only as Prussia.
  • A production note by Hidekaz Himaruya states that Prussia was under Russian control after WWII and was stuck having to work jobs that made him no profit,[15] implying Prussia was East Germany. A scrapped Hetalia game idea by Himaruya has also given some weight to the theory: in the game, the nations are instead humans living in New York City. One of the characters was described as an East German man, and had a very similar personality to Prussia. However as this game never went any further, it is also uncertain. In 2011, drawings about the European Economic Chrisis revealed that Prussia is prone to Ostalgie and that he says that he and Germany must get rid of the "wall in our hearts" so that Germany can become better,[3] proving that he was East Germany, and that he currently represents the eastern region of Germany.
  • Due to his early anime appearance in Episode 10 being uncredited, it was widely believed that he was voiced by the seiyū Subaru Kimura. It was later revealed that Atsushi Kousaka had actually voiced him (doing an impression of Kimura's voice for Gian, from the series Doraemon). According to a Comic Birz interview, Hidekaz Himaruya approved the casting of Prussia, having anticipated that Kousaka would fit the character.
  • A sentence in the third volume of the published manga lends evidence to the idea of him being the Kaliningrad Oblast, as it is mentioned that he had become an exclave of Russia's.[29] However the same sentence stated that he lived with his brother and more recent notes indicate that this may have been an error or retconned.
  • An old sketch by Himaruya depicted a much different representation of The Monastic State Of Teutonic Knights. Instead of a younger Prussia, the Teutonic Knight has long, dark hair and a beard.
  • In a production note, Himaruya stated that he also initially designed a Prussia that had long hair and a face like Poland's, and that his personality was to be a lot more mature and pitiful. He also noted that his hair style had not been fixed and that his head was covered with a hat.[15]
  • According to Himaruya, although Prussia is older than Germany, he is shorter in comparison due to having poor nutrition.
  • In 2010, Prussia starred in the downloadable mini-game Osōji Prussia, in which he cleaned the homes of various characters. In response to a question about what Germany's brothers in the Germany segment, it was clarified that Prussia and his brothers (sans Germany) are "retired" nations that passed on their skills and traits to Germany, and will disappear over time.[70]
  • Prussia is left-handed, though he was mistakenly drawn writing a book with his right in Buon San Valentino.[71]


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