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Character Information
Name SeborgaFlag.png Principality of Seborga (Principato di Seborga)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4
Strip The Principality of Wy & the Mysterious Sealand
Anime Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!‎
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroshi Okamoto
English Austin Tindle

Seborga (セボルガ, Seboruga) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.


A 'chibi' version of Seborga.


Seborga is a young man who resembles both Veneziano and Romano; he has a hair curl similar to theirs, although bent and angular. His skin tone seems to match Veneziano's fair complexion as opposed to Romano's olive complexion. He is often depicted carrying around an inner tube. In his first color appearance, he is depicted with amber eyes[1], but has appeared with green eyes in all subsequent appearances.

In It's a treasure box of countries~ he is depicted to be about a couple of feet taller than Sealand and around the height of Austria.[2]

He initially wore a white jacket, shirt, and khaki pants.[1] In subsequent appearances, he wears black pants and a green shirt.

Personality and Interests

Seborga is a womanizer, a quality he shares with his relatives, though he seems to have more of a fixation on it than them. In his profile, he invites Italy to come and take a tour of his country any time, encouraging him to bring a pretty girl when he does. It is said that amongst the three Italian nations, he would have the most success with flirting.

Though he declared his independence hundreds of years ago, he continues to live as a part of Italy. This may be due to his passiveness.



Main Article: Monaco

During the Christmas 2011 event, Monaco, upon having Seborga request to go out to eat dinner with him, agreed to do so, saying he seemed like he'd be a fun person to dine with. When he suggested they do other things afterwards (going for a drive, enjoying the night scenery, and a date the next Sunday,) she approved every part of the plan. However, she said that she would only go if he beat her in poker. Italy reveals that Seborga lost completely, however Seborga said that Monaco went to dinner with him anyway.[3]


Main Article: Sealand

Sealand is initially frightened by Seborga when they meet in Wy's garden, after he falls out of a tree covered in ketchup. After attacking him, Sealand seems to get over this fear and they appear to become friendly. It is implied that Seborga is the only other member of Sealand's micronation club, until Wy finally decides to officially join out of boredom. Despite the physical age gap, they share a similar enthusiasm for making new friends who also happen to be micronations.


Main Article: Wy

After Wy declares her independence, Seborga plans to surprise her and introduce himself in her garden. However, he gets stuck in the tree where he was hiding, and eventually upsets Wy. He remarks that Wy is cute, and that he may make a pass at her once she is a bit older.


Seborga as he appears in the anime.


Seborga originally appeared in the The Principality of Wy and the Mysterious Sealand strip series. Near the end, he dangles from a tree, covered in ketchup. The strips were later included in volume 4, marking Seborga's debut in the published manga. Seborga also made an appearance as part of the the "We Want to be accepted to W Academy Club" in volume 5's Advance! Newspaper Club! strips. However, this scene was cut from the anime. Seborga has also appeared periodically in strips and sketches. During the Halloween 2011 event, he dresses as a robot and attends America's Halloween party. Seborga later appears in It's a Treasure Box of Countries~, which follows Seborga, Wy, and Sealand's attempts to make friends with fellow micronations. A flashback during the Christmas 2011 event reveals that Seborga once asked Monaco out on a date.


Seborga, voiced by Hiroshi Okamoto, debuts in the episode Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!‎, which adapts The Principalty of Wy and the Mysterious Sealand. He frightens Sealand and Wy by hanging from a tree, dripping ketchup. While Wy scolds him for making a mess, Sealand attacks out of fear.[4]


First color picture of Seborga.
  • Seborga's age and height were not very distinguishable until over a year after his debut. Initially, he usually appeared in chibi sketches, while in his first non-deformed appearance, he was covered in ketchup and hanging from a tree. He also briefly appeared in an illustration with Veneziano and Romano, but was hunched over, making his height hard to gauge. His second non-deformed appearance is during the Halloween 2011 event where he is dressed in a full-body robot costume.
  • Himaruya stated that he envisioned Seborga with the feeling of a high school student, but that the character probably came out looking more like an adult.
  • The Principality of Seborga is unique among micronations because of its history as an independent entity before becoming part of Italy.
  • Seborga's curl is said to also function as an erogenous zone, while its bent appearance represents the terrain that surrounds the principality.[5]


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