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Character Information
Name CubaFlag.png Republic Of Cuba (República de Cuba)
Gender Male
Birthday May 20[1]
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Amber
Brown (anime)
Debut Appearances
Volume Volume 2
Strip Fly, Mr. Canada, Fly!
Anime Episode 35
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Takahashi
English Bob Carter

Cuba (キューバ, Kyūba) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.



A 'chibi' version of Cuba.


Cuba appears as a a heavyset man with tan skin. He keeps his hair tied back in brown dreadlocks with a brown headband, and has a some facial hair along his jawline. In color illustrations he is depicted with dark amber eyes. His military uniform consists of a green jacket with a belt at the waist and red insignia on the collar, with a white collared shirt underneath. The outfit also consists of sandals and olive green shorts.[2] Other times, Cuba often wears colorful shirts with floral or tropical designs on them.[3]

Personality and Interests

Character notes describe Cuba as being a cheerful and chivalrous type. He has a love for ice cream, and uses it to bond with Canada after mistaking him for America. However, the ice cream has recently caused him to have weight problems. Cuba is often seen smoking a Cuban cigar. In the Japanese manga and anime, he speaks with a Kawachi dialect.



Main article: America

Cuba does not get along with America; their relationship has failed to the point of "diplomatic discommunication". Though he has yet to interact with America in the series, he displays violent outbursts when he sees Canada and believes him to be America.


Main article: Canada

Canada and Cuba are shown to be close friends. Cuba initially mistook Canada for America and proceeded to yell at him. Cuba later apologized for this with ice cream, and invited Canada to visit him. During the visit, however, Cuba again mistook Canada for his brother. Despite often mistaking Canada for America, the two became friends. Cuba and Canada appear together in the Christmas 2010 event, in which Cuba calls Canada to warn him of the disappearance of several countries. He suggests that they stay together for safety, and Canada accepts. They proceed to take pictures of themselves, though it dawns on them that it has no point.


Cuba in Episode 52


Cuba first appeared during the Fly, Mr. Canada, Fly! strip series that focused on Canada and his diplomatic relations. Cuba mistook Canada for America and proceeded to act in a threatening manner. He late apologizes for the mistake and the two grow to be friends. The strips containing Cuba were later included in the published volume 2, marking his debut in the published series. Cuba continues to appear in an assortment of strips and images. In the Christmas 2010 event, he aids the other countries during the mass-disappearance of nations, and in the Halloween 2011 event, he dresses as a rabbit and is in good spirits.


Cuba makes his debut anime appearance after the credits of Episode 35, voiced by Hiroki Takahashi. The scene adapts Cuba's initial appearance in Fly, Mr. Canada, Fly. He later appears Episode 52, this time during the actual episode, rather than after the credits. In his debut in episode 35, Cuba's hair was drawn to be worn in dreadlocks, but in episode 52, his hair is shown to be straight.


Early Cuba.
  • His birthday corresponds with Cuba's declaration of independence from the United States on May 20th, 1902.[1]
  • In the booklet included with the special edition of Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 3, an early draft for Cuba is shown: Instead of being a larger and more masculine character, Himaruya had originally considered giving him a more youthful, "cuter" appearance. The younger Cuba design also lacked the dreadlocks and wore his hair short. The early Cuba was also said to be kinder, yet strong-willed.
  • In a 2010 blog post, Himaruya listed his possible names as Máximo, Juan, Ericemdo, and Carlos Machado.[4]


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