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Character Information
Name BulgariaFlag.png Republic of Bulgaria (Република България)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Height 174 cm (5'8.5 ft)[1]
Debut Appearances
Volume Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1
Strip I Just Can't Help It
Game The Hetalian Horror Show
Anime Episode 27
Voice Actors
Japanese Go Inoue
English Justin Pate

Bulgaria (ブルガリア, Burugaria) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers.



Bulgaria has dark hair and fair skin. During both of his initial manga and anime appearances, Bulgaria was depicted with his eyes squinted similar to Italy's. In later appearances, he is drawn with his eyes open. Bulgaria wears an olive green military uniform and, in his manga debut, black gloves. Bulgaria was first rendered in color in his anime appearance, where he was depicted with black hair. Later artwork published by Himaruya gave him green eyes. In this piece, he wears a dark grey military outfit with a gun holster and red tie.[2]

Personality and Interests

Bulgaria comes across as friendly and well-meaning. During his association with Soviet Russia, he made up a song to sing while working and convinced Romania and the other countries to sing along as well. Later on, he asks Romania about his history and is disturbed by the stories he hears, but is too nervous to speak up about it. At the Halloween 2011 Event, he goes around introducing himself to everyone in order to gain more connections, and at the Christmas 2011 event he is shown to be flustered by the tension between Romania and Hungary and nervously repeats himself in conversation.[3] According to Austria, he uses nodding and shaking his head to indicate no and yes, respectively, though he seems to be attempting to break the habit. During his time as an Axis Power, he attacked Italy, one of his allies, with a stick because "something about his face" made him feel compelled to hit him. Character notes reveal that Bulgaria is fairly quiet except when with those he is close to.[4]



Main Article: Romania

Bulgaria and Romania were friends with Russia and bonded during their time under the Iron Curtain. Initially, Bulgaria thought Romania was a bad guy and was put off by his unsettling stories. However, upon talking to him more, Bulgaria realized that Romania was actually more normal than he initially thought. They later joined the European Union at around the same time. During the Halloween 2011 and Christmas 2011 events, they are shown hanging out together.[3] Bulgaria admits that he doesn't understand Romania's taste in cuteness and probably never will. Bulgaria attends the Halloween 2013 event with Romania. Romania dislikes his choice in costume, an imported Attack on Titan military jacket, and attempts to have him change. Later, Bulgaria tries to comfort a forlorn Romania, unhappy at Moldova for choosing Russia over himself, by offering his jacket. He exclaims that he and Romania are the most disappointing EU members, and so Romania should not worry about being a failure as a brother.[5]


Bulgaria's history under the Iron Curtain shown during the Christmas 2011 event.


Bulgaria attacks Italy.

Bulgaria first appears in the Volume 1 strip I Just Can't Help It, where he hits Italy with a stick despite them both belonging to the Axis Powers. In response to a request for an image of Bulgaria during the Christmas 2010 event, Finland produces an old, weathered photograph of Bulgaria making a strange hand gesture. He attends America's Halloween party during the 2011 site event, wherein he goes around introducing himself to everyone before getting entangled with Romania's wings. During the Christmas 2011 event, he shows up to the livestream with Romania and he explains their history together.[6] Bulgaria reappears in the Halloween 2013 event, accompanying Romania to the nations' Halloween party. Unwilling to spend money on a custom-made costume or create his own, Bulgaria orders a pre-made Attack on Titan military outfit from Japan.[7]


Bulgaria appears in the anime adaptation of the strip I Just Can't Help It. Bulgaria's physical appearance remains mostly unchanged, though his hair length is somewhat shorter than in the original strip and he lacks black gloves.


  • Until the Christmas 2010 event, Bulgaria had not appeared since the publication of volume 1 of Hetalia: March 28, 2008.
  • Shortly before the event, Himaruya made an offhand comment about how he likes the look of the Bulgarian military outfit.
  • During the Halloween 2011 event, Bulgaria dressed up as an angel.
  • In the Christmas 2011 event, Bulgaria had a "bad habit" of shaking his head when he meant yes and nodding when he meant no that he was trying to break.[3] This reversal of accepted gestures is accurate to Bulgarian culture.[8]


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