Hutt River

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Hutt River
Hutt River Comic.png
Character Information
Name HuttRiverFlag.png Principality of Hutt River
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6
Strip It's a Pandora Box of Countries
Anime It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part
Voice Actors
Japanese Masatomo Nakazawa
English David Matranga

Hutt River (ハット・リバー Hatto Ribā?) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Hutt River.


Hutt River appears as a tall man with light brown, wavy hair. His hair is parted to the left and an ahoge springs from the part. He wears a white button-down dress shirt with a black bow-tie, dark dress pants, a purple cloak, gloves, and a striped sash across his chest. Hutt River's cloak bears a large, round insignia on its left side. The insignia is bright green with gold trim. In one sketch, he is wearing a gold tassel and seemingly a brooch. His eyebrows, like his relatives', are thick and reminiscent of England's. His eyes are an olive green color, and he wears a bandage on his right cheek.[1] During the Christmas 2011 event, he is shown in a normal bathing suit, though he's still wearing his cloak.[2] According to a post on Bamboo Thicket, he is the tallest micronation among the ones introduced in the manga.[3]

Personality and Interests

Hutt River is a micronation located in Australia, where it is said he is famous. He is described as "a person who is oddly flashy and way too free spirited," and upon meeting him, Sealand says that he comes off as an important and amazing person and Molossia describes him as having a face that says "I'm superior". His area is marked by organized and clean facilities, and character notes state that he is more developed in comparison to other micronations.[1][4] In his first appearance, he explains that rules for speaking to him include owning a Rolls-Royce vehicle, and the cost of a visa to visit his home is two Hutt River Dollars. He reacts to the proposal to join the micronations' group of friends by debating it and then postponing the decision. However, he mentions that having a strong group of friends is important and joins by the end of the story.[1]



Main article: Wy

Hutt River is Wy's senior micronation, though early character notes explain that Wy doesn't understand him.[5] Because of this, in A Pandora Box of Countries, Wy attempts to leave when she realizes they are at his house, though Hutt River shows up first and chides her for not paying respects to her senior. However, he forgives her as he states he is lenient towards his juniors. When Hutt River decides to pospone his decision to join their group, Wy scolds him and states that this is why she didn't want to see him. As they are leaving, Molossia refers to Hutt River as a "lameass bastard" and Wy agrees.[1] In later comics, they appear in the background next to each other without any visible animosity.[2][6]



Hutt River in "It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part".

Hutt River was first mentioned in character notes for Wy, which describe him as being her senior.[5][7] He makes his debut in It's a Pandora Box of Countries, where Wy, Sealand, Seborga, and Molossia come to his house to ask him to join their circle of friends. However, he seems to show off and eventually decides to postpone his final decision. He makes a brief appearance at the end of the story, joining the other micronations apparently having accepted their invitation.[1] He later makes a cameo appearance during the Christmas 2011 event, where he appears on Australia's camera feed standing next to Wy at a beach barbecue.[2] He also makes a brief cameo appearance during the Halloween 2013 event, where he laughs and says that he does not recall any instances of Australia lifting him up as a child like he does with Wy.[6]


Hutt River makes his debut anime appearance in the episode "It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part", voiced by Masatomo Nakazawa. The episode adapts his initial appearance in the story of the same name. His anime design lacks the gold trimming on his cloak present in the manga version, and has a dark violet bow tie instead of a black one.


An early character design.
  • Hutt River appears to own a Bilby, a small marsupial native to Australia.[5] He is pictured next to one in some artwork, and Wy spots one when the micronations come to visit his house.[1]
  • Himaruya initially designed Hutt River to have thicker eyebrows due to influence from Australia. His hair was also of the same nature as Australia's hair.[8]


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