The Nordic Five +α

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The Nordic Five +α
Hetalia: The World Twinkle episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 4
Original air date July 23, 2015 (US/Canada)
July 24, 2015 (Japan)
Production Credits
Ending theme "Hetalian☆Jet" by Daisuke Namikawa
Hetalia Episode Chronology
Meeting of the Nordic The Nordic Five +α The Life of the Great Man, the Awesome Me

The Nordic Five +α (北欧ファイブ+α?) is the fourth episode of Hetalia: The World Twinkle, and the one hundred and twenty fourth overall in the anime series Hetalia. It was released early by Funimation to their subscribers in the United States and Canada on July 23, 2015, and it was broadcast in Japan on July 24, 2015. It adapts the majority of the The Nordic Five +α chapter from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6.

Plot Summary

Finland, in narration, introduces himself to the audience, and explains that he and the other Nordics are having a meeting today. Denmark, bouncing up and down, says that Finland's seat is over near him, and Finland takes the opportunity to introduce him as well. Meanwhile, Norway holds sheets of paper over his face and attempts to slink away unnoticed, and Finland introduces Iceland instead, who is off camera and isn't interested in humoring him. Finally, Finland introduces Sweden, who is giving off a very intimidating air.

Finland explains that, while its true that the Nordics have different personalities, they like doing similar things, so they help each other out. He goes on to explain that all of the Nordics speak a Northern Germanic language except for him, whose language is Finno-Ugric like Estonia and Hungary. In an example, the other Nordics have the same word for 'hello', while Finland uses a radically different one, and Finland says it makes him look like he's an alien or something. Despite these issues, Estonia is still intent on joining the Nordics, and uses his language as a selling point to try and convince Finland to let him join.

Finland introduces Sweden again, stating that while he's known him for a long time, there's still a lot of things about him he still doesn't understand. Sweden continues to glare, and Finland explains that while he may not look it, he's soft-hearted and helps him out, so he isn't a bad person. However, Finland admits that he is scary, and Sweden glares more, and Finland tries harder to write it off. A nearby child begins to cry out of fear, and his mother looks disturbed as well, and Finland tries to fix the situation while Sweden is shocked by this reaction.

Finland reintroduces Denmark, who quickly takes over in explaining who he is. He talks about how, during the medieval period, he traveled across oceans and brought back a lot of things. He briefly is shown with a mustache in flashback for "illustrative purposes only", and he is shown sword-fighting with Sweden. Denmark says while they fought many times, they are good friends now. In the modern day, Denmark is shown in a sparkling suit while Norway and Iceland describe him as cool and good-looking, while Denmark brags about being referred to as the leader of the Nordics and having good diplomatic skills. He says that he's heard Germany wants to work with him badly too. Denmark asks Norway for his conformation, but instead he sneezes and looks away while Finland looks on uncomfortably.

Finland states that Norway has fairy friends and gives off a mysterious air. Norway apologizes and says that a troll is calling him, and Finland explains that Norway sometimes talks to his mysterious friends called trolls, though no one else can see them. Norway talks for a bit, and then takes off his hair clip and says that he'll turn off his mobile since they're having a meeting soon and clicks a button. Finland is shocked that the hair clip is actually a cellphone. Finland reintroduces Iceland, who seems somewhat subdued that he was introduced last, for which Finland apologizes. Iceland says he doesn't need to apologize, as he gets it. He's the youngest and furthest away geographically, and even tourist agencies overlook him and his weird museum. Denmark then pokes him in the face, saying they saved the best for last, and Iceland smacks his hand away.

Afterwards, Finland and Estonia have some hot drinks, and Estonia asks Finland to act as a mediator to help him join the Nordics. Finland asks if he wants to join the Nordics that badly, and Estonia says he does because it looks fun. However, he is interrupted by Lithuania and Latvia, who ask him to explain himself, as they'll no longer be the "Three Baltic States" if he leaves. Estonia says that even if he leaves, he thinks that they would be just fine as a duo, calling themselves the "Two Baltic States". However, Finland expresses shocked skepticism, saying that it doesn't have a good ring to it.

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  • This adaption omits one strip where Finland discusses the mythology of Valhalla with the audience and the other Nordics. However, the majority of this segment was later adapted in "Nordics à la Carte".
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