Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4

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Hetalia: Axis Powers
Volume 4
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released June 30, 2011
Pages 132
ISBN ISBN 978-4-3448-2233-7
Gakuen Hetalia Portable Official Visual Fanbook Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4 Travel Conversation Book - America Edition - This is the Center of the World!

The fourth volume of Hetalia: Axis Powers was released in Japan by the publisher Gentosha. It contains several strips from the original webcomic series, as well as new material.


An illustrated blurb is included at the beginning of the book talking about the books written about Elephants in different countries - specifically Germany, Japan, America, France, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland.

Gakuen Hetalia: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!!

In a story taking place in the Gakuen Hetalia universe, Germany, Italy, and Japan decide to write a newspaper story about the different clubs. They start with Estonia and Ukraine from the Choral Club, who reveal that their most distinguished feature is being targeted by the Soviet Club (which consists of only Russia). America shows up and begins talking about his "Hero Club" before getting dragged off by Russia. The Gourmet Food-Loving Club shows up and explains their purpose, while Italy reveals that they wouldn't let him join. Finally, England shows up to brag about the magic club, but Romania reveals that they partake in activities such as dressing up like Harry Potter and praying for an abundant harvest. Fed up, Germany thinks about canceling the article, declaring all the school's clubs to be too abnormal. This was adapted in the anime episode of the same name.

Each Battlefield

This chapter consists of a series of strips following the adventures of Italy, Germany, and Japan. Japan explains the drawbacks to a Shuriken as a weapon, and Germany and Italy are struck by a coffee shortage and Germany sets out to find a substitute. Later, Italy builds a tank with major design flaws. After attempting to upgrade them, the new versions fill with smoke after taking one shot so Italy decides to leave the top open. Finally, in a flashback to World War I, Germany finds some guns Italy dropped after a big battle and examines them, finding a manual that explains how they work. Initially fascinated, Germany becomes increasingly distressed as how poorly made the gun is becomes more apparent, and declares that whether Italy is an ally or an enemy, you have to worry about him.


Each Battlefield
(Adapted in the anime episode "Each Battlefield".)
German Trial-and-Error
(Adapted in the anime episode "Each Battlefield".)
I(He)talian War
(Adapted in the anime episode "Each Battlefield".)
I(He)talian War Ver. 2
(Adapted in the anime episode "Each Battlefield".)
What Italy Forgot
(Adapted in the anime episode "What Italy Forgot".)

At Netherlands'

Belgium introduces herself and her brother, Netherlands, to the reader, and admits that her brother's only major flaw is that he's stingy with money. A flashback depicts Netherlands buying lots of fish from Lithuania, only to pickle it with cheap salt and sell it again at an expensive price. Later, Netherlands sells Spain weapons even though he is at war with him, and in both instances Belgium watches from the distance asking him not to be mean. In the present day, Belgium excitedly tells Romano that Netherlands promised to bring Santa Claus, but instead she shows up with Spain in a Santa suit, as the Santa for Netherlands and Belgium comes from Spain.


At Netherlands'
(Adapted in the anime episode "At Netherlands'".)
This too is Dutch fashion
(Adapted in the anime episode "At Netherlands'".)
Money is the key that opens all doors
(Adapted in the anime episode "At Netherlands'".)

Top Secret

Seychelles is watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and receives a phone call from England. Seychelles meets him and England asks her a favor - if she can accommodate the Prince and Princess if they go to her home for their honeymoon. Seychelles is overwhelmed and enthusiastically accepts, and England stresses that this is top secret and she can't entrust it to anyone. When she asks if she can at least say it to herself, England relents, but panics when Seychelles ends up turning it into a loud declaration. This was adapted in the anime episode "What Italy Forgot".

Romano's Diary

Chibiromano narrates an average day of his life, claiming that Spain is wicked and works him to the bone (when in reality Spain seems to wait on him hand and foot). Romano complains about about how old his clothes are and Spain buys him new clothes. Romano likes his new outfit but refuses to admit it, saying Spain should be grateful he's wearing it at all. Spain takes it in stride but is shown wearing rags, with Belgium watching from the distance telling him to buy clothes for himself too. In a couple of bonus strips, Spain wakes up in a good mood only to discover Romano's wet the bed, and in the modern day Romano asks Spain about all the money he spent on him as a child.


Romano's Diary
(Adapted in the anime episode "Romano's Diary".)
I-I-I Didn't Do It!
(Adapted in the anime episode "Romano's Diary".)

