Hetalia: Axis Powers with a Silicon Mold!! Sweets Book

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Hetalia: Axis Powers with a Silicon Mold!! Sweets Book
ヘタリア Axis Powers シリコン型付き!! SWEETS BOOK
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released December 22, 2012
Pages 64
ISBN ISBN 290-0-0073-6854-8
Masaaki Kannan Anime Illustrations Sweets Book Hetalia: Axis Powers Supplement

The Hetalia: Axis Powers with a Silicon Mold!! Sweets Book for the series Hetalia: Axis Powers was released in Japan by the publisher Gentosha. The book contains recipes for different themed sweets dishes. A silicon mold with the faces of the Axis and Allies characters was included with the book to be used to make accents for the sweets. The very back of the book includes one page with a stencil and another page of deco pics for decorating the sweets.


The beginning of the book opens with general instructions on what supplies are needed and some tips on decorating. The rest of the chapters are as follows:

(1) Let's Use the Silicon Mold! Standard Sweets

This chapter illustrates how to use the silicon mold to create agar gelatin, madeleine cake, crème caramel and chocolate sweets.

(2) Hetalia ★ Deco Arrangements - World Sweets

This section focuses on different recipes based on the Axis and Allies characters.

  • White Flag Tiramisu (Italy)
  • A Toast by a Hexenhaus (Germany)
  • Splendid Fruit and Rice Dumpling Anmitsu (Japan)
  • Unidentified Flying Apple Pie (America)
  • Wonderland Trifle (England)
  • Pudding Parfait Revolution (France)
  • Giant Almond Pudding (China)
  • Blini Longcoat (Russia)
(3) Hetalia Deco Arrangements - Seasonal Sweets

This section focuses on different seasonal recipes for holidays.

  • Big Brother's Valentine's Deco Chocolates (Valentine's Day)
  • Agar Jelly Containing Blue Earth Shaved Ice (Summer Festival)
  • Party Night at the Halloween Choux Tower! (Halloween)
  • Our Christmas Eve Decorated Buche de Noel (Christmas)

Himaruya's Sweets Column

At the start of each World Sweets recipe, there is a single column illustration by Himaruya. These illustrations are accompanied by a paragraph discussing a random fact about some of the food from the relating country. There are nine of these columns in total. Aside from the Axis and Allies, Hong Kong also makes a cameo in China's column.


The book and silicon mold came with a special box to keep them together. The silicon mold itself came in a separate box for safe keeping.

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