Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2

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Hetalia: Axis Powers
Volume 2
Hetalia Volume 2 (JPN).jpg
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released December 10, 2008
Pages 132
Size A5
ISBN ISBN 978-4-3448-1514-8
Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1 Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 2 Animation Storyboards Vol. 1

The second volume of Hetalia: Axis Powers was released in Japan by the publisher Gentosha. It contains several strips from the original webcomic series, as well as new material. The titles used below are from the Tokyopop translation of Volume 2 released in North America.


A poem is included in front of the book about the roles of the French, British, Germans, Swiss, and Italians in heaven and hell. This was adapted into the song "Heaven And Hell On Earth", which was featured in Episode 18 of the anime and the film Hetalia: Axis Powers: Paint it, White.

Christmas at Hetalia Academy

In a Christmas-themed chapter taking place in the Gakuen Hetalia universe, Germany, Italy, and Japan interview their fellow students to learn about their Christmas traditions. After interviewing America, France, Russia, and China, the three choose to interveiw Finland and make his traditions a central part of the article. Happy with the information, Germany suggests that they all spend Christmas together. The chapter was adapted in Episode 31 of the anime.

Grandpa Rome Pays a Visit

Germany awakes to Italy's grandfather, Ancient Rome, staring down at him. Rome has left the afterlife to pay his grandson a visit. Whilst there, he informs Germany of his history and cuisine, though is unable to clarify how he disappeared. Germany sleeps in the next day, so Italy and Japan plan to celebrate Italy waking up earlier than him. In an unrelated strip, Germania becomes annoyed by Rome's focus on women, fighting, and alcohol.


Rome the Trespasser
(Adapted in Episode 32 of the anime.)
Rome the Pervert
(Adapted in Episode 32 of the anime.)
Rome the Teacher
(Adapted in Episode 32 of the anime.)
Rome the Chef
(Adapted in Episode 32 of the anime.)
Rome the Fallen
(Adapted in Episode 32 of the anime.)
Together with Grandpa
(Adapted in Episode 32 of the anime.)
Grandpa Rome and Germania
(Adapted in Episode 60 and Episode 61 of the anime.)

Greece and Japan's Easygoing Relationship

Greece and Japan get to know each other and explore aspects of Greek culture, Japanese language, and Greek mythology. Later, Turkey arrives, jealous over Greece's apparent friendship with Japan. In order to restore peace, Japan plays a simple trick, confusing both Greece and Turkey. In a final strip, Greece attempts to "train" Japan to become angry. He succeeds and asks to borrow Turkey's camera to take pictures.


Neko Crazy
(Adapted in Episode 54 of the anime.)
Rocking It in the BC
(Adapted in Episode 54 and Episode 55 of the anime.)
Breaking the Ice is my Specialty
(Adapted in Episode 55 of the anime.)
Never Forget Your Training
(Adapted in Episode 69 of the anime.)
My Life In A Bucket
(The hidden 966th episode of Hetalia)

Liechtenstein's Doting Brother Diaries

The chapter focuses on the relationship because Liechtenstein and her older brother Switzerland. Liechtenstein cuts her hair to resemble Switzerland, but is upset when a woman mistakes her for a male. After the incident, Switzerland buys her a ribbon. Later, Switzerland teachers Liechtenstein about self-defense. In order to repay Switzerland for everything he has done for her, Liechtenstein gives him hand-sewn pajamas. That night, she thinks over how she came to be rescued by Switzerland during a depression. The next morning, she she questions her brother over his reasons for doing so. Switzerland explains that he felt it was his responsibility and states that he knew he couldn't have left her alone. In an extra strip, Liechtenstein and England make an interesting discovery when facing off in a EURO 2004 soccer preliminary.


Don't Worry About It
(Adapted in Episode 23 of the anime.)
Bunnies Can Die from Loneliness
(Adapted in Episode 44 of the anime.)
To My Dear Brother...
(Adapted in Episode 45 of the anime.)
We Can Meet in Our Dreams
(Adapted in Episode 44 of the anime.)
(Adapted in Episode 44 of the anime.)
Liechtenstein vs England

Russia's Sisters

Russia begins to talk about his sisters, Ukraine and Belarus, but ultimately falls into despair, which frightens England. It is explained that Ukraine had extremely large breasts and a poor relationship with her brother, stemming from her boss' desire to become more associated with nations in the European Union. His other sister, Belarus, is madly love with him and follows him around demanding that they get married. She was also the only one to come back after everyone else left with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia tries to become friends with the Italy brothers, as their bosses are on good terms, but they are frightened of Russia and terrified of Belarus. Discouraged, Russia tries remembering back to when he and his sisters were younger, only to realize their relationship was always strange. He tries to get advice from France on his radio show, but the answer is poor, and Russia laments as Belarus grabs him.


