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Character Information
Name MonacoFlag.png Principality of Monaco (Principauté de Monaco)
Gender Female
Birthday January 8[1]
Hair Color Brown (earliest illustration), Blonde ("same as France")
Eye Color Brown (earliest illustration), Blue ("same as France")
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 3 (profiled & cameo)
Volume 6 (formal debut)
Strip England, Dreaming of Days Long Past (cameo)
Christmas 2011 (debut)
Anime Liberté, égalité, fraternité and...
Voice Actors
Japanese Yōko Hikasa
English Colleen Clinkenbeard

Monaco (モナコ, Monako) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Monaco. Shown on Kitayume.


In her initial design, Monaco was depicted with brown hair and brown eyes.[2] In her finalized design, her coloring is changed to match France's. She is a small girl,[3] her height being given as somewhat shorter than Liechtenstein,[4] and wears part of her hair tied into a long side braid[5] with a large red or blue hair bow, while her bangs are held back on the right side by bobby pins. Her hair is long and worn with a ribbon due to her desire to be an Archduchess-like woman.[1] She wears glasses and always has a stern expression on her face,[3] though she's been depicted as smiling in multiple images.[6][7]

She has a mole on her chest, as revealed during the 2010 Christmas strips.[8]

Personality and Interests

In 2008, when asked about a Monaco character, she was described as being "way more than healthy/energetic" and he said that "a more leisurely optimistic, but refined in some respects sort of feeling" would be good for her character.[9] In her official profile she is described as prideful girl who gives off a stylish impression. She speaks like an older man in some respects[1][10] and her great intelligence has protected her country to the present day. She's variously prone to worrying and constantly thinks about the state of the world and economic things while gazing at the sky, but when you speak to her she's surprisingly calm and sociable, though she worries about the boisterousness of other countries more than anyone else.[1] A young honor student, she's an optimist at heart despite her stern appearance, and does ballet as a hobby[3]. Her volume 4 profile states that she believes behaving cleverly is best and that she's against eating tuna.[11]

Known for her beautifully structured casino which she, herself is not allowed in by law, she puts her efforts into tourism, interior designing, and cosmetics.[1] Despite not being allowed in the casino, she's shown to be a bit of a gambler and confident in her strong skills, betting a date with Seborga on a game of poker.[6] She also displayed confidence in their plan during Halloween to get others to join them.[12] She also owns a Japanese-style garden[13] which is not far from the casino.[14]

When Taiwan expressed unease due to the Western girls' cleavage, Monaco tells her that she shouldn't worry about such things.[15] She seems to be reliable, as she made comments that calmed down the partying caused by the sudden great gathering of people which caused the event to halt, and Germany thanked her for them. She continued to offer her assistance if it was needed, as she had no intention of leaving the event until it was all over. When it was announced how many people had shown up, she said it couldn't be helped as everyone was on vacation and had a lot of free time. When Cyprus mentioned the special atmosphere that Christmas had, she said that it would be the best if they had parents and lovers with such an atmosphere.[16]



Main Article: France

Ever since they formed a union in 1641, Monaco has been close to France. During the French Revolution, Monaco became a French city and her nobles lost their privileges and property. During the chaos of the Italian Unification, France helped her gain independence. Despite the time they fought for two days, their relationship is good, and they even passed a friendship pact in 2005.[13] She relies on France for diplomatic, military,[14] and various other affairs, so France needs to let others through if they have business with her. However, she dislikes that he pats her on the head, feeling that it is embarrassing.[1] In the past, they fought one time due to her lack of income tax driving French companies to her home and that she didn't change it despite his request. He called her stupid, and she wondered if it would be good to call him stupid in return, so they stopped negotiations. However, because she found it impractical to go on without France, they made up and she made companies pay income tax.[17] In her Volume 4 profile, she's referred to as his protegee.[11]

In the published version of the America and England strip, she is shown alongside France when he mocks England for not having any friends.[18]


Main Article: Seborga

During the 2011 Christmas event, Monaco, upon having Seborga request to go out to eat dinner with him, agreed to do so, saying he seemed like he'd be a fun person to dine with. When he suggested they do other things afterwards (going for a drive, enjoying the night scenery, and a date the next Sunday,) she approved every part of the plan. However, she said that she would only go if he beat her in poker. Italy reveals that Seborga lost completely, however Seborga said that Monaco went to dinner with him anyway.[6]


Main Article: Seychelles

During the 2011 Halloween Event, Monaco and Seychelles were both in France's Peter Pan costume group. Monaco refers to Seychelles as "Seychelles-kun" in the original Japanese[19], implying a friendly relationship or that Monaco is a sort of senior to Seychelles. (In Japan, the honorific -kun is typically for male children and teenagers, but can be also be used between close friends or family members and between seniors and juniors, regardless of gender.)


Main Article: Spain

Monaco was originally under Spain's protection, however he meddled in her affairs quite often.[13]


Monaco's first manga appearance (bottom right)


Monaco first appeared within Himaruya's blog and a profile of her was included in a special booklet released with the limited edition volume 3 of the published manga. Since then, she has appeared in a redrawn strip alongside France. Monaco made a cameo in the Christmas 2010 event and later returns in the Christmas 2011 event.


Monaco makes her anime debut in the Hetalia: The Beautiful World in the episode Liberté, égalité, fraternité and..., voiced by Yōko Hikasa. In the adaptation of the fifth strip of Hetalia à la Carte 2 from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6, she is seen with France discussing the French cuisine and escargot, and she finds it ingenious that someone once saw a snail, and decided to cook it.


  • In the original America and England story, France was depicted beside an unidentified man (or nation). While the published version replaced the man with Monaco[18], the anime adapted the original webcomic strip featuring the unnamed man.
  • Her birthday corresponds with the date that Monaco first gained its independence from Genoa.[1]
  • Monaco cat, made her debut in Volume 3, requesting that the consumption of endangered bluefin tuna cease, much to Japan cat's dismay.
  • In an effort to clarify Monaco's speech pattern, Himaruya provided a drawing of a laughing older man and explained "you get Miss Monaco's tone if you think about the things this old man seems to talk about."[10]


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