Halloween 2013

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Halloween 2013
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Portal illustration on the Kitayume welcome page.
Event Information
Holiday Halloween
Date November 1 - December 1, 2013, November 2 - November 9, 2014
Location Kitayume
Also known as Kitayume Mysterious Halloween
Christmas 2011 Halloween 2013

The 2013 Halloween Comic (ハロウィーン漫画 Harouīn Manga, lit. Halloween Manga), also referred to in English as Kitayume Mysterious Halloween, is a site event that began on November 1st, 2013 in observance of Halloween and ran for a month before going on hiatus on December 1, 2013. The plot of the event follows the nations as they gather for a Halloween Party, their costumes reflecting a ghost story from their culture. Several characters get briefly trapped in a room and tell ghost stories, which continues after Hungary barricades the door to prevent Romania from entering. The story also follows other characters as they prepare and travel to the party. A side story, Mochi and Bunny Omake (おまけもちとうさ Omake mochi to usa), told primarily through textless illustrations, was also posted featuring Mochi America alongside kemonomimi versions of other Hetalia characters.

On October 30, 2014, it was announced that the event would resume on November 2, 2014.[1] It concluded a week later on November 9, 2014, with an additional epilogue strip introducing the character Portugal posted on November 17, 2014.

Plot Summary

Main Storyline

Part 1 (2013)

The story opens with France dancing with a woman, declaring that this Halloween he will be the highlight of party once again. The woman he is with, an actress, expresses her pleasure at being able to attend the nations' party with him. He tells her that she'll meet England and other countries from around the world. When they enter the room, however, they discover a small group of countries sitting around in a gloomy mood. Canada explains that when they arrived, they noticed that all the food was rotten, and that the doors don't seem to open from the inside, among other anomalies. Hungary accuses France of conspiring with Prussia and Spain to play a trick on all of them, though France denies this. Hong Kong theorizes that because this year's party theme was "spirit" costumes, it may have awakened something in the building, and suggests that they should tell scary stories about their costumes to appease it.

As each country begins telling their story, Hong Kong reveals that he is dressed up as China (who died after being attacked by a stray cat), leading to China bursting into the room to rebuke him. Hong Kong scolds him for closing the door when he entered, and explains what is happening. China suggests waiting for one of the nations with supernatural expertise to show up, and says that he would take care of the poltergeist himself except that he is too hungry. While they wait for others to show up, Canada tells his story, which the others find heartwarming instead of scary. After Liechtenstein finishes her story, Hungary begins to relay hers, but stops out of concern for the younger nations' sensitivities. Before she can resume, Moldova shows up dressed in costume, revealing that Romania is also with him. In a knee-jerk reaction, Hungary locks the door to prevent him from entering. Outside, Romania and Bulgaria wonder why they have been barred from entering, and the later shows off the costume he bought. Hungary requests that they hold off on opening the door until she can force a smile, and they segue into Netherlands' brief explanation of his costume. Moldova, having figured out that they're telling scary stories, enthusiastically asks for one, turning everyone's attention to Iceland.

Meanwhile, England walks around the city in costume with his fairies and magical creatures in preparation for his annual competition with America. He declares himself to be the scariest man in the world, and mentally begins to prepare how he's going to scare everyone. While he's thinking, his magical creatures become frightened and swarm past him. Standing across from him is America, Russia, and Japan. After Russia and Japan express some doubts, they walk into the building that England is inside of. The last of his magical creatures flee in terror, and England is floored that America would use the same trick twice (bringing Russia). America confronts England, but is off-put by what appears to be a ghost behind him. Japan immediately attempts to banish the ghost, who is extremely offended by this. Upset, the ghost explains that he only showed up to make sure everything went according to plan and everyone showed up at the party on time, and scolds them for being slow before vanishing. On his way to the party, Poland stumbles across Romania attempting to wrestle Bulgaria out of his costume and wants to join in. Soon after, Monaco stumbles across them holding down Bulgaria and stripping off his costume. Somewhere else, England's assistant Maurizio gets a phone call from someone who is very upset.

Back at the party, everyone begs Iceland to tell his ghost story, and he finally relents. They are initially complimentary of its romantic components, but are shocked by its abrupt ending. On the way to the party, Denmark brings along the wife and daughter of one of his diplomats to help complete his costume. When the daughter complains about having to leave the party early, her mother reminds her that Denmark, Norway, and the others are not like normal humans. Thinking this over, the daughter brings up the fact that nations don't have wives and must be very lonely living so long, much to her mother's horror. As Finland, Sweden, and Estonia show up to join them, an upset Denmark asks if they're lonely without wives. The others reassure him and calm him down, and the daughter offers to be his wife when she is older. Elsewhere, a short time earlier, Sealand and Ladonia invite a much older-looking Nikoniko to attend the party, but he declines because his son has a play-date that day. Sealand and Ladonia are stunned, and they leave to go cheer themselves up at Sweden's house.

A group of unknown individuals in costume excitedly discuss how preparations are almost complete. Outside the party, Prussia explains how, a couple of days before, Austria was unsure what to dress up as because all of his stories are either about women or have some problematic element in them. Prussia and Romano try to get Spain to explain his costume, but he tells the story poorly and spoils that it is about a haunting at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. While Romano and Prussia berate him, Italy arrives in costume and asks where Germany is. When Spain says he must be late, Italy starts freaking out, as Germany is never late. It turns out he is at Austria's house, where Austria has still not decided what to dress up as. He leaves the decision up to Germany, who asks him about the 'perverted costume', and Austria reveals that it would involve him going to the party completely naked. They try to figure out a way to make it work but nothing seems viable.