I Hate My Big Boobs!
(Adapted in Episode 42 of the anime.)
To My Dear Older Brother
(Adapted in Episode 42 of the anime.)
Older and Younger
(Adapted in Episode 42 of the anime.)
Unrequited Love
(Adapted in Episode 43 of the anime.)
Don't Think Too Much Into It
(Adapted in Episode 43 of the anime.)
Memories Were Too Beautiful
(Adapted in Episode 43 of the anime.)

Hello World! Hello Italy!

This chapter focuses on various adventures Italy and the other members of the Axis and Allied Powers. Italy shares a book of his war history with Japan, who closes the book on his face upon discovering that its full of pictures of women he's met from around the world. Germany acts awkwardly around each of the Italy brothers, and Japan attempts to imitate England's cooking only to create an entirely new dish. Back at the Allied conference room, America discovers that England's the one who has been drawing the reference pictures on the chalkboard, and decides to give it a try. After the other nations react poorly to his drawings, China takes the chalk and draws an extremely detailed picture of himself. In a side story, Germany, Sweden, and Spain are each shown as café operators.


Hello World! Hello Italy!
(Adapted in Episode 34 and Episode 51 of the anime.)
Pampering, German Style
(Adapted in Episode 34 of the anime.)
It Came From England
(Adapted in Episode 34 of the anime.)
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
(Adapted in Episode 34 of the anime.)
4000 Years of History
(Adapted in Episode 34 of the anime.)
I Can't Eat at This Café Part 1
(Adapted in Episode 33 and Episode 70 of the anime.)
I Can't Eat at This Café Part 2
(Adapted in Episode 33 of the anime.)

Big Brother France's Olympian Love

While lamenting on the world's current imperialistic push, France stumbles across Greece excavating the ruins that his mother left behind. The two get to talking, and Greece explains how during his mother's time they would hold an event called the olympics. France is disinterested at first, but becomes excited when Greece reveals that only naked men competed and decides to revive the practice. France convinces a few other nations to participate, and when England arrives he discovers France waiting in the nude. England freaks out, and France attempts to strip him in the name of the Olympics, but is stopped by Switzerland. As France is led off in handcuffs, he tries in vain to convince the Policeman of his logic. The chapter was adapted in Episode 35 of the anime.

Japan's Path to Cultural Enlightenment

This chapter focuses on the period following the end of Japan's 200 year isolation and his reluctance to meet with Western nations. When France comes to visit, Japan hides in his room before being coaxed out. Deciding to see this as an opportunity for cultural enlightenment, he begins imitating France's behavior. Japan runs into some children practicing clairvoyance, and when he gives it a try he sees Manga artists in extreme distress from their work. On another day, America comes to visit, and convinces Japan to try a fortune-telling activity called "table turning." America initially has fun tricking him, but he is moved when Japan asks if he'll be able to become friends with anyone, and moves the table to indicate that they'll become friends. Later, America takes Japan on a night out, but Japan returns home exhausted. Feeling more "culturally enlightened," he adopts a guinea pig and a rabbit, as they have both become popular amongst his citizens.


"Flexibility" is Also a Talent
(Adapted in Episode 49 of the anime.)
Let's Table Turning!!
(Adapted in Episode 50 of the anime.)
I'm Older Than I Look
(Adapted in Episode 50 of the anime.)
Final Weapon: Bunnies
(Adapted in Episode 50 of the anime.)

American Ghosts

In this chapter, America comes over to watch a scary movie with Japan. While America is extremely nervous and becomes terrified by the movie, Japan doesn't understand why it's so frightening. As the movie progresses, America becomes more frightened, but Japan tells him that he is actually a bit fond of the ghost onscreen. After the movie is over, Japan refuses to watch another with him and lends him some horror survival games in order to work up his courage. Later, when Japan asks him how the games went, America terrifies Japan with a monster costume and says that the games were fun and the monsters were cute. Japan is left confused by America's reactions. The chapter was adapted in Episode 51 of the anime.

Medieval England's Fashion Fiasco

A Younger France makes fun of Young England's hairstyle, citing the fashion trend of having long hair like French nobility. Disheartened, England decides to grow his hair out, and avoids the Bishop to keep it from getting forcibly cut. After six months, England examines his hair only to discover it is long but matted and messy. When France comes to make fun of England, he mistakes him for a large, golden caterpillar, and subsequently offers to style his hair. After England rejects the first two concepts, he falls asleep in the chair and dreams about how he will look with long, stylish hair. However, when he wakes up he finds that France gave him his old hairstyle.


