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February 2012 issue of Comic Birz featuring Hetalia: Axis Powers on the cover.
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Monthly Comic Birz (月刊コミックバーズ Gekkan Komikku Bāzu) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published on a monthly basis by Gentosha.

From 2009 through 2013, it published information on upcoming episodes of the Hetalia anime, as well as news relating to releases of the manga and merchandise. Often this news was printed on full color pages in the front of the magazine. Ads for the DVD release of the anime would be printed on the ver back of the magazine. Also, every so often the magazine would include a special Hetalia related bonus item.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Oneshot

In the August 2010 issue, a oneshot comic was published in celebration of sales surpassing 1.4 Million copies of the manga.

August 2010: Pre-serialization

Thanks for Topping 1.4 Million Copies!! (ありがとう累計140万部突破!! Arigatō ruikei 140man bu toppa!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as Soldiers for a Short While.)

Hetalia: Axis Powers Serialization

A serialization of the manga began with the November 2011 issue and continued through to August 2013. This first issue, as well as a handful of others, came with exclusive bonus items.

November 2011: Episode 1

The Serialization Finally Begins! (ついに連載開始!! Tsuini rensai kaishi?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as African War Front! Part 1.)

December 2011: Episode 2

Serialization Part 2!! (連載第2回!! Rensai dai 2kai?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as African War Front! Part 2.)

January 2012: Episode 3

The Axis Assembles!! (枢軸メンツ集合!! Sūjiku mentsu shūgō?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as It’s the First Anniversary! The Tripartite Pact.)

February 2012: Episode 4

Captain! I can't fight with an empty stomach!! (隊長!腹が減っては戦はできません!! Taichō! Haragahette wa ikusa ha dekimasen!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as Let's Eat Military Rations!.)

April 2012: Episode 5

Sorry for the wait! The continuation!! (お待たせ!連載再開!! Omatase! Rensai saikai!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as Liberté, égalité, fraternité and....)

May 2012: Episode 6

We're delivering this month's issue with additional pages!! (今月号はページ増でお届けします!! Kongetsu gō wa pēji zō de otodokeshimasu!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as Which Country is That?.)

June 2012: Episode 7

Things that often happen when the Allies assemble... (連合が集まる場では良くあること…。 Rengō ga atsumaru jyō dewa yokuaru koto...?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as Together with Russia.)

July 2012: Episode 8

New Volume 5 on Sale from 31st of July! (7月31日最新刊 第5巻が発売です! 7gatsu 31nichi shinkan dai 5kan ga hatsubai desu!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 5 as A Wise Man has No Specialty.)

September 2012: Episode 9

The Waiting Has an End! The Serialization Returns! (お待たせしました! 連載再開です!! Omataseshimashita! Rensai saikai desu!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as Canada and the Neighbors.)

October 2012: Episode 10

Highly praised volume 5, on sale now! (コミックス第5巻、大絶賛発売中です!! Komikkusu dai 5kan, daizessan hatsubaichū desu!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as Germany, Coexisting.)

November 2012: Episode 11

Is it the awesome big brother's turn? (今回は、いつもドヤ顔の兄貴が活躍…? Konkai wa, itsumo doyagao no aniki ga katsuyaku...??)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as The Life of the Great Man, the Awesome Me.)

December 2012: Episode 12

Long ago, the little one was really giving his best. (その昔、ちびちゃんは頑張ってました。 Sonomukashi, Chibichan wa ganbattemashita.?)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as In those days, Chibi-chan was....)

February 2013: Episode 13

Today I'm delivering in rapid succession 8 short short stories!! (今回はS・S8連発をお届けします!! Konkai wa S.S8 renpatsu o otodokeshimasu!!?)
(Partially reprinted in Volume 6 as Hetalia à la Carte 1.)

March 2013: Episode 14

We've been waiting a long time! Those five people+α are introduced! (お待ちかね! あの5人+αが登場!! Omachi ka ne! Ano 5nin +α ga tōjyō!!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as The Nordic Five +α.)

April 2013: Episode 15

Mildew for Sweeter Wine! (カビがつくことで糖度が増すそうです。 Kabi ga tsuku koto de tōdo ga masu sō desu.?)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as Hetalia à la Carte 2.)

May 2013: Episode 16

Golden Week is very soon. I wonder if our destination is the same? (もうすぐG・W。旅先にどうでしょうか? Mōsugu G.W. Tabisaki ni dō deshō ka??)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.)

June 2013: Episode 17

Russia is trying to visit his "friends"...? (『お友達』のところへ行こうとするロシアさんですか…? "Otomodachi" no tokoro he ikōto sugu Roshiasan desu ka...??)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as A Call for Russia.)

August 2013: Episode 18

All pages of this issue feature Nekotalia! (今回は全ページまるっと、ねこたりあ! Konkai wa zen pēji marutto, nekotaria!?)
(Reprinted in Volume 6 as Nekotalia Once Again.)

Bonus Items

From 2009 through 2012, Comic Birz included a variety of bonus items within select issues. These items ranged from stickers to clear files, flat items that easily fit within the magazine.

List of Bonus Items
  • April 2009: Axis Clear File
  • May 2009: Allies Clear File
  • November 2009: Trading Card s-001 with Ukraine + Russia
  • December 2009: Trading Card s-002 with Belarus + Russia
  • February 2010: Trading Card s-003 with Italy + Prussia
  • March 2010: Trading Card s-004 with Romano + Prussia
  • April 2010: Schedule Stickers
  • November 2011: Manga 1-4 Box with the Axis + Prussia
  • December 2011: Sticker with chibi Romano & Italy
  • January 2012: Allies Tumbler Insert Paper
  • March 2012: Axis Calendar Trading Card
  • April 2012: Schedule Stickers
  • May 2012: Arte Stella Piccolo Alternate Cover with Spain, France and Prussia
  • October 2012: Calligraphy Board with America, France, England
  • November 2012: Calligraphy Board with China and Russia
  • December 2012: Schedule Stickers

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