Hetalia Fantasia 3

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Hetalia Fantasia 3
Album Information
Released November 2, 2011
Tracks 5
Label Frontier Works, Media Factory
Status In Print
Hetalia Album Chronology
DJCD Hetalia World Web Radio - Hetalira Hetalia Fantasia 3 Gakuen Hetalia DS: What one day happened in HR - Practice for the Performance Day (Momotarō)

Hetalia Fantasia 3 is the ninth commercial drama CD for Hetalia: Axis Powers, released as a special mail-order gift to those who purchased Volume 4. It acts as a continuation of the second Hetalia Fantasia CD.

Track Listing

No. Title Length
1. "Our Tale So Far" (いままでのあらすじ) 2:36
2. "Come One Come All Fantasia" (キテミテファンタジア) 8:30
3. "The Path That Leads to There" (ソコに辿り着くまで) 5:01
4. "Crisis Fantasia" (ファンタジアの危機) 11:53
5. "The Decisive Battle!" (決戦!) 19:28
6. "Bonus Track" (BONUS TRACK)  

Plot Summary

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The story starts in track 2, with Lithuania being busy with work and complaining about it. The phone soon rings, with Poland on the line. Poland asks Lithuania to go slay a dragon, Lithuania interpreting it as one of Poland's wild fantasies, but is told that it is on an online game. He refuses but, after making sure Poland can start the game by himself, agrees to do it the next weekend.

The scene then cuts to America and Japan in the Hetalia Fantasia Developers' Room, with America complaining that the work is boring and that he feels like breaking something. After stopping him, Japan tells him about a strange player named The Black and White Knight of the Dark Night with extremely high level and lots of Heta, items and equipment acting like a monster, attacking other players claiming to do missionary work and then plundering their inventory and money. They log in on the game to confront the player, but he attacks them. America challenges him, but is quickly defeated.

Track 3 starts with Poland not being able to start the game, and crying because of it. He is visited by Estonia, who says he was sent there by Lithuania to help Poland. He easily helps him, and Poland asks him to tell Lithuania that he did it himself.

The scene changes to Italy declaring that he's ready for adventure and running into Germany. Germany is surprised that Italy comes before Japan, and wonders what has happened. They then hear two players discussing The Black and White Knight of the Dark Night, revealing that he's running wild in Victoria, a new area in the game, and that he, besides plundering defeated players of all Heta and items, forces them to become his follower. The track ends with them getting a message from Japan, warning them about the knight.

Track 4 starts with China, seemingly successfully, trying to convince Canada to buy from him. However, Canada refuses in the last second to China's chagrin. China then fantasizes about Japan getting overwhelmed by something cute and trying to resist buying it. He then snaps out of it and berates Canada for being too penny-pinching. They are then interrupted by players screaming and stampeding, with one of them warning them to run. China and Canada, however, stay their ground and watches the knight convert the player that tried to warn them into a follower. China tries to make business with another player, but he is killed and converted before he can end the deal. This causes China to get angry and challenge the knight, who attacks him.

The scene changes to England proudly showing France and Russia the babies his Hetaeon gave birth to. They are interrupted by America running towards them, exhausted. He tells them about the knight, but none of them (except for Russia, who made him kneel before him) know about him. America wants to go and challenge him again, but the others talk him into letting them come too. China then comes running towards them in a panic, telling them that the knight beat him and took all his wares.

He also tells them that, while he got away, Canada was abducted by him and forced to sing a song praising him together with his followers, which will eventually turn him into one of them. America is surprised to hear about the group, and the Allies decides to go save Canada and the followers. The track ends with a short scene of the followers singing the song praising the knight, with Canada starting to sing it too, to his distress.

Track 5 starts in the same place, in which Track 4 ended. The knight notices the Allies, who are trying to decide what to do. They hope Russia will help them, but find that he logged out of the game.

The scene changes to Germany, who tries to train Italy. Seeing two girls, Italy goes to them, that Germany does not immediately notice. Italy got turned down and tries to head back to where Germany is. Along the way he meets Poland, who does not know what to do now, and his pet Uppi. Then they go together, but soon Poland begins to feel uncomfortable and offers Italy to turn back. Italy agrees, but at this moment they see a running guy, who warns them about the knight. Few seconds later they notice France. He looks like very bad and advises them to use the recovery.

The scene changed to the Allies. Under the blow of the knight America falls, but says that it's not over yet.

The scene changed again - Germany is looking for Italy and meets the guy, whom Italy and Poland have met before. Germany asks him about Italy, hears about the knight and runs to the rescue.

Voice Cast

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