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This is a list of historical characters in Hetalia: Axis Powers. These characters represent either inexplicitly or explicitly actual persons from history and are shown interacting with Nations in different manners such as a "boss" (i.e. ruler).


Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, referred to as "Germany's boss", is seen in stories set around the time of World War II. He first appears in Chapter 4: Pact of Steel of the original webcomic, where he and Germany are preparing for a meeting with Russia. He has misplaced something and is giving Germany notes on what to do when he arrives, including having high-class Vodka on hand.[1] Germany later complains to Finland about his boss, claiming that he even sent him to try to find the Holy Grail. Finland asks if Germany worries that his boss might throw him in jail for complaining, and while Germany expresses his doubts, Finland concludes that Germany's boss could foreseeably go that far.[1]

Hitler later appears at the end of Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series Part 3: The Great Depression where he is seen kicking away Germany's reparations collections bag that had worsened the country's situation during the Great Depression, having gained power towards the end of the crisis.[2]

Christina of Sweden

See Christina of Sweden on Wikipedia

She first appeared in a sketch posted on Himaruya's blog in September 2010 and was described as a free spirited woman during the 17th century.[3] She was mentioned again in the third interval drama CD as a former boss of Sweden's. When Finland asked what kind of person she was, Sweden responded that she became queen at the age of 6 then began planning her retirement at the age of 20. He then states she abolished her position on the throne and left on a journey to travel the world, much to Finland's astonishment. When Finland asked if Sweden was okay with her doing that, he responded that she looked like she was enjoying herself so it was okay with him. Finland later notes that despite the lack of change in his facial expression, Sweden appeared to be feeling nostalgic and was probably thinking about how good of a queen she was.[4]

Friedrich II

See Friedrich II of Prussia on Wikipedia

Prussia's favorite boss of all time, whom he refers to as "Old Fritz."[5]

Gustav II Adolf

See Gustav II Adolf of Sweden on Wikipedia

He was briefly mentioned in the third interval drama CD under his nickname The Lion of the North. He was also mentioned to be a former boss of Sweden's.[4] His daughter Christina was also mentioned in the drama CD as well.

Jadwiga of Poland

See Jadwiga of Poland on Wikipedia

Poland's boss during the The First Time The Poland Rule Was Used strips.[6] It's worthy to note, however, that in the strips, she's aged up quite a bit compared to her historical age of 11 at the time of her consummation with Jagiello of Lithuania.

Jeanne d'Arc

Jeanne d'Arc, also referred to as "Joan of Arc" and "that girl," first appears in a series of illustrations called Big Brother France and That Kid, which showed her relationship with France. Jeanne is shown admonishing France and telling him that she is fighting for his sake.[7] In À Bientôt!, France meets a girl named Lisa, whom he believes to be Jeanne's reincarnation.[8]

Joanna of Castile

Joanna of Castile, also referred to as "Spain's boss", is seen in stories set around South Italy's childhood as an underling of Spain. She first appears during one of Spain's attempts to teach Romano how to speak Spanish, and after asking Spain on his progress, Romano asks Joanna "Dame un Beso!" ("Give me a kiss!").[9] In the footnotes it is explained that she was sometimes called "Mad Queen Joanna" due to a purported mental illness, and it was said that she would sometimes do things repeatedly in confusion. As a result of that environment and time period, the pressure of her position made her a very unhappy and ridiculed ruler.[9]

In the anime adaption of Boss Spain’s control of Southern Italy, Part 2 she replaces an unseen ruler in scolding Spain for starting a war with Turkey just so he could get Romano back. In the version of Spain's Spanish lesson seen in the published manga, she is replaced with Belgium.[10]

Joseph Stalin

Josef Stalin, referred to as "Russia's boss" or "Russia's adviser", is seen in stories set around the time of World War II. He is first alluded to in Chapter 4: Pact of Steel when Lithuania overhears a meeting between him and Russia where the latter explains the plans for the Invasion of Poland.[11]

Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa is Austria's boss in stories set around the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War. She is initially mentioned in the footnotes of the second part of Lithuania’s Outsourcing Series where she is not "particularly gung-ho" about participating in the partitioning of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.[12]

Niccolo Machiavelli

See Niccolo Machiavelli on Wikipedia

He appeared once in the strip Something More Important than Tanks. He wrote a book with great war strategies entitled The Prince, but in the end none of them did actually work.[13]


See Spartacus on Wikipedia

He appeared in the strip Roma-jiichan and Spartacus and was challenged by Ancient Rome for a fight.[14]

Władysław II

See Władysław II on Wikipedia

Also known as Jogaila, he is Lithuania's boss in The First Time The Poland Rule Was Used.[15]

Other Characters

Other European historical characters have been mentioned in the context of the series in addition to the ones listed above. In Chapter 3 of the original webcomic, England gets drunk and begins swearing about Lafayette and Kościuszko - two prominent European members of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.[16] In the webcomic The Austrian Anschluss, Germany and Austria have an arguement about whether the composer Ludwig van Beethoven would be considered German or Austrian.[17] Francisco Franco appears at the end of the strip The story of Italy’s big brother where he and Spain are making roses in order to earn money due to the poor economy.[18]

In the strip Bloody Sunday 1905, citizens are protesting outside of Russia's residence due to their disapproval of Tsar Nicholas II, whom Lithuania reports is in the palace having tea. Benito Mussolini, Italy's boss during World War II, is mentioned at the end of Lithuania’s Out-Sourcing Series Part 3: The Great Depression as having gained power in part due to the Great Depression.[2] In the Christmas 2011 event, Bulgaria and Romania briefly discuss the legends and myths surrounding Vlad the Impaler, an infamous boss of Romania's that would later become the inspiration for the character of Count Dracula.


Xuande Emperor

See Xuande Emperor on Wikipedia

China's boss in the China's Age Of Exploration strips.[19]

Zheng He

See Zheng He on Wikipedia

A notable Chinese explorer, he is seen with China asking him a question in China's Age Of Exploration.[20]

Other Characters

Other Asian historical characters have been mentioned in the context of the series in addition to the ones listed above. Emperor Kōmei of Japan appears in the strip Black ships have come~ where he is seen furiously preying for the Americans that came on the Black Ships to leave.[21] The following emperor of Japan, Emperor Meiji, appears in the strip The Anglo-Japanese Alliance between two lonely people where he tries and fails to make friends with Russia behind Japan's back after he sees Japan start to become friendly with England.[22]

Tōgō Heihachirō, a Fleet Admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy, appears in the strip "The Cuisine That Was Originally England's" in Comic Diary 4, where he orders Japan to prepare him Beef Stew that he had eaten at England's. Japan improvises the recipe leading to the creation of Nikujaga.[23]

North America

North American historical characters have been mentioned in the context of the series. In the strip Reduce your opponent’s willpower American-style, America's Boss (unclear whether it is Franklin D. Roosevelt or Harry S. Truman) suggests that they try to paint Mt. Fuji red in order to lower Japanese morale. However the plan is scrapped once they realize how much paint would be necessary to go through with it.[24] In the same strip one of America's Bosses during the Cold War has America order 25cm condoms from Russia in order to intimidate them, but they are delivered with the label "XS" (Extra Small).[24] In Assault☆The neighbor’s Roswell Incident, William "Mack" Brazel, a New Mexico farmer, discovers a UFO in his yard which draws the attention of America. However, President Truman tells him that it simply a weather balloon and that he should forget about the incident, though America points out that it is an obvious lie.[25]

President Franklin Pierce appears in the strip Black ships have come~ where he orders America to go visit Japan in order to try and gain access to the whale population living in Japanese waters. [21] Pocahontas, a Native American girl who during the winter would bring food to the European colonists in secret, is mentioned in the footnotes of the Battle for America side-story strips. A bonus illustration of Pocahontas accompanies these footnotes.[26]



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