Hetalia: Axis Powers Supplement

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Hetalia: Axis Powers Supplement
別冊ヘタリア Axis Powers
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released January 24, 2013
ISBN ISBN 978-4-344-82730-1
Sweets Book Hetalia: Axis Powers Supplement Travel Conversation Book - France Edition - Rendez-vous with Big Brother France!

The first supplement for Hetalia: Axis Powers was released in Japan by the publisher Gentosha. It contains advance information on the Hetalia: The Beautiful World anime, and reprints of selected chapters from the published volumes of Hetalia: Axis Powers as well as Chibisan Date. The supplement book itself is printed in a magazine format.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Chapters

Tracks 0-7

These chapters are reprints from Volume 1. They include: Meeting of the World, Prologue, Axis Powers, Power Ranger Allied Forces, Snake VS Mongoose, …Or it’s More Like Gamba VS Noroi, Magnificent Canada Traveler’s Journal, and I Too Will Someday Become a King of Adventure. Meeting of the World is the only chapter which is printed in color. This section also includes the character bios from Volume 4.

Tracks 8-14

These chapters are reprints from Volume 2. They include: Christmas at Hetalia Academy, Together With Grandpa Rome, Greece and Japan's Loose Relations, Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness (minus the Liechtenstein vs England strip), Russia's Big and Little Sisters, Medieval England's Clothes and Hair, and Why Americans Love Spring.

Tracks 15-33

These chapters are reprints from Volume 3. They include: United States of Hetalia, Salted Salmon, Germany, and Me, The Circumstances with European Cars, Let's Think About the G8 Members, England, Dreaming of Days Long Passed, Can't Escape from Italy, How the Nice Products of Scandinavia are Made, Chatty Nordics, Boss Spain and Chibi Romano (corrects the missing word balloon on the sixth page), the first two pages of The Revenge of Medieval England's Clothes and Hair, China's Age of Exploration, The Awesome Me Memorial, The Awesome Me Diaries Part 1, The Awesome Me Diaries Part 2, The Yoke of Tartar, 15th Century Chibitalia, The Awesome Frantic Me, Crossing Through the Year 1000, and United States of Hetalia 2.

Chibisan Date Chapters

The back section reprints a few chapters from the first volume of Chibisan Date. This section includes Chapter 1: "Clear. Some of the Babena in the Garden have Flowered.", Extra #1, Chapter 2: "Clear. I Stocked Up on Paints While I was Out.", Chapter 3: "Today I Made Cookies and Tried My Hardest. Just One More.", Chapter 7: "The Story of the Day I Arrived.", and two pages of setting notes.

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