Hetalia Greeting!

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Hetalia Greeting!
Greeting 01.jpg
Release Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released February 27, 2015
Region Region 2

Hetalia Greeting! (ヘタリアグリーティング!?) is a DVD-ROM released by Gentosha that provides pre-made greeting cards using illustrations from Hetalia: Axis Powers drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya. It contains 1000 illustrations that can be used to print or email custom postcards and greeting cards. The images are accessed through a website-like interface. Image editing software can be used to customize the multipurpose and photo frame cards.


Seasonal and Event Cards

  • Cards for the four seasons.
  • Use for season’s greetings and events!
  • Seasonal motif cards, White Day, Star Festival, Summer Greetings, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Congratulations and Ceremony Cards

  • Birthday, school acceptance, job acceptance, moving and other congratulatory scenes!
  • Congratulations, Birthday (seasonal), Graduation, School Acceptance, Employment, etc.

Informational Cards

  • Convenient for sending news to close friends and those you’re indebted to!
  • Graduation Info, School Acceptance Info, Occupational Change Info, Moving Info, etc.

Message and Greeting Cards

  • Use to convey your feelings and express gratitude.
  • There are various greeting cards too!
  • Thank you cards, get well cards, etc.

Multipurpose Cards

  • Nation and manga panel motifs were added to pack the cards with fun.
  • Various scenes are used!
  • Nation motif cards, manga panel cards, etc.

Photo Frame Cards

  • Create cards to insert photos. Make sure the software can read PNG format.

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