(No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw

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(No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw
Volume Information
Publisher Shimaoka Kenkoh Land
Released December 30, 2014
Pages 24
Hetalia: Axis Powers Speciale 3 (No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 1

(No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw, originally titled Copy Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw (あんまり描けない歴史系コピー本 Anmari Egakenai Rekishi-kei Kopī Hon?), is a booklet released during Comiket 87 alongside the release of Scary Story That Happened at a Countryside High School. It contains material that would normally not be covered within the context of the series. It was orginally slated to be printed on cheaper copy paper, but plans were changed when it became cost effective to give it a printing as an actual book. Portions of the book's contents have subsequently been published on Bamboo Thicket.


Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights

A short comic contrasting the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights. The Knights Templar is shown talking to citizens, reassuring them and offering his services should they need his help with any problems. The people in turn express their admiration for him. The Teutonic Knights, however, arrives to do missionary work and demands that they convert or fight him in three rounds of wrestling. When informed he's gotten a letter from the Pope telling him to shut up, he responds with "You shut up, stupid!"

Nero's Private Tutors

A short comic depicting someone who appears to be a previous tutor of Nero, who had disobeyed Agrippina and was injured to the point where they were bandaged like a mummy. Nero comments on this, and subsequently warns him not to disobey her again or his injuries might get worse. The figure grabs Nero and begins to put a hex on him as his real tutor returns. Later, Anicetus tutors Nero and is uncomfortable as Agrippina watches from the shadows, and it is explained that there were a few private tutors who disappeared.

Germania and Rome

A series of illustrations showing Rome discussing how Germania has changed. He specifically mentions how Germania used to smile when he picked on Rome, though Germania insists it only looked like he was smiling at him. A young Germania is shown offering blunt criticism of a young Rome, the later having no idea who he is. However, Rome continues to insist that Germania's changed while Germania continues to deny it.

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