Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 1

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Hetalia: World☆Stars
Volume 1
World Stars Volume 1.jpg
Volume Information
Publisher Shueisha
Released February 4, 2015
Pages 141
ISBN ISBN 978-4-0888-0375-3
(No Longer Copy) Book of History Stuff I Can’t Really Draw Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 1 Hetalia-like WW2 Original Guide Book

The first volume of Hetalia: World☆Stars, the seventh volume overall, was released in Japan by the publisher Shueisha. It contains content from the serialization in Shonen Jump+, as well as some additional bonus material


Part 1

The first part of the volume collects strips that focus on the nations of Hetalia. Parts of it form a loosely-connected narrative, though it largely mimics the structure of strips seen under the Hetalia: Axis Powers banner.

Chapter 1 (第1章?)

Originally serialized as the first chapter of World☆Stars. It reintroduces the concept of the series as Italy makes his way to a meeting and arrives late. After Germany scolds him, Italy embarrasses Germany by showing pictures of him drunk at Oktoberfest. After the meeting, Italy begs Germany to give him a ride home, as his car and many of his possessions have been stolen. While driving, Germany finds it difficult to navigate Italian roadways due to the other drivers, who frequently ignore traffic laws, and continues to follow his car's GPS, even when it puts them in danger of crashing into a building. Upon arriving at their destination, Germany decides to do some sightseeing while he is in Italy.

Chapter 2 (第2章?)

Originally serialized as the third chapter of World☆Stars. The comic opens with an explanation on the differences between German and Italian summers, then segues to Germany's sightseeing as Italy shows him around. However, Italy shows the pickpockets and scam artists who take advantage of tourists and the overly-crowded Spanish steps, much to Germany's annoyance. Italy is confused as America found it fascinating, and Germany lists more desirable locations that they could visit. However, Italy takes this as a compliment, and even Germany admits that it essentially is. The chapter closes on a description of Germany's character and personality.

Italy's what kind of nation? (イタリアってどんな国??)
Chapter 3 (第3章?)

Originally serialized as the fourth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy continues to show Germany around, though to places he goes to run errands, all while appearing to flirt with passing girls. Germany scolds him, but Italy explains that he's just being polite, and "admiring the sparkling charm of a passing lady." Germany asks what he would do if a passing man possessed that charm, and Italy makes a face. There is a breakdown of Italy's character and personality, followed by Italy asking Germany what he wants to eat. As Germany recalls when they've eaten out in both their countries, Italy realizes that a good place to get good food is at his own home and ends up cooking for him. In an extra set of illustrations, the author examines explains Japanese business customs and how they might seem strange to foreigners.

Germany's what kind of nation? (ドイツってどんな国??)
Chapter 4 (第4章?)

Originally serialized as the seventh chapter of World☆Stars. Germany relaxes outside on his first day off in a while, but is interrupted when Italy jumps out of the bushes announcing that he's come for a visit. Germany tells him not to just show up randomly like that, and asks why he's dressed in only a pair of shorts. While Italy attempts to pass this off as a type of Japanese business attire, it comes to light that his air conditioning has been cut off because he couldn't pay his electric bill. After they go inside, Italy thanks Germany for his hospitality and begins watching television while Germany cooks, wondering why Italy only relies on him. However, Italy begins freaking out when he notices that he's started to gain weight, and assumes that something awful is happening in the world, though Germany remains unfazed. The chapter closes with an explanation as to why obesity has recently become an issue in Italy, and how certain types of cuisine there influence weight.

Chapter 5 (第5章?)

Originally serialized as the eighth chapter of World☆Stars. Still upset about his weight gain, Italy pledges to only eat 0.3 slices of pizza a day, and then vows to work out but can't manage to lift 300g weights. Exasperated, Germany pulls up a survey regarding people's opinions of Italian men with a bit of a stomach that shows most people don't care. Elated, Italy says he is going to eat lots of solid fat that night, though Germany says that's too extreme. They turn their attention to Italy's electric bill, with Germany lending him the money to pay it. Sheepishly, Italy asks if he can borrow some clothes and get a ride home, and shocks Germany when he actually asks for some spare solid fat. After eating some raw, Italy miserably says he'll never eat it again for the next hundred years. As Germany drives him home, Italy remarks that somewhere in the world someone must be eating plain fat. The story cuts to America, who is eating fried butter on a stick at a fair.

Chapter 6 (第6章?)

Originally serialized as the eleventh chapter of World☆Stars. Italy decides to attend an anime convention in Milan, and after he returns home he sends Germany a picture of his cosplay. While Germany notes that he makes a sloppy pirate king, he also notices that Italy's clothing is all designer and extremely expensive. The author then explains what anime conventions are like in Italy and America, and how each culture influences what they're like. The following day, Italy brings up the convention again and tells Germany he should try cosplaying. However, Germany firmly refuses, and Italy says that he could still come with him. Germany admits that he's curious about Japan's manga techniques, and then draws a picture of Italy in a manga art style, which greatly impresses Italy. The author explains that 'How to draw manga' books are popular in Germany. Later, after an EU meeting, Italy complains about all of the work he has to do, and jokes that he could go looking for the Dragon Balls and wish away his worries. He asks what Germany would wish for, and Germany says he wishes Italy would start talking responsibility for himself, though he admits that he'd like to talk to his dogs.

