Hetalia: Axis Powers: Travel Conversation Book - America Edition - This is the Center of the World!

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Travel Conversation Book - America Edition - This is the Center of the World!
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released July 19, 2011
Pages 159
ISBN ISBN 978-4-3448-2273-3
Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4 Travel Conversation Book - America Edition - This is the Center of the World! Travel Conversation Book - Spain Edition - Welcome to the Kingdom of the Sun!

Travel Conversation Book - America Edition - This is the Center of the World! (旅の会話ブック アメリカ編 ここが世界の中心(アメリカ)だ! Tabi no Kaiwa Book America Hen Koko ga Sekai no Chushin da!) also known by an alternate English title English for Travelling - All About the USA! is a conversational travel guide for Japanese speakers traveling in the United States. The book contains appearances of the character America, who acts as a visual aid in teaching the reader words and phrases in English.

Reprinted Material

Several 4komas from the manga are republished and translated as a teaching tool with vocabulary from that story listed underneath. In addition, several previously published illustrations and chibis are used as graphics in the book. The strips that appear in this guide are listed below:

Introductory Lessons
  • A Friend of America's Boss - Reprinted from the "Allied Forces" chapter of Volume 1.
Chapter 1
  • Photoshopping With Aliens - Reprinted from Volume 1.
  • It Doesn't Have To Be So Detailed - Reprinted from the "Hello World! Hello Italy!" chapter of Volume 2.
  • Let's Play Table-Turning!! - Reprinted from the "Japan's Path to Cultural Enlightenment" chapter of Volume 2.
Chapter 2
  • Imprinting is Awesome - Reprinted from the "England, Dreaming of Days Long Passed" chapter of Volume 3.
  • A Restaurant on the Coast - Reprinted from the "Boss Spain & Chibiromano" chapter of Volume 3.
  • I Hate This Cafe... Part 2 - Reprinted from the "Hello World! Hello Italy!" chapter of Volume 2.
  • The Reason Why Americans Love Spring - Reprinted from the "Why Americans Love Spring" chapter of Volume 2.
Chapter 3
  • United States of Hetalia 2 - Reprinted from Volume 3.
  • Power Ranger Allied Forces - Reprinted from the "Allied Forces" chapter of Volume 1.
  • Ghost Hotel - Reprinted from the "Ghost Hotel" chapter of Volume 1.
  • I'm Giving it a Shot - Reprinted from "The Awesome Frantic Me" chapter of Volume 3.
Chapter 4
  • You Were Young Back Then - Reprinted from the "Allied Forces" chapter of Volume 1.
  • To My Brother... - Reprinted from the "Liechtenstein's Doting Brother Diaries" chapter of Volume 2.
  • We Don't Have Enough Gold - Reprinted from the "Axis Powers" chapter of Volume 1.

New Material

Preview Column #1
Himaruya recommends a few tourist attractions in New York City for travelers to visit, specifically the suburbs, Times Square, Central Park and Brooklyn. He recommends visiting open churches too for their rich history and displays. It also states if you get lost, just ask somebody for help and they'll explain what to do. The accompanying strip has America recommending tourists to come with a backpack and comfortable sneakers. He explains that sometimes the subway or train stops nearest to sight-seeing destinations aren't really that close the final destination. Italy and Romano learn this the hard way.
Preview Column #2
Himaruya recommends a few different American foods to try while visiting the United States. He mentions avocado sushi, smoothies, hot dogs, American bagels, and ice cream. There's also a tip about ordering steaks, and it mentions getting a "doggie-bag" to take home any leftovers that you can't eat. The accompanying strip has America discussing how popular meat is in the United States, and he explains to Japan how Americans like food that is quickly prepared.
Preview Column #3
Himaruya explains that use of the English language changes from country to country - specifically elaborating on the differences in American, British, and Canadian English. The accompanying strip shows America asking England for chips and recieving fries instead, and America calling England "sir" - an American way to properly address someone. However, in the UK the word carries more weight, and England appears shocked.
Preview Column #4
Himaruya gives advice to travelers on buying souvenirs while on vacation in the United States. He recommends buying snacks in a supermarket instead of a gift shop, as well as some of the oddly colored foods to show friends back in Japan. He also recommends buying souvenirs or presents from museum gift shops, large book stores, and pharmacies, as they tend to be of higher quality. The accompanying strip shows China, Taiwan, and Japan looking through the cheap American souvenirs, and England telling America to put more effort into them. America says that he wants the journey itself to be the main highlight, and that "memories are the greatest souvenirs," while England remains skeptical.
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