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Another color is the heading used for a series of chibi character designs posted on Kitayume after the release of Volume 4. Each design is an alternate coloring of an existing character or their Nyotalia version. The designs are commonly referred to as 2P designs, a reference to the alternate colorings of characters in some multiplayer video games when more than one player selects the same character. Though none of them have been given personalities, Himaruya said he'd drawn them as though they ran an evil organization.[1]


The Axis in another color (2011).

The Axis Trio are the only non-Nyotalia characters to receive official secondary colorings. In October 2013, a series of sketches were posted to Bamboo Thicket with "2p" in their name, hinting that they may be draft designs of additional characters.[2][3][4]


Germany's counterpart sports a scar on his left cheek, three long scars down his right forearm, several dark lines under his eyes (theorized by fans to be from a smoking habit,) and wears a brown hat and a white tanktop (notably similar to one worn by Germany in a Volume 4 omake comic) with a high collared, brown jacket hanging off of his shoulders. The tanktop raises slightly, showing his hip on the right side though if this is out of sloppiness or simply the raised position of his arm is unclear. The trousers to his uniform are black, and there seems to be a cross and chain attached to the left pocket. He wears an iron cross much like Germany, Prussia, and Italy's around his neck. He also wears gloves and carries a large knife, likely a combat knife.


Another Italy's standard expression isn't as cheerful as his normal counterpart's, instead looking somewhat more calm. He was drawn with darker skin and notably has his eyes open as opposed to normal Italy, whose eyes are usually closed. His hair was also darkened, and his eyes turned a pinkish-purple. His uniform is brown with a black shirt and tie underneath, and red tassels coming off of the pants. He also wears gloves. He seems to have a matching Bustina cap with dark feathers or a tassel coming off of it. He appears to have a medal of some sort on his left breast pocket and an insignia on the left sleeve of is jacket. His clothes kind of look like the old fascist uniform. He also has a small knife.

Himaruya also noted that Italy looks like a bad boy, and he liked that.[1]


Another Japan scowls as opposed to normal Japan's lack of expression. He wears the black version of Japan's uniform, a uniform of the imperial Japanese navy, as well as a long, purple cape and white gloves. Canon Japan has worn a similar uniform in several strips and canon images. Like Japan, he carries around a katana, though he handles it in the opposite (right) hand. His eyes are red and, besides the expression and uniform, little to nothing else appears to be changed about him.



Female America's skin and hair are much darker than her normal self's, and her eyes are deep pink. Her expression looks confident, albeit less cheerful. She no longer has star-shaped barrettes in her hair and instead sports a pair of sunglasses. Her necklace is now green, and her miniskirt has been changed to a short pair of jean shorts. Her jacket is a darker color, as well as her bat, which also now has several nails lodged into it.


Female Canada wears the ceremonial dress of a female Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer with a shorter skirt. Her hair is a brighter shade of blonde and worn down with a somewhat large, red maple leaf hair clip. Her expression appears somewhat curious, or disturbed. Kumarie's flower is a slightly darker pink than her normal self's.


Female China's qipao is longer than her normal self's and was changed to red with some gold trim. The trim on the sleeves was simplified to regular, flat lines amd her hat merely changed color to match the rest of the outfit, the symbol on it now purple instead of yellow. It no longer bears the characters for China, instead being replaced with the golden cluster of stars on the Chinese flag. Her hair was darkened, her eyes were brightened, and her expression changed to a more concerned one.


Female England's hair was changed to a reddish shade, her eyes from green to blue, and her dress from blue to pink. Her apron's patches and the ribbon on her dress were changed from black to mint green and the cross on the left pocket changed to a heart. It also bears several more patches on the skirt, two white hearts and another, simpler checker pattern. The dress is now short sleeved and worn with white and turquoise-striped tights. The nurse's cap her normal counterpart wears is replaced with two black bows tying her hair up and she now wears a gold bracelet on each sleeve. Next to her are cookies that match the patches on her dress. Her expression is somewhat coy.