Elsewhere, Taiwan and Macau are on their way to a meeting place, and Macau discovers that Taiwan is dressed up as Hinomoto Oniko, much to his discomfort. Taiwan reassures him, and they arrive at the meeting place to discover Vietnam wearing a costume with a mask that Taiwan had made for her. Vietnam is embarrassed by it, and says that it doesn't fit properly. She points out that the skirt is too short while leaning over to speak to Taiwan, accidentally flashing Macau, who offers her an alternative costume. However, while the new costume fits better, she still finds it embarrassing. Down under, New Zealand and Australia are on their way to the party and each try to tell the other a story, and get mad at each other when the other doesn't listen. Eventually, Australia's story wins out and they head over to his house to see a ghost that's supposedly haunting his garden. On the way, New Zealand attempts to frighten Australia with a scary story he made up, but Australia ends up doing a "corpse pose" because his story wasn't scary enough. Australia contemplates going the long way around the Earth to the party like New Zealand sarcastically suggested earlier, but he's convinced not to, and they continue bickering.

After Iceland finishes his story, the nations who hadn't arrived yet cannot get into the meeting place due to Hungary having locked it. Turkey declares he would open it. On the other side, Hungary says she had calmed down, and she was going to move out of the way of the door. As the door is opened, Hungary is frightened by the face of Turkey, believing he was a ghost from nightmares she had as a little girl, until she realizes her mistake. The rest of the nations thank Turkey for opening the door. In a corner, Poland is shaking and in tears.

Meanwhile, America tells England that he wants a rematch of their competition, but England insists to him that he could have the victory. America, Russia, and Japan both notice that England was not acting like his usual self, to which he replies that he was just concerned about something. He quickly tries to change the subject by telling the rest of them that they should all get to the meeting place. Along the way, they meet a group of children, one of which has the same costume as America, that demand candy from them, calling them "grandpas." While Japan admits he was old enough to be called grandpa, he believes that England, America, and Russia are more like older brothers. Back at the meeting place, the attempt to hold the door open fails after it shuts on its own. France is approached and teased by Prussia and Spain, and the actress is approached by Italy and Romano, who admire her beauty. Prussia begins to brag about all the free time he gets now, due to the fact that Germany does all the work, to which France replies that he can't do any of that, since the EU kept him busy.

Suddenly, a mysterious voice broadcasts throughout the room, welcoming the nations and saying it was time to get started, even though some of the other nations were late and stupid for being so. Meanwhile, Lithuania is stuck running errands for his boss, and comes across Greece sitting in a field, with several cats nibbling at his fingers, who tells Lithuania to relax. Latvia arrives, having been chased by a cat to Greece and Lithuania's location. He tells Lithuania that Poland seemed to be having fun, and he was in tears and saying he was alright. Lithuania becomes concerned and begins to quickly make his way to the party.

Part 2 (2014)

Mochi and Bunny Omake

Character Appearances

  • France (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • French Actress (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Hong Kong (Main Storyline)
  • Iceland (Main Storyline)
  • Mr. Puffin (Main Storyline)
  • Ukraine (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Hungary (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Liechtenstein (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Netherlands (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Canada (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Kumajiro (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Spain (Main Storyline)
  • Prussia (Main Storyline, Mochi and Bunny Omake)
  • China (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Japan (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Russia (Main Storyline, Mochi and Bunny Omake)
  • England (Main Storyline, Mochi and Bunny Omake, Omake Page)
  • America (Main Storyline)
  • Canadian Bellboy Ghost (Main Storyline)
  • Swiss Village Girl (Main Storyline)
  • Swiss Castle Lord (Main Storyline)
  • Moldova (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Romania (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Bulgaria (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • England's Magical Creatures (Main Storyline)

  • Howard (Main Storyline)
  • Poland (Main Storyline, Mochi and Bunny Omake)
  • Monaco (Main Storyline)
  • Maurizio (Main Storyline)
  • Denmark (Main Storyline, Mochi and Bunny Omake, Omake Page)
  • Icelandic Ghost Deacon (Main Storyline)
  • Icelandic Ghost Deacon's Love (Main Storyline)
  • Icelandic Ghost Deacon's Horse (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Icelandic Exorcist (Main Storyline)
  • A Danish Diplomat's Daughter (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • A Danish Diplomat's Wife (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Norway (Main Storyline)
  • Finland (Main Storyline)
  • Sweden (Main Storyline)
  • Hanatamago (Main Storyline)
  • Estonia (Main Storyline)
  • Nikoniko (Main Storyline)
  • Sealand (Main Storyline)
  • Ladonia (Main Storyline)
  • Germany (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Austria (Main Storyline)
  • South Italy (Main Storyline)
  • Italy (Main Storyline, Omake Page)
  • Macau (Main Storyline)
  • Taiwan (Main Storyline)


  • All the nations' costumes, in some way, follow the stated theme of dressing like a ghost story from their country of origin:
    • France:


  1. Himaruya, Hidekaz (October 28, 2014). "ペルシアさんあーんどふたりの皇帝". http://himaruya.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-1563.html. Retrieved October 29, 2014. 

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