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Character Information
Name SeychellesFlag.png Republic Of Seychelles (Repiblik Sesel/République des Seychelles)
Gender Female
Birthday June 29[1]
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2 (profiled)
Volume 3 (formal debut)
Strip We’re Shipwrecked Too!
Game Gakuen Hetalia
Drama CD Hetalia Drama CD Interval Vol. 1: The CD Of The Awesome Me
Anime Episode 100
Voice Actors
Japanese Megumi Takamoto
English Cassandra Hodges (S4)
Caitlin Glass (S5- )

Seychelles (セーシェル, Sēsheru) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. She first appeared as the main character in the dating sim game Gakuen Hetalia, and has since appeared briefly in both the manga and the anime.


A 'chibi' version of Seychelles. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Seychelles has long, dark brown hair, tied into two pigtails with red ribbons. She wears a knee-length blue dress with puffed sleeves, which sometimes is drawn with a flower-print. In some appearances, Seychelles is shown holding a large fish. She usually has brown eyes, though when she appeared in a cameo in the fifth Noto-sama game, her eyes were blue. In early images, Seychelles was given light or fair skin, but in recent images, she appears tan or light brown. In Gakuen Hetalia, she wears a white sweater and red plaid skirt as part of her school uniform, and has the lighter skin of her earlier drawings.

Interests and Personality

Seychelles is described as a country girl with a big heart who can sometimes be sloppy. She can't cook on her own and laments over her high cost of living. During the Christmas 2010 event, Seychelles asks Finland to send her food in exchange for a picture. Her cooking style is described as adding spices and salted dry fish in any cuisine and is said to eat pickled, dried fish that can be stored for long periods of time. She enjoys inviting guests and doesn't like going out much, with rumor that it's because she can't pick up the kind of pickled fish she likes.[2] Her language is a unique type of French, mixing both French and English. During her cameo in Comic Diary 9, Seychelles, after overhearing other nations mention their stereotypes and reputations, rants that people do not know of her existence. In United States of Hetalia 2, it is revealed that the island where both the Allies and Axis have been repeatedly stranded is the island of Seychelles.

In her Gakuen Hetalia appearance, she fears attending a new academy because she lacks talent and confidence. She claims to have once been rich and strong, but has become poor and useless. Seychelles believes that her only abilities are to sing, dance, and make souvenirs. Seychelles is conflicted over her feelings for both France and England; the former raised her and makes sexual advances, while the latter is aggressive and dominant. Seychelles does not have fond feelings for her coat of arms, and she is laughed at in her Africa class due to its outlandish appearance.



Main Article: Canada

In World☆Stars, Seychelles is shown to remember him and his place in the G8.[3] This makes Canada excited, and he decides to make a large and lavish "impact" to thank her and make sure she always remembers him. However, Canada's strange and out-of-character behavior frightens her, and she doesn't see who he is because she could never believe Canada would be such a "show off."[4]


Main Article: England

During their first meeting in the Gakuen Hetalia game, England snaps a dog collar onto Seychelles and claims her as his colony. He uses her like a servant, claiming that she must obey him, though they are able to get along on occasion. In a early image unrelated to the game, Seychelles and other colonies display anger at England. In the main Hetalia comic, their relationship seems to be similar, as she, in Christmas 2011, wanted to prank call him (she even wanted to baton pass this labour to Cuba when she couldn't go further because of the cold weather). However, they are capable of getting along in the present day. In Volume 4, Seychelles was delighted when England asked her to (secretly) host the newly married Prince William and his wife.


Main Article: France

In the Gakuen Hetalia game, it is revealed (via flashback) that he helped raise her as a child, and as a result her language is heavily influenced by his. However, in the present he attempts to undress and grope her, much to her shock and disgust; Seychelles wonders if he wants to see what her body has become. In the mainstream Hetalia comic, they are rarely seen together. In her first appearance in the strips, France is walking alongside her on an island. In the Christmas Rampage 2007, France is shown groping Seychelles, much to her dismay. In Hetaween 2011, she was in France's "Peter Pan-themed" team, dressed as Captain Hook.


Main Article: Monaco

During the Halloween Event 2011, Monaco and Seychelles were both in France's Peter Pan costume group. Monaco refers to Seychelles as "Seychelles-kun" in the original Japanese[5], implying a friendly relationship or that Monaco is a sort of senior to Seychelles. (In Japan, the honorific -kun is typically for male children and teenagers, but can be also be used between close friends or family members and between seniors and juniors, regardless of gender.)



Seychelles appears infrequently in sketches and strips on Himaruya's blog. Seychelles first appeared within the strip We're Shipwrecked Too!, walking with France and talking about eating fish. The strip has yet to be included in any published volume. She debuts in volume 3 of the published manga, wondering what the shipwrecked Axis and Allies are up to when she spots them on her island. Seychelles appears during the Christmas 2010 event, in which a picture of her is requested for Finland's Hetastream broadcast, and again during the Halloween 2011 event, in which she dresses as a pirate.

Seychelles' Gakuen Hetalia Portable design


Seychelles was set to be the main character in the game Gakuen Hetalia, a high school dating simulation. In the unfinished demo, Seychelles is forced by European countries to attend an academy for countries. After she arrives, England claims her as his colony and warns her that she must obey him. She soon becomes lost in the school and encounters several other characters. While meeting England in the school library, France approaches them and claims that Seychelles is his girlfriend. In the past, France had raised Seychelles and, though usually gentlemanly, he can be frightening when disobeyed. France attempts to undress her and Seychelles attacks back. Immediately after, she pleads for him not to attack her. After the scene, the demo ends. In the Gakuen Hetalia Portable commercial game, Seychelles is again the main character, though the plots involves her planning a large party for the school. In order to throw a successful event, she must interact with her nation classmates.

Drama CDs

Seychelles makes a brief appearance in the drama CD Hetalia Drama CD Interval Vol. 1: The CD Of The Awesome Me. During a flashback segment, Prussia challenges America to a swimming contest at a beach and loses. Seychelles exclaims that America is awesome, to which Prussia comments that America's actions were unfair.


Seychelles in What Italy Forgot.
Seychelles in Episode 100.

Seychelles made her debut appearance in Episode 100. In the episode, she can be seen standing near a bush and watching the Axis and Allies come together, wondering why they have appeared on her island. Though her design remains mostly unchanged, her skin is shown to be more fair than her manga counterpart.

In The Beautiful World, her skin tone has been made darker, similar to the way she appears in the manga. She made a brief cameo in "Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half" and makes her formal debut in "What Italy Forgot".


The early Seychelles design.
  • Her birthday corresponds with the date that Seychelles gained independence from Great Britain on June 29th, 1976.[1]
  • In the scrapped sequel to Christmas Rampage 2007, Seychelles is stripped of all her clothing by "Noto-sama" in a crossover with Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club (another webcomic by Hidekaz Himaruya).
  • Seychelles was the second female nation to be designed, while Hungary was the first nation to be depicted as a female. A note in the special edition of volume 3 revealed that her appearance was based off of an old sketchpad character he had drawn in high school, which happened to be a personification of the Nagasaki prefecture. "Nagasaki" would later be slightly redesigned.
  • In a preliminary headshot sketch, Himaruya drew Seychelles with asymmetrical eyebrows: one normal and one very thick.
  • Before she appeared in an actual strip, Seychelles made a cameo in an illustration for the third part of Lithuania's Outsourcing. In the image, she is shown to be angry at England, while Egypt is shown alongside her (as they were both his colonies).


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