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Character Information
Name IcelandFlag.png Republic Of Iceland (Lýðveldið Ísland)
Age 16-17[1]
Gender Male
Birthday June 17[2]
Hair Color White
Light Blond (anime)
Eye Color Blue (early artwork, World Series anime)
Violet (manga, Beautiful World anime)
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2 (profiled)
Volume 3 (formal debut)
Strip Sealand and Iceland
Drama CD Hetalia Fantasia 2
Anime Paint it, White (film)
Episode 79 (series)
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayumu Asakura
English Jason Liebrecht

Iceland (アイスランド, Aisurando) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Iceland with his puffin. Shown in Hidekaz Himaruya's blog.


Iceland has silver-white hair,[3] described as being somewhat tousled or "bed-headed," as well as "mysterious" and that it "curls inward".[4] He wears a deep brown military jacket, a white dress shirt with a ribbon tie underneath, deep brown straight-legged pants, and white half-laced boots. He also sports a pair of white gloves.

He's usually seen with a Puffin-like bird, which sometimes sports a pink bow-tie. Himaruya revealed in Volume 3 that his puffin's name is "Mr. Puffin," and what differentiates him from normal puffins is his black belly and pink bow-tie. Mr. Puffin looks cute, but speaks and acts like a mafioso.[5]

In his original character design and a header by Hidekaz Himaruya, his eyes were colored blue,[1] though they were changed to violet in later artwork (such as a chibi version of him and his manga design sheet shown in the guide for the movie). Out of the five Nordics, he is the youngest and second shortest.[6]

Personality and Interests

He appears relatively cool and composed on the surface, but is warmer and passionate ("hot-blooded") deep down.[1][2][7] Due to his recent financial problems, Russia has been helping him.[1] Though Iceland is treated kindly by him, he can't help but feel suspicious.[2] He seems to be embarrassed and annoyed when the other Nordics pester him to call Norway "Onii-chan," saying that he would rather have originated from a tribe of native peoples, as opposed to being his younger brother.[8][9] Some of his earliest profiles mentions he is different from the rest of Europe.[1] He speaks in a Tsugaru dialect.[10]

He seems to be rather modest as, when forced to strip to check him for the mark during the 2010 Christmas Event, he was very upset and unwilling, and seemed somewhat traumatized by it the next day, despite that it was for a good cause.[11] He's very fond of licorice[12] and hot springs. He has been taking the hot water from his land and turning them into spas.[13] When it comes to Mr. Puffin he seems to be rather short-tempered.[14] He uses taciturn to appear mature but he is actually still a little childish and has an immature side to him.[15][16] Due to his home being further away from the continent, he's usually a step behind when it comes to European fads.[17] As a child, he was introverted and lonely. He sent out letters hoping people would be interested in him but to no avail. As he got older and things began to improve, people began taking an interest to him but with Denmark and England quarreling and almost being captured by African pirates, he wanted them to leave and felt that being lonely was better.[18]



Main Article: Denmark

Denmark raised Iceland[19] and considers himself to be an older brother towards him.[14] In The Wordy Nordic Comic, Denmark was excited to hear the news of his test results. After learning of the promise that Norway and Iceland made, Denmarks pokes fun at him but later asks him if he could be called "big brother" as well.[20][21]


Main Article: Finland

In The Wordy Nordic Comic, Finland was excited to hear the news of Iceland's test results, adding that he knew that he and Norway were biological brothers. After learning of the promise that Norway and Iceland made, Finland happily asks him if Iceland could call him "big brother" as well.[20][21] In a drawing posted on Himaruya's blog, Finland notes that he cuts his hair.[22]


Main Article: Norway

It is said that Iceland considers Norway to be the home where his heart truly is,[1] while Norway in return feels that Iceland is very important to him, and sees him as a younger brother.[7] It has been revealed that Norway and Iceland are indeed brothers, after Iceland opted to get a DNA test (in actuality an excavation) done.[8] When Iceland found this out, however, he seemed embarrassed or upset because he didn't want to refer to Norway as "Big Brother" (onii-chan).[9] Despite all this, he does at least acknowledge that Norway is his older brother.[23]

Norway feels the need to take care of him[7] and still sees him as a child, a thought that Iceland finds unpleasant.[24] In the strip, Meeting of the Nordic, Iceland notes that Norway is "needlessly attentive" towards him but also adds that this was normal.[23] One cannot tell if he yields to Norway.[7] The two of them also frequently fight over mackerels.[16]


Main Article: Sealand

He first met Sealand when he was attempting to auction himself off on Ebay, but didn't understand what he meant when he wanted to become his friend due to their similarities (as well as Sealand wanting to be referred to as "senpai").[25]


Main Article: Turkey

In the 2010 Christmas Event, he was shown to have a nice friendly relationship with Turkey, whom he calls "Pops". He seems to want to protect Turkey and treats him like a father figure.[26] In the 2011 Christmas Event Iceland is shown having a dream involving Turkey partially naked and wearing a Santa hat, bringing him presents like Santa Claus.[27]



A colored image of Iceland from Himaruya's blog.

