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Character Information
Name Flag of Moldova.svg Republic of Moldova (Republica Moldova)
Gender Male
Debut Appearances
Strip In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp The Exterior Of The European Economy (cameo)
Halloween 2013 (debut)
Voice Actors

Moldova (モルドバ Morudoba) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Moldova.


Moldova is a small boy with shaggy brown hair. He wears a small top hat on the left side of his head and usually can be seen dressed in a shabby, over-sized coat that's torn and patched up. Rather than average front teeth, Moldova sports a pair of fangs in the front of his mouth. He has two wild pieces of hair sticking out, with one on each side of his head.[1]

Personality And Interests

Moldova comes across as a happy younger child (described as "numa numa" and "yay"[2]), and appears very fond of his older brother Romania. He also considers Russia a "big brother" type, although he appears a bit nervous when speaking of him.[3]

As he is one of the poorest countries in Europe,[4] he dresses rather simply, often only wearing a coat,[2] and notes that he had to make his own Halloween ghost costume from scratch.[3] Stating that he already has enough sweets, Moldova instead asks for underwear at the party.[5] He has been a hard worker since birth,[6] and has read the atmosphere in order to properly deal with Russia. He is also described as more patient than the micronation kids.[2] He claims to also have a high tolerance for scary stories.[3]



Main Article: Romania

The two are brothers, with Romania as the elder and Moldova as the younger.[3] Moldova is shown to be very tearful when they're separated, as he's shown crying for Romania in a sketch depicting the time he was under the control of Russia.[7] A subsequent drawing shows Moldova happily riding on Romania's shoulders.[8] Romania also seems to think well of Moldova, as he tells Germany to give regards to him during the 2011 Christmas event.[9] During the 2013 Halloween event, when Romania is able to get inside the main party room, Moldova is happy to be reunited with him. Likewise, Romania is happy that he is okay, though he becomes scared by Moldova's subdued reaction to seeing Russia.[10]


Main Article: Russia

Moldova refers to Russia as "big brother" per the latter's request, though he agreed to do so while he was afraid.[11] While he would rather rely on Romania, he has to take consideration for Russia and read the atmosphere.[2] During Halloween 2013, he mentions Russia and becomes somewhat dour,[3] and upon spotting Russia later becomes fearful and subdued.[10] Notes describe Moldova as taking Russia into consideration when Romania asks to live together. Moldova rejects Romania's offer, stating that everyone is friends and brothers with Russia.[12]


Moldova's first cameo appearance.


Moldova first appears in the story In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp The Exterior Of The European Economy on a map describing the economic climate of Europe at the time. He is shown with a vague design collapsed on the ground stating that "They say there's a limit even to low incomes."[4] He would later appear off-screen during the Christmas 2011 site event, on one of the beds near Romania in the "Communist Boarding House".[9] He makes his official debut during the Halloween 2013 site event, showing up to the party in a costume he made himself.[3]


  • There were large gaps in between appearances for the character. He originally appeared as a small chibi sketch on a map illustrating the world economy circa 2007.[4] He would not be referenced again until the Christmas 2011 event, when he was indicated to be off-screen during a story featuring Romania and Bulgaria.[9] He would make his debut in a couple of Bamboo Thicket posts in October 2013.[7][1]
  • In volume 3, Romania is referenced briefly via mentions of the predecessor states Wallachia and Moldavia on a map in a story having to do with eastern Europe. However, if Moldavia is Moldova is uncertain.[13]


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