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Hetalia: Axis Powers
Main Storyline
Hetalia Chapter1.jpg
The title page for the first webcomic chapter of Hetalia.
Storyline Information
Release date(s) July 7 - December 20, 2006
Location Kitayume

The original main storyline of the Hetalia: Axis Powers webcomic by Hidekaz Himaruya originally ran from July 7 (July 6 EST) through December 20, 2006 with the fifth chapter left incomplete. The plot takes place in the time-frame between WWI and WWII, with the introduction of both the Axis Powers and Allied Forces and the depiction of events leading up to the 1939 Invasion of Poland.

A sixth chapter was planned along with a seventh one, but both have yet to be posted and likely have been scrapped indefinitely. During the run of this storyline, many side-stories were produced which soon gained more significance and became the primary vehicle of the story. Portions of this storyline have been adapted into various audio dramas and anime episodes, and many elements have been reworked into new material in Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1.

Published Material

Hetalia Chapter 1

(ヘタリア1話 Hetaria 1-wa)

The first arc in the main storyline covers the meeting of Germany and Italy towards the end of World War I. After taking Italy prisoner, Germany eventually becomes so annoyed by him that he makes him leave. However, after the war, they end up becoming allies when Italy sees news about Germany building up his military. Together with Japan, whom Germany has been on good terms with, they form the Axis Powers. Other events in the arc include Italy traveling to Egypt to start a fight (only to wind up needing Germany to bail him out), and Germany and Italy becoming prisoners of war.

  • A revised/retconned version of this arc can be found in the Axis Powers chapter in Volume 1 of the published manga. In the published version, Japan joins the Axis in 1940 with the signing of the Tripartite Pact, while in the webcomic version he joins in 1936 due to his agreement with Germany.

Japan Comic Omake

(おまけの日本漫画 Omake no Nihon manga)

A series of strips about Japan's place in the Axis and his unfamiliarity with certain European customs. After a fire destroys many of Japan's crops, he goes to Italy to ask for help, and Italy happily gives him some uncooked pasta. Perplexed, Japan initially tries boiling the pasta in a kettle, and then tries praying to it and planting it in the ground. Later, Japan reacts badly to getting captured and experiences the trauma of riding in a car driven by Italy.


Kitchen in Crisis. (台所が超ピンチ。 Daidokoro ga chō pinchi.?)
Pasta... so good... (パスタ…うま… Pasuta… uma…?)
We got arrested again. (また捕虜になりました。 Mata horyo ni narimashita.?)
After a meeting... (会議後…。 Kaigi-go….?)
(Redrawn as a part of The Circumstances with European Cars in Volume 3 of the published manga. Adapted in Episode 61 of the anime.)

Hetare 2: Allied Forces

(ヘタレ2 Allied forces Hetare 2 Araido forces)

The second arc covers the point of view of the Allied Forces as it is formed. America immediately takes charge, but quickly gets into an argument with England and France. China arrives late, and they begin arguing over land claims. The meeting closes with Italy being discovered as spying on them when he asks if they're having dinner. Other events in the arc include Germany secretly going to a restaurant in France and Russia jumping out of a plane into the show without a parachute.

  • The events of this arc are replaced with the equivalent Power Ranger Allied Forces chapter in Volume 1 of the published manga, which has a number of differences in addition to some similarities.

Hetare 3: G-R Nonaggression Pact?

(ヘタレ3 G-R Nonaggression Pact? Hetare 3 G-R Nonaggression Pact?)

The third arc covers Germany training Italy and Japan in the art of warfare. Italy immediately tries to abandon training but is quickly reprimanded by Germany. Italy apologizes, but the process repeats itself a multitude of times. Meanwhile, England decides to get revenge on America after finding out that the later had built a fleet of planes to beat the crap out of him. He brings the cursed Busby stoop chair to the meeting room, but Russia sits in the chair instead and it breaks, outweighed by Russia's darkness. In another attempt, he invites America out to a bar to get him drunk and spill his plans, but England ends up getting drunk instead and throws a tantrum about the American Revolution. Back at the Axis's training, Italy accidentally runs in front of a tank during a drill, and neither Italy nor Japan prove to be knowledgeable in Germany's combat style. As chaos ensues, France looks on and wonders how he could have been defeated by the three of them.