Iceland was among the last of the Nordics to be designed but began appearing in strips before Denmark and Norway did. He made his debut appearance in Iceland and Sealand where Sealand tries to befriend him due to their similar circumstances but Iceland doesn't understand what he means, especially when Sealand tries to get him to refer to him as "senior" (senpai). This results in Iceland upsetting him and calling Latvia in distress.[25] He briefly appears in the strip To Create Better Products in Northern Europe, eating licorice and asking the reader if they expected him to do something.[12] In The Wordy Nordic Comic, Iceland decides to get a DNA test (in reality, an excavation) and brings the results to the rest of the Nordics. Denmark reads out the results, announcing that Iceland and Norway are biological brothers. Iceland isn't thrilled about the results because of his deal with Norway and now him having to call Norway "big brother" (onii-chan). Denmark, Norway, and to a certain degree, Finland each try to get him to say those words but it only frustrates him even more as he continuously tries to deny them. Deciding he's had enough, he takes his leave, but comes back as he shyly hides behind a wall and says "big brother" before giving the Nordics a thumbs down.[20] These three strips were later republished in Volume 3.[28][29][21]

In an omake comic thanking readers for purchasing Volume 4, Iceland is only shown in the background as the Nordics prepare for a commemoration photo but then Sweden begins to notice that Denmark is missing from the group.[30] In Volume 5, Iceland appears alongside the rest of the Nordics in the strip Go Forth! Newspaper Club! Second Half as part of the Nordic Club and is shown being embarrassed by Denmark's antics.[31] In Volume 6, Iceland appears in the strip, Meeting of the Nordic, and wonders why it's being held in such a casual manner and place but in actuality the Nordics and Estonia had planned a surprise birthday party for him, celebrating the halfway point between his birthday and Norway's.[32] Denmark notes that this was the first time they celebrated his birthday in ten years, as Iceland wouldn't let them.[19] In an omake strip continuing from Meeting of the Nordic, Iceland is upset over Denmark's comment of only wearing lopapeysas, commenting that he wears other types of clothing and that he only has two lopapeysas (though he also notes that he thought he had more). A man comes to Iceland's home bringing his dry cleaning, containing 10 lopapeysas that Iceland left with him the previous year. In the last panel he is shown wearing one of them, saying he's "made some decisions".[33]

In Episode 14 published in the March 2013 edition of Comic Birz, Iceland was unsurprised and appeared almost melodramatic when Finland introduces him last. Denmark pokes his cheek in response, telling him he's "a key performer" but Iceland swats his hand away, telling him to cut it out.[34] He briefly appears in Episode 16 published in the May 2013 edition of Comic Birz, feeling a "strange affinity with someone". In a panel above, Seychelles mentions that she is sometimes forgotten on maps and depictions of Africa.[35] Both these strips were republished in volume 6.

So far, Iceland has appeared in all the events since the 2010 Christmas Event where he and Turkey are spending time with Finland, Sweden, and Norway who are hosting a Christmas stream. During the stream, he captures a ghostly figure on his phone after taking a photograph.[36] He soon gets a feeling that something bad will happen so he decides to team up with Turkey, feeling there is safety in numbers.[26] However when they return to the cabin, the group disappears. Later in the event, Sealand discovers what has been happening and is sent out to find the nation who has a certain marking on their bum or chest before the clock strikes midnight. But when it's Iceland's turn to remove his clothes, he becomes uncomfortable and won't do it so Germany and Hungary do it for him.[11] In the 2011 April Fools Event, Denmark bursts into Iceland's house, telling him that cows are flying in the sky while Iceland merely glares at him after having spit out his drink all over his table and Mr. Puffin. Iceland gets up in his face saying that he "hates that kind of thing". Denmark walks away while Mr. Puffin asks if he knew that it was April Fools. Iceland says that he did and that he actually doesn't mind it. He only wanted to teach Denmark a lesson.[37] During the 2011 Halloween Event, he and the rest of the Nordics are dressed up as pirates for America's costume party.[38] During the 2011 Christmas Event, he and the rest of the Nordics (minus Finland) and Ladonia get together inside of a furniture store and wait for Santa.[24] In a requested strip posted during the event, Iceland is disppointed that is he forgotten by tourist organizors planning tours in the Nordic region. Turkey then appears half naked, wearing a Santa hat, telling him that he's going to grant wishes. Turkey grants his wish, saying that he (Iceland) will be more popular than ever before and Iceland thanks him. However he then wakes up distraught, wondering if he's fully sane to dream something like that.[27]