France's hair has been changed from brown to blonde and her eyes have lightened somewhat. The tiara in her hair is replaced with purple flowers, and her top is frillier and more revealing, looking less like a uniform than her counterpart's. She wears something like a purple and tan bodice with a dark ribbon at the top and what appears to be a set of similarly-colored buttons going down the front. It leaves her cleavage somewhat exposed. The tan-colored sides appear pleated and connect to the frilled, puffy, doubly layered sleeves. She appears to have a black collar and necklace on. Her skirt was changed from white to black or brown and her cape from purple to red. Her boots have been changed to completely black. Like female England, she is winking, making her look quite devious and flirtatious.


Female Germany wears a cropped white tanktop and Iron Cross necklace, carries a combat knife like her male counterpart, and has three scars going down her forearm. With her midriff exposed, we can see a cross-shaped scar that matches her sister's, as well as another scar on the opposite side of her stomach going down into her pants. There's a long scar going across her face, from about the top of her left eye diagonally to the level of her nose. She also wears a dark blue, peaked, military cap with the same bird as her counterparts' cap, headphones, and pants which match the cap, as well as brown boots with red laces. Her hair was changed to a much lighter blonde and her eyes are drawn differently from both her counterparts' and many other characters, the pupils being more prominent, and turned red. This, with her smirking expression, has caused fans to remark that she looks similar to Normal Prussia.


Female Italy is shown with a more devilish expression and is no longer winking. Her skin tone is somewhat darker and her hair lighter and browner. Her uniform is now dark red, and she wears a bracelet on her left wrist. She is wearing red high heels with some sort of gold decoration visible on the back as opposed to boots and no longer has a Band-Aid on her knee. She's also carrying pasta as opposed to pizza.


Female Japan looks similar to her male counterpart. Both wear an altered imperial Japanese Naval uniform, and she shares his red eyes and facial expression. Her uniform jacket is the same color as well, however it has two long tails as opposed to a cape, which stop at the end of her skirt, about her knees. At the tips of the tails and the bottom front corners of the jacket are partial chrysanthemum marks, the imperial seal of Japan. The skirt is pleated and has a gold stripe at the bottom. In her hair is a red spider lily. However, unlike her male self, she carries a spear as opposed to a katana. It's said that her uniform is something like the old type of uniform.[5]


Female Prussia's hair was shortened greatly and her inner eyebrows thickened slightly. Her eye and hair color went unchanged, however her outfit changed completely. She now wears some form of white tube top beneath her white cape, of which she keeps the hood on. The cape has a cross on it, somewhat resembling the Teutonic Knights' cape, which appears to be tattered at the ends. Her right arm is either metal or covered in a heavy, metal gauntlet, possibly bronze, which also covers her neck. It's unknown whether or not this extends to her other arm, as it is covered by her cape. However she, like her counterpart, appears to be left-handed as her sword is held in that hand and is visible from beneath the cape. A cross-shaped scar extends from the end of her top to the top of her pants, and she shares the scar on her cheek with her regular self. Her boots appear to go over her knee, similar to legs from armor, and seem to match the metal on her arm. Beneath them is a pair of brown pants with a belt a similar color to the metal and a cross hanging off of it in the same manner as male, Another Germany.

The little bird she has is paler than her counterpart's and its ribbon is red as opposed to black.


Female Russia's eyes are deep pink and piercing, with no light reflecting off of them. Like female Germany, her pupils are more prominent. Her hair appears to be the same color, though the shadows towards its tips are darker. She wears a fluffy black cap with a veil, similar to traditional mourning dress. Her overcoat is black with deep red flowers and has two sets of stitches going down the front and ribbons at the end of them. Possibly beneath it appears to be a white, buttoned garment of some sort, though it may simply be on the coat's collar, under the fluffy black neck. The coat's cuffs are frilly, similar to female France's. Her boots are also now red, and her shovel is a darker color.

In a later illustration, she appears to have a General Winter of her own, more of a Mother Winter, draped in a tattered-looking cloak and holding a baby.[5]



  • In 2008, Himaruya released a drawing of Poland wearing a blue variant of his uniform. Beneath it was written "2P color."[6] However, Poland has not been included in the another color characters thus far, though Himaruya mentioned Eastern, Southern, and Northern Europe being among the next color batch to be thought up.[7]


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