Grandpa Rome and the Strong Guy

In Ancient times, Rome sits in on a meeting and spaces out - wondering if there's anyone left out there whose really strong of mind and strength. After briefly falling asleep, he is woken up by a solider arriving and announcing that something's happened in Capua. A man named Spartacus and a group of gladiators have staged an attacked and escaped Gladiator school. Excited, Rome leaps up and runs off to see while the others continue the meeting, and Germania calls Rome a simpleton.


Rome, 73 BCE…

A bientôt! (Until We Meet Again)

A young woman named Lisa travels to France in the Spring of her 19th birthday, and arrives at Mont Saint-Michel. While taking pictures she encounters a man, France, who rushes towards her upon spotting her. France apologizes for overreacting and offers to be her tour guide, which Lisa accepts after he insists. After showing her around a bit, Lisa notices him staring at her, and asks him for his name. France enthusiastically introduces himself, and Lisa begins to wonder whether it was a good idea to come with him. As they walk, France begins to talk about the Hundred Years War, and as the story progresses, he talks about a woman named Jeanne d'Arc who gave hope to the king and lead the French army to important victories. After France sadly recounts the circumstances of her death, he reveals he's always hoped that those who have been toyed with by history are reborn into a happy and peaceful life, and is happy his wish has been granted. Before Lisa can ask what he means, he vanishes, and Lisa is left to recount the story to her mother. In a bonus strip, the folklore behind the creation of Mont Saint-Michel is depicted.


A bientôt! (Until We Meet Again)
(Adapted in the anime episode "A bientôt! Until We Meet Again!".)
Before Mont Saint-Michel was Built
(Adapted in the anime episode "What Italy Forgot".)

Ilha Formosa ~Beautiful Island~

This chapter consists of a series of strips focusing on Taiwan. Taiwan shows Japan Taiwan-style Omikuji, but after drawing a bad fortune for him, she insists that they should forget about it and do their best tomorrow. China happens upon Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau and goes to say hello. While Hong Kong is happy to see him, the others express disappointment towards him, and Hong Kong explains that they were taking bets on who knew him the best - and he knew that China would wear a tacky Expo T-shirt. Later, Taiwan asks Vietnam to take a photo with her, and drags her to a studio at her home. There, the photo is retouched, and Vietnam is shocked at how large they made the eyes. Finally, the difference between shops for tourists and native Chinese-speakers in Taiwan is explained. Taiwan stops Italy and Germany from going into the local ship, and the three of them watch while China and his citzens crowd the stores and carry out merchandise.


Super Positive
Who understands China the most?
Wonderful Photo Studio
Memories From a Trip...

Russia and Friends

A story set during Russia's childhood, he is pursued by other countries such as The Mongol Empire and the Teutonic Knights. Frightened, he asks for General Winter to save him, but it has no effect as all his assailants have been raised in cold areas. Russia asks Ukraine for advice, but she tells him to say the words "Just bring out the Milk Makers!", which isn't helpful to his situation. Lamenting over his lack of friends, he reaches out to a hamster only for it to attack him. Later, Prussia tells Russia to proclaim his loyalty to him, and crosses a ice-covered pond dispite Russia's warnings. Prussia falls in, but is rescued by Russia, who begins to strangle him as he tells him how stupid he was being. Recapping the days events Russia has defeated the Teutonic Knights, but hopes the next time they come around it will be as friends. Conversely, Prussia claims he was just doing reconnaissance, and decides that Russia's isn't worth the trouble of invading.


Russia and Friends
(Adapted in the anime episode "Russia and Friends".)
An Older Sister's Magic Words...
(Adapted in the anime episode "Russia and Friends".)
A Wild Friend
(Adapted in the anime episode "Russia and Friends".)
When the Quiet One Gets Angry...
(Adapted in the anime episode "Russia and Friends".)
Journal Entries Dated XX/XX
(Adapted in the anime episode "Russia and Friends".)

Maria Theresa and the Seven Years' War

After recapping the events from the Volume 1 strip Chaos at Daybreak, Maria Theresa laments over the loss of Silesia. Hungary insists that Prussia will try to steal more from Austria, prompting Maria Theresa to propose that he make an alliance. Upon discovering the nations in question, Austria has a violent outburst and has to be restrained by Hungary. Far away, Prussia expresses shock that Austria's made an alliance with France and Russia, and Frederick II counters with the news that because France has aligned with Austria, England has aligned with them. As Austria begs Maria Theresa to reconsider, France and Russia arrive and Austria does not appear to take it well.

March Revolution Executive

In the year 1848, Austria reads about the revolution happening in France, and his citizens declare that they should go about it more elegantly. Upon arriving at the imperial palace, they decide to have a conference to discuss how to improve their lives. In the end, the archduchess slash empress Sophie von Bayern casts out the foreign minister and calls the revolution a success.

