Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American

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Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American
Hetalia: The Beautiful World episode
Episode Information
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 7
Original air date March 8, 2013
Production Credits
Screenplay Yuki Enatsu
Storyboards Tomo Kosaka
Director Tomo Kosaka
Key Animation Yoshiko Nakajima
Ending theme "Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo" by Daisuke Namikawa
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Romano's Diary Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American The Gentle Fight Between Russia and I

Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American (アメリカ人と暮らしてるとよくあること Amerikajin to kurashi teruto yoku aru koto) is the seventh episode of Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and the one hundred and seventh overall in the anime series Hetalia. It was broadcast on March 8, 2013. It adapts the entirety of the Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American chapter from Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4. In addition, it also adapts some of the Omochi Manga Summary story from the original webcomic, and the strip Americans and Fugu from the Americans and~ Omake section of the Volume 4 Omake Page on the Kitayume website.

Plot Summary

Japan looks down at an address that he had written down on a piece of paper. He's walking near a group of apartments and says "It's here." He walks up to a house with his suitcase and is about to knock on the door when it flies open and America welcomes him. He says that Japan must have been his new roomie. Japan bows and says that although it would only be for a short while, he hoped that they would be able to get along well.

In a room full of streamers and a large table full of food and wine, America explains that it was a welcome party. Japan says that America didn't have to be so considerate for his sake. America exclaims that he didn't mind at all and that he prepared a special lunch for him. He reaches over and starts digging for something, as Japan looks over and asks if it was a snack. America drops a large slab of beef on to the table, he was going to cook. Japan nervously asks if it was some kind of American initiation rite.

Variety is Important

The narrator explains the differences between how American and Japanese people dress. First, it shows America walking down the street in casual clothes holding fast food and drinking a pop. Then, it shows him sitting down on the couch with a book, still wearing casual clothes. It is explained that, roughly speaking, the clothes Americans wear don't really change whether they are going out or staying in. Then, it shows Japan walking in, wearing more formal clothes (a hat and a scarf). He then changes into a tracksuit in his room. America peeks around the corner and is surprised at how different Japan became. He looks at the door of Japan's room, asking what happened to Japan after he went through that door. Japan lies lazily on his bed, saying that he "believes you [could] say a Japanese saga happened," while America is still looking around the room for a clue.

Part 3

Japan sits on the carpet and is using a roller to clean it. America asks him if he is training to enter the FBI. Japan, surprised, explains that he was just using the roller to clean the carpet, and that there was quite a bit of small garbage on the carpet. America tells Japan not to clean so meticulously, and runs around with his vacuum cleaner, even though Japan replies that he was cleaning trash that a vacuum cleaner couldn't pick up.

Mochi America and Mochi Italy

Mochi America and Mochi Italy, the former with 3 bottles of ketchup, mustard and chocolate, approach a dish of leaves as a voice telling them it was time for dinner. Mochi Italy is about to eat the leaves just as the other mochi splatters ketchup and mustard over them, much to Mochi Italy's horror. Mochi America then jumps on the chocolate bottle repeatedly, exclaiming "I can fly!", while the other yells.

Part 3, Continued

Music is heard while Japan is reading and America is watching TV. The latter stands up and dances enthusiastically to the music, but Japan remains interested in the book. America asks him why he was not dancing, and Japan replies that he doesn't dance.

Mochi America and Mochi Italy, Part 2

Character Appearances

Voice Cast

English Dub Cast


  • Though Estonia and Prussia do not appear in the original story of Things that Often Happen When Rooming with an American nor this episode, they are credited in the episode preview contained in the April 2013 edition of Comic Birz and in the ending credits.
  • The dance that America springs into is a line dance routine to the song 5, 6, 7, 8 from the British pop group Steps.[1]
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