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Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released February 28, 2011
Pages 112
Size A4
ISBN ISBN 978-4-3448-2104-0
Travel Conversation Book - Italy Edition - Come to My House! ArteStella Gakuen Hetalia Portable Official Visual Fanbook

ArteStella is the limited-edition artbook for the manga series Hetalia: Axis Powers. It contains color illustrations of the characters, some of which have been used on previous merchandise for the series. The volume was released in size A4, which is a size larger than the manga volumes, and came with bonus merchandise.


The book is split up into four different parts, starting from the front and the back of the book.

Front Half

Axis Powers

The front part of the book. It focuses on Italy, Germany, and Japan, with a couple images of Romano with Veneziano. The new images from this section include each of the Axis wearing a special military uniform, and a new image of Japan, which was a redraw of an old image of Japan standing in the rain.


No part title, but the second part includes images of Austria, Hungary, Prussia, Greece and Spain, as well as a "How to Draw", "Rough Sketch", and "Index and Comment" sections. The new image in this section is a finished version of a blog sketch of Austria. The "How to Draw" section focuses on Himaruya's progress on coloring the images used for the poster released with the book. The "Rough Sketch" section collects various sketches that have been posted on Himaruya's blog. "Index and Comments" gives a visual index of the book contents as well as Himaruya's personal comment. on each page, as well as a list of when and where the images were originally published.

Back Half

Allied Forces

The very back of the book starts the part focusing on America, England, France, Russia and China. The new images in this section include each of the Allies wearing a special military uniform.


Untitled again, this part includes images of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Canada, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Sealand, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine, as well as "Mini-Chara" section, and the rest of the "Index & Comments" section. New images in this section include a holiday image with Finland, Sweden and Iceland, a full page illustration of Belarus, and a holiday image of Ukraine and Belarus. The "Mini Chara" section includes chibi drawings collected from the Character CDs, Halloween 2010, Christmas 2009, and the postcard from the 2010-2011 school calendar.


The artbook was packaged in a special box that contained the book volume as well as other extras. A large poster around A2 size is included that shows a "complete" version of the illustrations of the Axis and Allied Powers seen on the front and back cover of the artbook, each character holding their national flower. These illustrations were later reused as the front and back covers of ArteStella Piccolo. A sticker sheet is also contained using some of the images seen on the Hetalia playing cards as well as illustrations of the Axis and the Allies from the artbook. Playing cards are contained in a round tin, with reused chibi illustrations from the Kitayume website or Comic Birz on all the cards except for the Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Jokers, which contain new chibi illustrations.

In Taiwan, the artbook was released in normal packaging and came with twelve cardboard bookmarks using the same new chibi illustrations from the Japanese playing cards and sticker sheet.


ArteStella was released by Gentosha on February 28, 2011. Tokyopop Germany plans on releasing the book in January 2013 and will include a poster and sticker sheet.[1]


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