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Character Information
Name LadoniaFlag.png Ladonia (Ladonien)
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Light Blue
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6
Strip It's a Treasure Box of Countries~
Anime It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - First Part (silhouette cameo)
It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part (formal debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Daiki Yamashita
English Justin Briner

Ladonia (ラドニア, Radonia) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Ladonia.


Ladonia appears as a young male with slightly-ruffled red hair and blue eyes. He has a streak of paint on his face, extending from his right cheek to his nose. Ladonia wears navy pants and a long, white jacket with frilled lapels and large cuffs. The lapels, cuffs, and buttons are dark gray. A gold pin in the shape of an apple (a reference to golden apples, which granted immortality in Ladonia's core legend), is attached to the coat's left lapel. Additionally, Ladonia wears a loose blue bow. Character notes describe him as looking like an elementary school student.

Personality and Interests

Ladonia is a micronation based on the Internet. However, the claimed land (located in Sweden) does exist, and he states his king is a talented artist. Ladonia considers himself to be a powerful micronation with the strength to defeat Sweden. He also notes that he has worldwide popularity, and character notes state that he is particularly popular with Pakistanis. Immediately after introducing himself, he claims rights to leadership and tells the micronations they must obey him. The character acts hot-headed and aggressive toward the other micronations. He rejects Sealand's offer of friendship and equality initially, but is later shown to have joined his group.



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Ladonia looks down on Sealand and feels he is unworthy of leading the micronations. He immediately rejects Sealand's proposal of friendship and claims to hate him, though later has apparently recanted this rejection and joins him. In contrast, Sealand likes Ladonia's "interesting" personality and thinks he is "cool" after Ladonia is transported into a laptop.


Main Article: Sweden

Ladonia, who lives on Swedish territory, acts very spoiled towards him, to the point of knocking him down during a tantrum. He also appears to address him as Sve. Sweden, however, has more than once willingly pretended to be attacked by Ladonia by reading from a script that paints Sweden as being mercilessly defeated as Ladonia tackles him, much to Ladonia's joy. In the Christmas 2011 event he appears to have done this to distract Ladonia from fears that he was on Santa's naughty list or that Santa wasn't coming.[1]



Ladonia makes his debut in the mini-event It's a Treasure Box of Countries~, which follows Sealand, Seborga, and Wy's attempts to widen their circle of friends. He follows the trio around; unbeknownst to him, they are aware of his presence. He claims to be the only one with the power to lead the micronations and attempts to take over, but is promptly locked into his laptop by a frustrated Molossia. Though he initially rejects the micronations' request for friendship, he is later shown as being an accepted member of their group. Ladonia briefly appears during the Christmas 2011 event, worrying about Santa not arriving.


  • Ladonia's flag appears to be completely green, but actually contains a Nordic cross. It is not visible because it is the same shade of green as the surrounding flag.[2]
  • When a fan asked how Ladonia came to receive his scar, Himaruya responded that the scar is actually paint.
  • During the Christmas 2011 event, he stated that his favourite Pokémon is Stunfisk.[1]
  • The Queen of Ladonia has acknowledged the personification several times on her official twitter account.
    • On June 5th, 2015, when user @Jersey_Len stated that they thought it would be cool if the paint on Ladonia's face was a real scar, the Queen of Ladonia replied, "Why do you wish he had a scar?"[3]
    • On August 14th, 2015, to @ShionsTear's excitement about many micronations appearing in the anime, highlighting Ladonia, the Queen replied, "Wonderful news!"[4]
    • She once again acknowledged the personification on August 28th of the same year; in a reply to a discussion on It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - First Part, user @nijihimus explained to user @devalierite that the episode was about micronations, but did not yet include Ladonia. The queen replied to both, "Why not??"[5]


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