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Hetalia: The Beautiful World episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 10
Original air date March 29, 2013
Production Credits
Screenplay Yuki Enatsu
Storyboards Rei Otaki
Director Taro Kubo
Key Animation Tomomi Ishikawa
Ending theme "Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo" by Daisuke Namikawa
Hetalia Episode Chronology
At Netherlands' Turkey&! Our Failure

Turkey&! (とること! Toruko to!) is the tenth episode of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and the one hundred and tenth overall in the anime series Hetalia. It was broadcast on March 29, 2013. It adapts the entirety of the Turkey&! chapter from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4, as well as the Little Egypt and Greece request from the Christmas 2011 site event.

Plot Summary

Little Egypt and Greece

Turkey tells a young Greece and a young Egypt a story about Mr. Hoca: Someone asked Mr. Hoca "How long do we have to repeat life and death?" and he responded: "When heaven and hell become full." Turkey adds that that probably wouldn't happen for a little while. Egypt laughs, but Greece says that "Death is not the end". He then enters a "philosophical mode". Speech bubbles begin to overwhelm Turkey, who tells Egypt to fetch him some sweets. Egypt runs off as Greece begins to talk extensively about wanting to pet cats.

Mochi Greece

In the first transition screen, Mochi Greece yawns.

Turkey and Greece

Turkey and Greece sit on some stone steps next to each other, and Turkey asks Greece what was going on with him lately. Greece refuses to tell him anything, and Turkey asks him if he wants to fight, to which Greece agrees. As they stare menacingly at each other, a man nearby begins to play a pair of drums, which makes Greece and Turkey seem to forget their argument. They stand up and begin to dance. The narrator explains that while they appeared to be incompatible, they both got up to dance whenever they hear music. The man playing the drums watches them in disbelief, saying that he was just practicing and these two "weirdos" started dancing.

Can’t Resist the Good Feeling

Greece is petting a cat when Cyprus shows up and demands that he should make friends with Turkey soon. Greece says that he was trying but he couldn't help but throw Hellas punches. Greece says when he closed his eyes, he saw a scary Turkey, and images of several Turkeys wearing different animal costumes appeared. Cyprus is creeped out by this, and asks Greece if he had any good memories with him. Greece ponders this, and remembers Turkey taking him to a bathhouse where he washed him. Greece admits that taking a bath with him was pretty fun, as Cyprus is surprised that they are close enough to take baths together.

Mochi Greece, Part 2

In the second transition screen, a cat is sitting on Mochi Greece's head and meows.

At Galata Bridge

The narrator explains that the Galata Bridge was so spectacular, it had become a tourist spot. On the bridge, Italy holds up a camera and asks Germany to smile. While Germany says his face was fine as it was, a man runs up and swipes the camera. The narrator explains that it was also famous for its pickpockets, who were difficult to catch because they were quite fast and strong. Turkey, who is fishing on the bridge, sees what is happening, catches the thief, and proceeds to manhandle and yell at him.

He Wasn't Incompetent so There's Nothing to be Embarrassed About

Italy gets his camera back and thanks Turkey. Turkey says that they now can enjoy the splendor of his place, and remarks that Italy had mellowed out. Italy admits that he used to be pretty wild, much to Germany's surprise. Turkey admits that he egged Italy on a long time ago out of curiosity but Italy beat the crap out of him, which stuns Germany. Turkey describes Italy as "fighting single-handedly like a demon", while Germany is left greatly disturbed by this revelation.

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast


  • The title of this episode and the corresponding chapter is formatted in the same way as the title of the manga series Yotsuba&!.
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