  • Although the title and Himaruya's summary reference the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and Russia, the pact is nowhere to be found in the chapter while Russia only shows up briefly and in a footnote. This is due to the fact that the chapter was to originally focus on the pact, with the original opening strips involving the signing of it. However, due to historical inaccuracies involving Russia and Germany in the aforementioned strips, they were removed and the chapter was tweaked to start at Germany and Italy simply training. The pact would instead be featured in chapter 5 (in a much different format). For more information see Lost strips of Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Hetare 4: Pact of Steel

(ヘタレ4 鋼鉄協約 Hetare 4 Kōtetsu Kyōyaku)

Germany and Russia begin stressing over a meeting between the two of them set up by their respective bosses. Meanwhile, Italy has a nightmare where Germany and Japan abandon him because he is too weak, and asks France for advice on how to keep his friends. Italy eventually writes a letter explaining his feelings but is too frightened to deliver it. Germany finds the letter and, to reassure Italy, they form the "Pact of Steel", much to Romano's displeasure. At the same time Lithuania hears that Russia is planning on invading Poland. He decides to warn his old friend, who doesn't seem to take it very seriously, and Lithuania begins to remember exactly what life living with Poland was like. The day of the meeting, Italy waits up to meet Russia, but when the clock strikes 3:00 he takes off his clothes to take a siesta.

  • In Volume 1, Germany and Italy appear to make a completely different pact (though slightly based off of the pact in the first webcomic chapter), after Italy learns of Germany's war on France.


(ちびたりあ Chibitaria)

The story of Italy in his youth, focusing primarily on his days under Austria's rule where he was regularly punished for his clumsy mistakes. Also residing in the house is the Holy Roman Empire - a boy who believes Italy is a girl and has a crush on him - and Hungary - a young maiden with a bizarre sense of humor.

  • An altered version of this storyline was reprinted in Volume 1, with some strips rearranged, omake illustrations cut out, and the entire ending shortened. An extra strip was also added, featuring a story with Romano and Spain.

Hetare 5: Lietuvis!!

(ヘタレ5 Lietuvis!! Hetare 5 Lietuvis!!)

The meeting between Germany and Russia takes place and they are able to reach an agreement, despite interruptions from Japan - who vehemently objects - and Italy - who arrives late in a state of undress. Meanwhile, England and France's attempt to form an alliance with Poland doesn't go as planned, as the later doesn't seem to take the threat posed by Germany and Russia seriously. At the same time Lithuania continues to worry about him as Germany begins to mobilize for the invasion.

  • There were originally several more pages to this chapter, but four of them (17-20) were either permanently deleted or never written to begin with. Four of the next five pages, which were "hidden" on the site, were reprinted as Extra: Toward an Unknown Tomorrow in Volume 1. The one page that didn't make it into the reprint involved Lithuania dreaming about his complicated friendship with Poland.

Unpublished Material


Hidekaz Himaruya has mentioned plans for a followup chapter to Chibitalia, Shotalia, which would follow Italy into his teens.

Chapter 6: Friend Invasion

Though this chapter was first announced in late 2006 and a preliminary illustration of its "cover page" (featuring Lithuania) was posted on the site, after the completion of Lietuvis, in mid-2007.

Chapter 7

Announced by Himaruya in November 2006, along with chapter 6. It is unknown what this chapter would have covered, though Himaruya stated that he hoped to publish the chapter "within the year".

External Links

  • Official site: Hidekaz Himaruya's official homepage for the webcomic.
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