Chapter 7 (第7章?)

Originally serialized as the twelfth chapter of World☆Stars. The chapter opens with an assembly of the German nations that would come to make up Germany. As surrounding countries have begun gaining more power, Prussia decides its time for everyone to unify and become one powerful country. Giving a impassioned speech, Prussia tells everyone to stop fighting and, instead, combine their strengths and unify their hearts. Everyone is extremely receptive to the idea, and as Germany is about to be born Austria voices his objections to Prussia as the leader. Instead, he proposes himself as leader, and as a result gets into a physical fight with Prussia that the latter easily wins. Germany is born, and Prussia tells him repeatedly that he can call him big brother as much as he wants. Afterwards, Germany suffers through many hardships, though Prussia would always save him from his perils. At the end of the comic, its revealed that present-day Prussia was day-dreaming this, and Germany asks if he's up to no good again. In a footnote it is explained that Germany wasn't born as a baby because he already had an existing body...

Japan's what kind of nation? (日本ってどんな国??)
Chapter 8 (第8章?)

Originally serialized as the fifteenth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy introduces Japan to the audience, explaining that though they've been friends for along time, there's still a lot qualities Japan has that he finds mysterious. Later, after Japan humbly accepts a compliment from Italy, but admits he can still improve, Italy wonders if he somehow offended Japan. Germany states, "that's just how Japan expresses happiness." When meeting up with Germany, Japan explains how he's been studying greetings in Europe and has decided that he will practice returning the same greeting that a European gives him. However, after Italy excitedly greets Japan with a large hug, Japan discovers returning the greeting is not that easy.

Chapter 9 (第9章?)

Originally serialized as the sixteenth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy reminisces about how when he first met Japan he thought he might never be able to talk to him. Japan explains how during his isolation he would forget how to speak normally as he often communicated with people who could read his mind. Italy then tries to show Japan how he's been training to be like a ninja. While Japan explains he's never seen ninja's like what Italy describes, he suddenly shows off some fancy moves of his own to get pictures of a cute, fluffy animal. Finally, Germany calls Japan to make sure that he's not overworking himself. Though not exactly resting as others might see fit, Japan assures Germany that he is enjoying his free time.

Chapter 10 (第10章?)

Originally serialized as the ninteenth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy goes to Germany and begs him for help, offering to do anything in return. Though he dismisses the offer, Germany agrees to help and finds himself with the challenge of cleaning South Italy's room. Romano explains that his room isn't full of trash, but is his room of "hopes and dreams." Though originally stating they can help clean, Romano insults them and then insists that they leave, but upon Germany agreeing to leave he quickly changes his tune.

Chapter 11 (第11章?)

Originally serialized as the twentieth chapter of World☆Stars. Introducing Veneziano and Romano, it's explained that there are two Italy representations due to regional differences, and though they seem kind of similar, they used to be separate countries. Garibaldi decided to unify the Italian peninsula, resulting in a sudden and tense union between the two. Back to cleaning from last chapter, Germany finishes his task and Romano presents him with another messy room to clean. Having dealt with worse messes, Germany remains undeterred. While watching the Italy brothers struggle to pull some items off of a wardrobe, Germany observes that Veneziano is a little bit taller than Romano.

Chapter 12 (第12章?)

Originally serialized as the twenty-third chapter of World☆Stars. America presents his heroic plans for dealing with an alien invasion from outer space. As the G8 argue with him, they realize America is a bit removed from reality. Italy introduces America as loving the No. 1, being the birthplace of entertainment, and being known for uploading strange videos to the internet. Then in a scenario where Japan is a tourist and America is a New York police officer, America fails at being able to give Japan directions. However, as Japan's camera is snatched by a thief, America shows his strength by quickly tackling the thief and rescuing the camera.

Chapter 13 (第13章?)

Originally serialized as the twenty-fourth chapter of World☆Stars. While having appliance problems, America calls Germany for help. Having issues with how his scale displays his weight, Germany determines there's nothing wrong with the scale and instead takes America out for some exercise. America then asks Italy about his eating habits and is more than happy to try Italy's diet of pasta and pizza. When Japan's birthday comes up, America presents to him a multi-colored birthday cake, and Japan inwardly questions how edible it is.

Part 2

The second part of the volume collects strips that focus on the emperors of the Ancient Roman Empire. The first portion forms a connected narrative that follows Emperor Nero, before diverging into separate chapters about other early emperors and associated historical figures.


Originally serialized as the second chapter of World☆Stars. The dark history of Emperor Nero is introduced, but the story flashes back to his earlier days as emperor when he was still under the thumb of his mother Agrippina. Nero claims to be sick and wants to take the day off as emperor, but Agrippina knocks on the door insisting that he come out. It is explained that Agrippina was the one who had done the work to get Nero declared emperor. Finally having enough, Nero explains to his mother that he never wanted to be emperor and, in fact, wanted to be a musician. Agrippina talks him up and tries to lift his opinion of himself, and in the end Nero agrees to do his job as Emperor. However, upon emerging from his room its revealed that everyone had taken bets on how long it would take Agrippina to get Nero out of his room. Poppaea Sabina, his crush, makes fun of Nero's mother complex, and a distraught Nero tries to change his mind as he is dragged off.


