Gakuen Hetalia Portable Official Visual Fanbook

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Gakuen Hetalia Portable Official Visual Fanbook
Volume Information
Publisher Gentosha
Released May 25, 2011
Pages 143
ISBN ISBN 978-4-8401-3910-6
ArteStella Gakuen Hetalia Portable Official Visual Fanbook Hetalia: Axis Powers Volume 4

The Official Visual Fanbook for the PSP game Gakuen Hetalia Portable was released in Japan by the publisher Gentosha. The book covers information and illustrations about the characters and story of the game, as well as tips and guides of how to achieve the different endings.



This section includes a two page basic intro of the game scenario as well as full page illustrations of the two available covers for the game.

Chapter 1: Characters

The first section focuses on the characters within the game. Each character of the Axis and Allies is featured on four pages that include full body images of their school uniform, casual wear and formal clothing. An introductory bio is also included, as well as some select screenshots and other bits of info on the character and what they like. The fourth page for each character contains comments and information on how some of the other characters relate to them.

Other characters outside of the Axis and Allies only have three pages of information, as they are not given a character relations page. Seychelles, Prussia and Ancient Rome only have one page each.

Chapter 2: Story

This chapter is divided up by characters and gives a list of daily events with them as well as a list of possible endings with that character. Each route ends with the school's Cross National Party. The chapter ends with a page covering the school's Seven Wonders, of which there are 12, for the player to aim to complete.

Chapter 3: Way to Success

The third chapter has walkthroughs for the various Heroine Ends that are available in the game. The endings received are based on a Guidance Point system, and depending on how many points are tallied, there are four different possible endings the player can attain for any of the Axis or Allies characters. The endings are graded either C, B, A, or S. The walkthrough explains which choices to follow to gain points with each character. Minor characters have only one ending each. Also, depending on the player's final ranking, the Cross National Party can be either a success or a failure.

The last two pages of the chapter include a background scenery gallery.

Chapter 4: Amico

The final chapter focuses on walkthroughs for the Amico Endings. These are endings that involve more than one character, though it's only available for certain character combinations. To attain these endings the player must not have cleared the conditions for the Heroine Ending, the party evaluation must be a B or higher, and the average value of friendship with the target character must be higher than the average value of friendship with other characters.

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