Golden Caterpillar
(Adapted in Episode 46 of the anime.)
Back to the Drawing Board
(Adapted in Episode 46 of the anime.)

Battle for the New World

France and England encounter a beaten-up Finland crying, and learn that Netherlands took away his villa in Sweden in America. What piques their interest, however, is his description of a young boy leads them to conclude that he is an entity like them. France and England immediately begin arguing over whose "brother" he is. England goes to visit America alone, and is stunned by how nice the young nation treats him, remembering how his own brothers used to torment him. France and England visit America together and try to make him choose a side. While France initially seems to win America over with his cooking, America chooses England after seeing him so dejected. Victorious, England reflects on his new responsibility, and receives a shock when America easily takes down a Bison.


Our Little Brother
(Adapted in Episode 39 of the anime.)
England the Flag Crusher
(Adapted in Episode 39 of the anime.)
F**kin' France
(Adapted in Episode 40 of the anime.)
His Taste Buds Were Ruined for Life
(Adapted in Episode 40 of the anime.)
They Grow Up So Fast!
(Adapted in Episode 40 of the anime.)

Don't Give Up, Canada

This chapter is about Canada's relationship with other nations, and how he is either gone unnoticed or mistaken for America. The G8 are missing a member at their and can't figure out who it is, and when Canada arrives no one recognizes him. After Cuba mistakes Canada for America and beats him up, Canada has enough and decides to confront America. In the end he becomes too intimidated, and tries instead to assert his identity in vain. Canada has a nightmare involving Quebec leaving his nation, prompting him to try and find a solution to the tensions between English and French-Speaking citizens. America suggests opening up more to immigration, but most turn out to be from China and South Korea. Canada tries bonding with America, but in both the past and the present he is overlooked by his brother. After finally having enough, Canada goes off on America for three days straight. Cuba comes to apologize to Canada for beating him up and asks him to come visit sometime. However, Upon arriving, Cuba mistakes Canada for America once more. Back at a G8 meeting, England discovers Sealand there disguised as Canada, with the real Canada having been accidentally sat on by Russia.


The Eight Are Here!!
(Adapted in Episode 35 of the anime.)
I'm Gonna Complain!
(Adapted in Episode 35 and Episode 44 of the anime.)
I'm Going To Assert Myself!
(Adapted in Episode 44 and Episode 49 of the anime.)
The Proud People of Canada
We're Cheering for You, Canada!
(Adapted in Episode 52 of the anime.)
Canadian Time
(Adapted in Episode 53 of the anime.)
Once Canada, Always Canada
Just Put Your Mind to It!
A Common Bond
(Adapted in Episode 52 of the anime.)
And Then There Were Eight...Again
(Adapted in Episode 38 of the anime.)

English and Japanese Monster Culture

After the signing of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, England comes to visit Japan and takes in the sights, including what appears to be a monster on a mountain top, which Japan finds off-putting as he doesn't see anything there. England hears and interacts with other creatures while he's there, including a Kappa and a Youkai in the bath. While Japan insists that he lives alone, he is again thrown when England shows him a Kappa miracle potion that his new friends have given him. That night, the Kappa and Youkai come to say goodbye, explaining that Japan and his citizens now regard their existence as myth and can no longer see or remember interacting with them. As they depart, England is almost knocked over by a Zashiki-Warashi, and chases her after having endured hearing her laughter the entire trip. Inside, Japan wakes up, insisting that he lives alone. The chapter was adapted in Episode 30 of the anime.

Why Americans Love Spring

This chapter depicts the parallel stories of America and Japan as each live through the Winter in anticipation of Spring. After Christmas, America gets bored and decides to go buy video games, and after a perilous outing in the snow, vows to stay inside. After the video games prove too hard, he tries to get England to come over to hand out, but is rejected and is forced to go outside again after the lightbulb in his living room goes out. One day, America mistakes the sunrise for Springtime and accidentally goes out in the cold wearing nothing but a bathing suit. Meanwhile, Japan leisurely engages in activities such as cleaning, shopping, and cooking for New Year's. He finishes on time, though he almost forgets to buy manga and ice cream. After leisurely watching the Winter months go buy, Japan notices the Cherry trees begin to bud and invites America over to watch them bloom, who eagerly accepts to escape the cold. The chapter was adapted in Episode 36 of the anime.