Originally serialized as the fifth chapter of World☆Stars. As a child, Nero grew to love the arts, but was forced by his mother to give up his artistic passions in order to become emperor. Finally getting some free time, he offers to play a song to a freed slave on an acoustic guitar, despite the other man's protests that such an instrument doesn't exist in Ancient Rome. His musical tastes are also not of the time. Agrippina goes to show Nero some new coins with his likeness on them, but he is embarrassed once he sees his mom is pictured with him.


Originally serialized as the sixth chapter of World☆Stars. Sneaking out into the city to avoid his duties, Nero ends up drinking and wallowing in his despair of being controlled by his mother. Some other patrons are not happy with how he talks about his mother and they confront him. Nero challenges them to a fight and ends up face down in the street. As he slowly recovers, a mysterious man standing over him questions if this is a good predicament for an emperor.


Originally serialized as the ninth chapter of World☆Stars. Continuing from the previous chapter, Nero finds himself in the company of his old tutor, the Grecian freed-slave, Anicetus. Nero reminisces about how Anicetus inspired his love of the arts. Spending some time to catch up, Nero finds out that Anicetus ended up leading the navy. Happy to have someone listening, Nero releases his frustrations concerning his mother. He then introduces his head guard Burrus and his tutor Seneca. Sitting together awkwardly for a while, the four finally decide to get drinks and enjoy Pax Romana.

If you imagine designing the Roman emperors like it's the music game Taiko no Tatsujin, It'd be like:

Originally serialized as the tenth chapter of World☆Stars. Carrying beach toys, Nero informs Seneca that he's going to "investigate" the coast. Seeing through his farce, Seneca denies Nero from leaving. Then Nero presents a proposed new law to Anicetus, which would ban the use of "us" from Roman names. Afterwards, when showing concern about how Anicetus speaks to him, Anicetus explains that it's his dialect as a Grecian freed-slave.


Originally serialized as the thirteenth chapter of World☆Stars. Rome panics as the First Triumvirate falls. Though the Second Triumvirate struggles, Octavianus ends the civil war and returns the political power to Rome's people. Octavianus becomes Rome's first emperor and is renamed Augustus. Augustus has a talk with his close friend Agrippa and they share their appreciation of each other. As someone runs up to inform them that something bad has happened, Augustus leaves the work to Agrippa.


Originally serialized as the fourteenth chapter of World☆Stars. Tiberius, the second emperor of Rome, is introduced as someone who hides himself away. As the citizens discuss various terrible rumors they've heard about him, he comes up behind them. Though he mumbles out a friendly greeting, it is misinterpreted by the panicked citizens. The third emperor, Caligula is introduced as someone who is bright, positive, and extremely popular with the Roman people. Unfortunately he overworks himself and is overcome by a terrible fever. Once he recovers from the fever, his attitude has changed completely and he presents some rather bizarre statements and actions.


Originally serialized as the seventeenth chapter of World☆Stars. The fourth emperor, Claudius, is introduced as a scholarly man who loves history, becomes emperor due to blood relations. Not being particularly strong or bold, reluctantly takes the title. He manages some major feats for Rome, but doubts himself just the same.


Originally serialized as the eighteenth chapter of World☆Stars. Back to the time of Caesar, Antony is a hero who has been outshone by Octavianus. As he sulks over his situation, it's announced that they are receiving a visitor from Egypt. He is introduced to Cleopatra and her beauty reinvigorates him. Cleopatra is then stuck with unrefined Antony, finding him not as interesting or educated as Caesar. But Antony is able to receive a smile from Cleopatra after obtaining a mountain flower.


Originally serialized as the twenty-first chapter of World☆Stars. The five Julio-Claudian emperors meet together to discuss the decline of the Pax Romana. Augustus asks what happened, and the others respond with excuses or general disinterest. Ancient Rome, who's been watching the meeting, explains how he likes how different each of them are, how he got to enjoy himself during the Pax Romana, and how he got to meet a lot of girls. Augustus is unimpressed. As Augustus passes the lead off to Tiberius, the other three continue their dismissive ways.


Originally serialized as the twenty-second chapter of World☆Stars. Nero wakes up from a dream where he was scolded by Augustus. He then tells Anicetus how much he loved his lessons when he was being tutored. Nero flashes back to a time where he and Anicetus were training sword-to-sword, and Anicetus tells him he never taught him that sort of thing. While Nero is away, Burrus entertains himself by reading Seneca's writings. He asks Seneca what inspires him to write, and Seneca admits that most of the reason is money. The next day, Burrus comments on how Seneca writes about food, and Seneca explains how important it is to eat healthy. Burrus takes note that Seneca has been sucking on something and questions if it's something healthy, but it's money.


The first volume was released by Shueisha on February 4, 2015.


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