Netherlands and Isolationist Japan

Netherlands arrives to visit Japan to warn him about America's impending visit, and Osaka briefly tries to convince him to leave. Osaka warns him that he's in peculiar shape, and Netherlands finds Japan curled up on the floor shaking and sensitive to the sun. Netherlands passes on the warning, though Japan reveals that he's expected something like this might happen and seems to have mostly made peace with it. However, he still reacts badly to hearing the word "open" (as in open his ports), and curls himself up in the blanket again and shrinks away. When Osaka comes to check on them, he sees Netherlands trying to wrestle Japan out of his blanket and becomes alarmed. After returning home, Netherlands receives word that Japan has signed a treaty with America and opened his ports.


Mr. Netherlands is here!
Netherlands and Japan
Surrounded Japan
Come on, open up!
Netherlands and Belgium


Turkey sits down and asks Greece how he is doing. However, Greece does not want to talk about his current situation and the two end up fighting... until someone nearby begins playing their drums (and they start to dance). An agitated Cyprus goes to Greece and says that he and Turkey need to learn how to get along. Greece says that he's tried, but recounts some times when they didn't get along which only serves to disturb Cyprus. He conjures up a memory of him spending time with Turkey in a bathhouse, and admits that he found it fun. Meanwhile, Italy and Germany go to visit Turkey, and Turkey recounts how Italy used to beat him up when he was younger, shocking Germany. They visit the Galata Bridge, and a pickpockets grabs Italy's camera and attempts to make a run for it before Turkey stops him.


Turkey and Greece
(Adapted in the anime episode "Turkey&!".)
Can’t Resist the Good Feeling
(Adapted in the anime episode "Turkey&!".)
He Wasn't Incompetent so There's Nothing to be Embarrassed About.
(Adapted in the anime episode "Turkey&!".)
At Galata Bridge
(Adapted in the anime episode "Turkey&!".)

Cat Festival

A younger Austria asks Hungary why Chibitalia is wearing cat ears, and she explains that it is to celebrate the cat festival at Belgium's house. Chibitalia runs into Holy Roman Empire, who is also wearing cat ears, and acts like a cat. Holy Roman Empire finds it amusing and they play for a bit until Chibitalia unexpectedly falls over after being tapped too roughly by Holy Roman Empire, causing him to freak out. In a later time, Germany encounters Austria wearing a pair of cat ears, explaining the cat festival. He takes out another pair of cat ears and begins staring at Germany, Prussia popping up next to him, and Germany laments that he is trapped.


He Simply Wouldn't Listen
(Adapted in the episode "My Awesome Diary Part 2" and Episode 54 of the anime.)
The Cats are Spreading

The Centennial Gift

Almost two hundred years after America declared independence, England decides to do something for his birthday (despite the topic of America's independence making him ill). He initially decides to fix the crack in the Liberty Bell, but the idea is rejected because his citizens like the crack. He talks about the bicentennial with the Queen, who thinks getting America a gift is a good idea, but becomes concerned when acting okay with it makes England ill. On the bicentennial, England frightens America by showing up in a menacing manner, before giving him a commemorative bicentennial version of the Liberty Bell. America is surprised, but happily accepts it. In an omake illustration, England gives America a unicorn which the later cannot see.


By the way, it's often destroyed in movies...
Liberty Bell
The Continental Gift

Before the International Conference

Japan greets Germany and Austria as they make their way to the international conference. After Germany remarks about everyone seems to arrive at predictable times. Netherlands arrives, and China arrives early due to waking up early, and the five head to the meeting. As they walk, Austria and China fall behind despite Austria speed-walking. After China finishes his cell phone conversation, he tells Austria that he's still young and should be walking faster.


Here is the question: What is their order based on?
(Adapted in the anime episode "Brother! We are...!!".)

Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!

Sealand reads about the Founding of the Principality of Wy online, and goes to make friends with her. Wy seems to rebuke his attempt at friendship, citing the fact that unlike him, she's been recognized. Latvia hears about Wy being recognized, and calls Sealand to comfort him only to discover that he's become friends with her after all. The call cuts out, as back in Wy's garden, Seborga pops out, hanging upside down from a tree and covered in ketchup. Sealand is frightened, and Wy gets into an argument with Seborga about him breaking into her garden. Finally, Sealand attacks him, and Wy laments that she's been put into the same class as the two of them. On another location, Sealand wakes up on Christmas morning and runs off to find his presents from Santa, only to discover that he was forgotten this year.