Wishing Upon a Star

After being abandoned by Romano and an unsuccessful day battling England and America in North Africa, Germany and Italy relax back in camp and go over the numbers. Italy spots a shooting shooting star, Italy wishes that England would "get a headache and go home." While Germany dismisses this as childish, after Italy goes to bed he spots another shooting star and makes a wish. He recites a long lists of traits and behaviors he wishes Italy would abandon, and the star laments that it's all impossible. The star falls and lands on England's head as he plans his attack, causing America to enthusiastically freak out. The chapter was adapted in Episode 33 of the anime.

Japan-kun and America-kun

Scattered throughout the book are one-page omake illustrations called Japan-kun and America-kun. Each one explores cultural differences between Japan and the United States, with Japan and America each visiting each other's houses. In America, Japan encounters brightly-colored desserts. In Japan, America reacts with enthusiasm everywhere they visit, recieves a tissue packet with an advertisement for a brothel on the packaging, and becomes distressed at a normal-sized serving of Fries. Both of them also discover commonalities, such as fondness for "Boy One, Get One Free" deals. These were adapted in Episode 44, Episode 52, Episode 59, Episode 79, Episode 80, Episode 90, Episode 92, and Episode 99 of the anime.

At the end of the book, there is a strip called Specialty=Cuteness. Occupation=Cuteness. which shows Hidekaz Himaruya while drawing this book. He describes how he got a new kitten, and while it was rough, he freaked out over how adorable it and his other cats behaved, even when they were sprawled out on his bed.

Special Edition Booklet

Cover of Japanese Special Edition Booklet.

A Limited Special Edition was released that came with an extra booklet. It contains several headshot sketches and notes for several characters, as well as full body sketches for child versions of Austria, Spain, France, and Hungary. In addition, there are full body sketches of the main characters wearing costumes for the RPG they play in the Hetalia Fantasia CD. A section called "Backstage of "Meeting of the World", which showed sketch versions of several sections of the opening comic from Volume 1, which shows that several characters had their bodies positioned differently in the original concept.

The last four pages various concept sketches. One includes Hungary dressed as a witch (or possibly the Hungarian witch character from the scrapped "hero in New York" series which she was based on), surrounded by Halloween decorations saying "I Hate Christmas" and interacting with the characters Yamato Nara and Sunki Udono from one of Himaruya's earlier comics Barjona Bombers. The page next to it contains concept sketches for Chibitalia, as well as the original concepts for the Prussia and South Korea characters. The next includes a series of sketches of Japan interacting with Yamato, as well as sketches of Chibitalia, Hungary, Latvia, and Finland. The last page contains a large mashup of sketches.


The second volume was first released by Gentosha of December 10, 2008. In the proceeding years, it has been published in several nations. Tokyopop announced its acquisition of Hetalia in 2010 and released the second volume on December 28, 2010 in North America.


  • The poem at the beginning of the book is a redrawn version of the end of chapter two of the original webcomic.
  • Grandpa Rome Pays a Visit is a redrawn version of the Extra Story Together with Grandpa Rome. The ending bit, where it was revealed that Rome tied up God to escape the afterlife, was removed, along with a strip where Rome makes a nude sculpture of Germany and an omake illustration of Rome visiting Romano in his sleep. The scenes with Italy were also redrawn to further conceal his nudity.
  • Liechtenstein's Doting Brother Diaries reprints the first two strips from Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness. It diverges from the original, where Switzerland and Liechtenstein run into Austria and they have an awkward lunch together. Instead, Switzerland spots Austria and is able to avoid him, taking Liechtenstein home to go over defense strategy. The nighttime scenes remain similar, but depict Liechtenstein's back-story as a dream sequence instead of Switzerland and Austria's past. Additionally, the strip Liechtenstein vs England is a redrawn version of a strip from Comic Diary 10.
  • Big Brother France And The Olympian Romance is a direct reprint of the Extra Story of the same name.
  • Japan's Path to Cultural Enlightenment is a direct reprint of the Extra Story Japan and the Footsteps of Westernization, with additional strips added at the beginning and the end.
  • American Ghosts is a direct reprint of the first part of Extra Story America's Situation with Ghosts.
  • Medieval England's Fashion Fiasco is a direct reprint of the Extra Story Medieval England's Clothes and Hair.
  • Battle for the New World is a direct reprint of the Extra Story The Battle for America, though the beginning with Finland and Sweden was removed.
  • Don't Give Up, Canada is a direct reprint of the Extra Story Fly, Canada-san, Fly! with some omake illustrations omitted and the second G8 Meeting strip moved to the end.
  • English and Japanese Monster Culture is a direct reprint of the Extra Story Ghost Culture of England and Japan with the final omake omitted.
  • Why Americans Love Spring is a redrawn version of the Extra Story of the same name.
  • Wishing Upon a Star is a redrawn version of the Extra Story of the same name.
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