Drama CDs

Iceland makes his debut in Hetalia Fantasia 2. In the third track, Iceland and Mr. Puffin find themselves lost (though Iceland refuses to admit this) after getting separated from the rest of the Nordics. Italy, whom he himself became separated from Germany and Japan, spots him as he and Mr. Puffin begin to argue. Italy is ecstatic to see him, saying that he's lost just like him but Iceland insists that he's not and that he's looking for "The Magnificent and Enjoyable Tour through the Nordic Countries (Iceland included)" pamphlet. Iceland tries to leave but Italy tells him to waits as he runs off and picks up a treat called a "Sparkling Pescuettele". Iceland says he's not hungry but takes the treat anyway since Italy was offering it to him. He then offers to take Italy to the "Information & Guide Center" and the three of them set off.[14]

In the sixth track, the three of them run into a monster after taking a wrong turn. The monster grabs Iceland's leg and Italy panics but tries to save him by fighting it though his attacks do little damage due to his lvl.1 status. Italy soon becomes terrified and screams for Germany's help but the monster is blown away as a near-by mountain blew up. After realizing that a "annoying and huge message box" popped up after the mountain blew up, Iceland calls out to Denmark and Norway, who in turn hears his screams. When the group reunites, Denmark says that he and Norway were worried about him and was happy to see him safe. Norway then uses a healing item on him but Iceland insists that he stop treating him like a child.[39]

Iceland also appears in the first track of the Nordic-centered third interval CD, Hetalia Drama CD Interval Vol. 3: Nordic Five! The track is a slightly expanded version of The Wordy Nordic Comic.[40]


Iceland and Mr. Puffin in Episode 79.
Iceland in The Beautiful World.

Iceland makes his debut in the film Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White. In the film, he is lonely due to the lack of tourism and plots to find a way to bring more tourists to his home. He makes his first appearance in the anime series in Episode 79, which adapts To Create Better Products in Northern Europe where he is shown eating licorice and asking the audience if they had expected him to do something. He is voiced by Ayumu Asakura, in his first anime role.

During the movie and the World Series' run, Iceland's design stayed relatively the same, other than his boots being colored black and the removal of his gloves. He also retains his original blue eye color rather than having violet eyes. In The Beautiful World, his eyes were changed back to violet, matching the manga and current artwork, while his hair appears more blond than silver. Mr. Puffin was portrayed with a white belly but this was removed in Beautiful World.

Iceland also makes a brief appearance in the World Series' ending Hatafutte Parade, on the globe showing his pet puffin on his head.


A sketch of Iceland.
  • It was rumored that Iceland, as well as Norway and Denmark, would be appearing in the anime adaptation of the series, and that Iceland would be voiced by the seiyū Mitsuki Saiga.[41] This turned out to be a hoax that originated from 2chan. However, Iceland does appear in the theatrical film adaptation and in episode 27 of Hetalia: World Series.
  • His birthday corresponds with the date that Iceland was officially declared a republic, on June 17th, 1944.[2]
  • The strip where Iceland and Norway are confirmed to be brothers is a reference to how Iceland was first inhabited by Norwegians (thus having no indigenous people of its own).[8]
  • Iceland's design seems to be reused from one of Himaruya's potential designs for a Czechoslovakia character (circa 2007). In the design sheet, the potential character design had the note that they were a "musician" type of person.[42]
  • According to Himaruya (in a Comic Birz interview), Iceland tends to feel uncomfortable with his thick accent and hard to understand language, opting to speak in English when he can. This was further instated when it was mentioned in his Volume 5 profile that he tries his best to hide his accent.[16]
  • In a response to a fan question, Iceland thinks cola is "okay".[43]
  • In response to another fan question, Himaruya neither confirmed or denied Iceland could see faeries like Norway but adds that if he did, he would pretend he can't see them.[44] However, later in 2015, it was noted and confirmed in Chapter 106 of World Stars that Iceland can but denies seeing magical creatures.[45]
  • In a 2010 blog post, Himaruya listed Emil Steilsson, Sigurður, Eiríkur,"Erik" and Egill among the names he liked for Iceland.[46]


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