Get the World!! Kitayume Anthology Hetalian

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Get the World!! Kitayume Anthology Hetalian
Volume Information
Released September 24, 2007
Pages 358
Get the World!! Kitayume Anthology Hetalian The World of Hetalia Exhibition Commemoration Anthology: Premium

Get the World!! Kitayume Anthology Hetalian is a dōjinshi anthology released during the Get The World Kitayume Only Event. The cover and some of the internal content was drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya. The rest of the book contains fan contributions, including comics, illustrations and short stories. Though the book is a Kitayume anthology, the content primarily focuses on Hetalia.

Material by Hidekaz Himaruya

Introductory Comic

The introductory comic, which is two pages in full color, focuses on Italy, Japan and Germany discussing the event and reflecting on all that's happened leading up to that event. When their reflecting consists of imagining Italy obsess over pasta, Italy realizes with great distress that all of it has been him being useless. When questioning if he did more than that, the others refuse to comment. At the very end of the strip is a thank you message from Himaruya to the event attendees.

German Simulator

Narrated in the style of a simulation game, Germany is out grocery shopping and gets stuck in a long line at the register. It is revealed that Spain is the cashier and is having a conversation with Greece, and that both of them are moving extremely slowly. The other customers in the line, other nations, have varied reactions to this situation while Germany gets progressively more annoyed. This strip was later reprinted under the same name as a part of Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 1, and adapted in Episode 14 of the anime.

Get The World Kitayume Only Event booklet

Booklet cover drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya.

A booklet given out at the event, functioning as a brochure, features a cover illustration by Himaruya. The beginning of the booklet has a short fancomic featuring characters from Hetalia and other Kitayume series. The remainder of the booklet contains a map of the event area and a list of participating circles. Each circle is represented by a square sample of their artwork.

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