First encounter with Principality of Wy!
(Adapted in the anime episode "Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!")
First encounter with Seborga!
(Adapted in the anime episode "Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand!")
A Wish for Santa
(Adapted in the anime episode "Finding Santa".)

Another Year at the WBC

Canada is excited about the beginning of the World Baseball Classic, but becomes unsettled when Cuba wields a bat and decides to use it to beat up America. In Japan, Osaka and the other Prefectures are watching the WBC, but Osaka and Hyogo realize that Okinawa isn't with them. It is revealed that he is at home watching a local high school baseball match instead.


Another Year at the WBC
Watching the WBC Together With all the Japanese Prefectures

Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American

A series of strips illustrating the cultural differences when a Japanese person rooms with an American, with the Japan and America characters used as stand-ins. On the day Japan moves in, America announces he's made dinner and unceremoniously puts a meat pack on the table. As their new, everyday lives begin, America points out that a lot of stuff in the Japanese news doesn't seem like actual news, and Japan's odd manner of dressing becomes more apparent. At the same time, America tends to tackle every mess, big or small, with the vacuum cleaner, and America's dancing is shown to be rather intense. At the end of the month, America notes that the water bill has gone up due to Japan's baths, though is enticed by the concept of bathing instead of showering and wonders if they should bathe together to cut costs.


Variety is Important
(Adapted in the anime episode "Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American".)
Part 3
(Adapted in the anime episode "Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American".)
Bathing is the Laundry of Life
(Adapted in the anime episode "Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American".)

I Was Overwhelmed by Heroines

Estonia falls asleep at the World Meeting, and upon awaking discovers that all the nations have turned into women (their Nyotalia counterparts). Upon freaking out at witnessing the interactions of America, England, and Japan, Italy comforts Estonia. Estonia is taken aback by Italy's brazenness and confidence not found in her male counterpart, and she tells Russia to be nicer. After China crawls on top of him and offers him medicine, the "suspicious God who tried to instigate Hungary that one time" appears and tells Estonia that he had granted his wish. As Estonia proclaims that this isn't what he wants, he wakes up to the normal Russia looming over him at the meeting.

Hetalia-like Food Column

Scattered throughout the book are one-page omake illustrations called Hetalia-like Food Column. Each page contains the story of an item of food, a method of cooking, or a food-related event that's made a notable impact on a country, continent, and/or culture. Common threads include cultural trends throughout Europe, the entrance into American fast food, and the origin of several ingredients and methods from China.

May be Useful Tomorrow "Heta Wisdom Foretelling"

Scattered throughout the book are one-page omake illustrations called May be Useful Tomorrow "Heta Wisdom Foretelling". Each page contains a piece of random trivia (labeled "useless" information) with the characters from Hetalia in a normally one-panel illustration.

At the end of the book, there is a strip showcasing Himaruya's travels and work in 2010, including a trip he took to Taiwan.

The standard edition of the book came with a comic insert entitled Thank You for Purchasing Volume 4!. The strip shows the Nordics lining up for a photo commemorating the release of Volume 4, but to Norway's annoyance they discover that Denmark is missing. It turns out he is off trying to become closer friends with Germany, and Norway proposes that they use a drawing attached to a stick in his place.

Special Edition Booklet

Cover of Japanese Special Edition Booklet.

Bonus Manga


The fourth volume was released by Gentosha on June 30, 2011.


  • Romano's Diary includes a reprint of the strip Excuses from Comic Diary 10.
  • Grandpa Rome and the Strong Guy reprints the Extra Story Roma-jiichan and Spartacus.
  • Maria Theresa and the Seven Years' War is a redrawn and revised version of the Extra Story of the same name. This version omits the sequences featuring France and Spain, and also eliminates cameos from Italy, Sweden, Finland, England, Poland, and Lithuania. Additionally, Austria forms an alliance with Russia in addition to France, and both arrive at the end of the chapter.
  • March Revolution Executive reprints the strip of the same name from Comic Diary 10.
  • Netherlands and Isolationist Japan reprints the Extra Story of the same name.
  • Cat Festival is a redrawn version of the Extra Story of the same name, with a new strip at the end depicting and adult Austria and Germany.
  • The Centennial Gift reprints the blog strip The Story of the Statue of Liberty at the beginning.
  • Before the International Conference reprints the blog strip Walking together, though it omits the first part of the walking chart and the first panel where Germany and Austria are talking before Japan arrives.
  • Keep on moving!! March Forward, Sealand! reprints the extra story First encounter with Principality of Wy!, with an omake illustration featuring Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus omitted, and the strip Sealand-kun's Christmas from the 2009 Christmas Event.
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