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Welcome to Hetalia Archives! Since it started on January 2, 2009, the project's users have created 862 articles.

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Travel Conversation Book - America Edition - This is the Center of the World! (旅の会話ブック アメリカ編 ここが世界の中心(アメリカ)だ! Tabi no Kaiwa Book America Hen Koko ga Sekai no Chushin da!) also known by an alternate English title English for Travelling - All About the USA! is a conversational travel guide for Japanese speakers traveling in the United States. The book contains appearances of the character America, who acts as a visual aid in teaching the reader words and phrases in English.


Did You Know... About Hetalia Archives
...that Belarus is a good acrobat?

...that Sweden is better at coercion than Germany?

...that Sealand is interested in Broadway musicals?

...that Iceland's design was recycled from a potential design sheet for Czechoslovakia?

...that Lithuania is taller than Poland by roughly 10 centimeters?

Today in Hetalia: Axis Powers history
Today is Saturday, April 19, 2014; it is now 11:26 (UTC)
  • Go Inoue, the Japanese VA for Spain, was born on this day in 1978.
  • Conisch, the series' music composer, was born on this day in 1981.
  • Finding Santa premiered on this day in Japan in 2013.
Hetayume Wiki Affiliates
The Kitayume Wiki catalogs all information about the webcomics and games sharing the same universe as Hidekaz Himaruya's first series Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club. The series' follows groups of high school students as they strive to find where they belong, excel in clubs, and even deal with supernatural forces.
The Chibisan Date Wiki catalogs all information about the manga Chibisan Date. The series tells the story of a young Japanese artist named Seiji Chiga living in Nantucket during the 1960s. It depicts his creative struggles and the new friendships he makes after leaving home and finding himself in an unfamiliar setting.
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