It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part

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It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part
Hetalia: The World Twinkle episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 10
Original air date September 3, 2015 (US/Canada)
September 4, 2015 (Japan)
Production Credits
Ending theme "Hetalian☆Jet" by Daisuke Namikawa
Hetalia Episode Chronology
It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - First Part It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part Davie

It's a Pandora Box of Countries! - Second Part (国の玉手箱やぁ!後編 Kuni no Tamatebako yaa! Kōhen?) is the tenth episode of Hetalia: The World Twinkle, and the one hundred and thirtieth overall in the anime series Hetalia. It was released early by Funimation to their subscribers in the United States and Canada on September 3, 2015, and was broadcast in Japan on September 4, 2015. It adapts the second half of the It's a Pandora Box of Countries chapter from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 6.

Plot Summary

The episode opens with a shot of the micronations walking to their next destination, while still being followed by a mysterious person. Sealand, in narration, explains what has happened so far and how they were going to meet a guy who sets a good example for them, although Seborga wishes they were a girl and Wy dejected says she has no desire to learn from anyone. Sealand asks Wy if something was wrong, but Wy cites nothing. Then, Wy notices her surroundings, which include cars, facilities, and a bilby. She realizes that they were in Australia, and tells the group she wants to leave. Sealand is shocked and protests, but before she can leave, Hutt River appears to them. Hutt River tells Wy she shouldn't leave without greeting him, and that it was polite to respect your senior. Sealand lights up upon seeing Hutt River and is amazed by him. However, Molossia flips him off and yells at him for trying to be so superior. Hutt River only calmly asks if they wanted to come to his house, buts adds the cost for a Hutt River visa is two Hutt River dollars. Seborga tells him not to worry about them, and Sealand asks if he wanted to join their group. Hutt River eloquently contemplates the decision, but eventually decides to postpone his decision. Doing so, he enrages Wy and Molossia, but Sealand agrees to wait. Meanwhile, the mysterious person eavesdrops from behind a tree, while mocking them.

After the opening sequence, the group continues on and travels to Japan. Molossia criticizes their encounter with Hutt River, but Seborga comments that he thought he was funny. Sealand and the group pushes onward, and Wy asks if the next micronation wasn't a weirdo like the last people they had met. Sealand assures her that he's met the next person, Nikoniko Republic, and they were not a weirdo, but he trails off when he reads a sign saying that he had returned to being a normal Japanese citizen. Sealand screams in shock and cries. He passes them nearby, declaring his love for eggs. In Sealand's distress, the mysterious kid that had been following them appears and begins to mock the micronations. The boy, another micronation, goes up to Sealand to boast about his achievements and successes in an attempt to intimidate them, but Sealand is unaffected and holds his own and is able to baffle his challenger. Molossia notices a noisy laptop nearby. Irked by the noise, he shuts it off, and as the micronation tries to forcefully initiate himself has the new leader, he vanishes into the laptop, which scares Wy.

The micronation, trapped inside the laptop until it is turned on, is forced to submit to Sealand and he reluctantly introduces himself as Ladonia, a Swedish micronation. He explains he is connected to the laptop because of how "high-tech" and "on the net" he was. Sealand finally asks if Ladonia would like to be his friend, and he angrily refuses his offer and expresses his hate for him. Sealand is disappointed, commenting how he liked Ladonia for being so interesting. Ladonia is taken aback and defeated, and begins to wonder.

Sealand calls another meeting, and he delightfully declares the day was productive. In the end, all of the micronations they met were allowed into the group, instead of just one new member as originally intended. Sealand asks everyone to work hard to get into the United Nations, and as they cheerfully agree, Wy stares on in disbelief to the fact that everyone was allowed to join.

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