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Hong Kong
Hong Kong.png
Character Information
Name HongKongFlag.png Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (中華人民共和國香港特別行政區)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2 (profiled)
Volume 3 (formal debut)
Strip Volume 3 Fake Preview
Drama CD Hetalia Fantasia
Anime Extra Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Motoki Takagi
English Shelton Windham (S4)
Greg Silva (S5- )

Hong Kong (香港 Honkon) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Hong Kong showing some of his earlier design elements.


Hong Kong has choppy dark brown hair that comes down to his jaw and light brown eyes. He wears a burgundy duangua with black piping and oversized sleeves, and dark brown trousers. His eyebrows are noticeably thicker than the other Asian characters, due to a curse put on him by England. It's said that his face takes after China's. When he was younger and still lived with China, he had a long ponytail, but when they next met after he'd lived with England, it seems to have been cut off.

In an earlier design, he had a gold belt around his waist, and wore long white spats over his boots. In other early sketches, his duangua fastened down the front.

Personality and Interests

Little is known about Hong Kong, other than that, for many years, he was under England's control, who cursed him to have thick eyebrows. It is noted that one cannot really tell what is on his mind, due to his lack of showing emotion. He has also been described as being "in many ways, a sturdy big bro". In the 2010 Christmas Event, it is hinted that he might have a vague interest in fashion, as he was somewhat disturbed by China's choice of casual wear and said that he should think about it more often. He also seems to be afraid of the dark and admires Jackie Chan.

He speaks in a mixture of Japanese and English, with a Gyaru-o dialect, a speech pattern like that of a teenage boy which is often translated much like Poland's Valley Girl speech. Before appearing in the fake preview for Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 3 where he "promised" China he would not draw explicit pictures anymore, he appeared in artwork for the series and was featured in the profile page of the second volume.



England with a young Hong Kong.

Main Article: China

Little has been revealed about their relationship, save for how China raised Hong Kong before he became Britain's territory. The two were eventually reunited when England's control ended in 1997. While Hong Kong refers to China as "teacher," they don't seem to have a good relationship due to some conflicting opinions. When they awoke cross-dressed in the Christmas event of 2010, Hong Kong's first impulse was to take out his cellphone and take pictures of China, despite the latter's protests. In Hetaween 2013, Hong Kong goes as a ghost of China in his story that China was a tourist killed by a cat after 3 strikes.


Main Article: England

For some 150 years, Hong Kong was under England's rule, who often scolded him for lighting loud firecrackers that were startling. When Hong Kong reunited with his "siblings" in 1997, England cursed him to have eyebrows as thick as his.


Main article: Japan

Despite living geographically quite close to each other, Japan and Hong Kong are not shown together too often so far. In AsiAsia, Hong Kong came to Japan and begged him to make an air purifier for Kowloon, but Japan ended up suggesting miniaturizing the other.


Hong Kong's apperance in the anime.


Hong Kong was profiled in Volume 2 and appeared briefly in Volume 3, but his major appearances have been limited to Himaruya's blog. In the Christmas 2010 event, Hong Kong and China awaken in an unfamiliar room dressed in woman's clothing and are subsequently kidnapped. Hong Kong also appeared in Volume 5, in which he intends to move out of China's house due to lack of freedom, however is convinced to stay when China agrees to wear strange things for Hong Kong to take pictures and make fun of him in.

Drama CD

Hong Kong's first speaking role was in Hetalia Fantasia, where he acts as China's assistant.


Hong Kong first appeared in Extra Episode 3, apologising to China for having developed copyrighted cartoon characters that had to be censored. Hong Kong's anime version remains mostly unchanged, though his hair is depicted as having a lighter shade of brown than in the manga.

Hong Kong is also mentioned in Episode 31, where China said that Hong Kong taught him how to celebrate Christmas, although it feels different from Western's Christmas.


Early designs of Hong Kong
  • In a recent blog post, his potential names were revealed to be Wang Jia Long (Wong Kha Loung in Cantonese) and Li Xiao Chun (Lei Siu Chun in Cantonese). He was also given the English name Leon.[1]


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