Overflowing Passion

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Overflowing Passion
Song released in Hetalia Digital Single The Best Plus α
Artist Masaya Onosaka, Go Inoue, and Atsushi Kousaka
Released August 10, 2012 (Comiket)
September 26, 2012
Length 3:56
Lyrics Saori Kodama
Composer Takuya Watanabe
Hetalia Song Chronology
Peace Sounds Nice... Overflowing Passion Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo

Overflowing Passion (ほとばしれ情熱 Hotobashire Jounetsu?) is the image song for the trio of France, Spain, and Prussia (the third for France and Prussia, the second for Spain) in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Masaya Onosaka in the voice of France, Go Inoue in the voice of Spain, and Atsushi Kousaka in the voice of Prussia.





果敢な日常 ほな行こか
最強 愉快だぜー



自由な情操 知りたいかい?
収穫 たのしいなあ

果敢な日常 さあ行くぜー
官能 美の追求


Prussia: Nandatte dekiru ze
Spain: Konkyo wa muyou ya de
France: Sonna otoshigoro
Everyone: Oretachi no nichijou

Prussia: Jissai muteki da ze
Spain: Genki ga ichiban ya de
France: Ai ga katsuryoku sa
Everyone: Sorezore no yarikata de

France: Kawaii mon amuuru
Prussia: Mitorechau ze
Spain: Otoko yasakai kan’nin naa

Everyone: Kakan na nichijou
Spain: Hona ikouka
France: Itsu datte sekai wa ugoiteru
Prussia: Saikyou! Yukai da ze
Spain: Wanpaku ya naa
France: Jouzetsu na jounetsu ni mi o yudane
Bara iro no mainichi o okurou
Prussia: Oresama no mama de

Spain: Gyousan waraou na
Prussia: Hitori mo tanoshii ze
France: Gokujou no randebuu
Prussia and Spain: Sorezore no hirusagari

France: Sutoraiki ni
Prussia: Burogu koushin
Spain: Shiesuta kate hissu ya

Everyone: Jiyuu na jousou
France: Shiritai kai?
Prussia: Itsu datte ore wa tomaranee
Spain: Shuukaku tanoshii naa
France: Ai o katarou
Prussia: Kodoku na jounetsu mo saikou da ze
Gokigen ni mainichi sugosu n da ze
Spain: Taiyou no shita de

Everyone: Kakan na nichijou!
Prussia: Saa iku ze
Spain: Itsu de mo sekai wa ugoitoru
France: Kan’nou bi no tsuikyuu
Prussia: Don’yoku da ze
Spain: Shaberi na jounetsu mo ee mon yaro?
Kigen you ashita mo sugosou naa

France: Mune ni kagayaku
Everyone: Kachikan o daite

Prussia: We can achieve anything
Spain: We don’t need any reason
France: At this age
Everyone: Our daily life

Prussia: I’m truly invincible
Spain: Being energetic is the best
France: Love is my driving power
Everyone: Each of us in our own way

France: You're so cute mon amour[1]
Prussia: I'm enraptured by you
Spain: 'Cause I'm a man, please excuse me.

Everyone: Bold everyday,
Spain: Let’s go!
France: The world is forever spinning
Prussia: Strongest! So cheerful!
Spain: And so mischievous!
France: Entrusting body to loquacious passion
Let’s spend our days in the colour of roses
Prussia: In my awesome way

Spain: Laughing a lot!
Prussia: So much fun alone!
France: Finest-quality rendezvous!
Prussia and Spain: Everybody’s early afternoon

France: Strikes and
Prussia: blog updates
Spain: and siestas are essential!

Everyone: Free sentiment
France: Do you want to know?
Prussia: I won’t ever stop
Spain: Harvest is so much fun!
France: Let’s talk about love
Prussia: Solitary passion is the best, too!
Spending our days in cheerful mood
Spain: Under the sun

Everyone: Bold everyday!
Prussia: Let’s go!
Spain: The world is forever spinning
France: Voluptuousness and pursuit of beauty
Prussia: So greedy!
Spain: Talkative passion is good too, isn’t it!
Let’s make tomorrow cheerful too

France: Glowing in my heart
Everyone: Holding our own values!

  1. French : my love

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