Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 2

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Hetalia: World☆Stars
Volume 2
World Stars Volume 2.jpg
Volume Information
Publisher Shueisha
Released July 3, 2015
Pages 146
ISBN ISBN 978-4-0888-0440-8
Hetalia-like WW2 Original Guide Book Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 2 Hetalia-like Independence Original Guide Book

The second volume of Hetalia: World☆Stars, the eighth volume overall, was released in Japan by the publisher Shueisha. It primarily contains content that was serialized in Shonen Jump+ from December 15, 2014 to April 27, 2015.


Part 1

The first part of the volume collects strips that focus on the nations of Hetalia. Parts of it form a loosely-connected narrative, though it largely mimics the structure of strips seen under the Hetalia: Axis Powers banner.

Chapter 14 (第14章?)

Originally serialized as the twenty-fifth chapter of World☆Stars. America suggest a ranger squadron to protect the Earth and insists on a vote. It is quickly shot down by England with insults. America complains about how England always opposes him, and England happily accepts the invitation to explain in detail exactly why America's plan is not well thought out.

Chapter 15 (第15章?)

Originally serialized as the twenty-sixth chapter of World☆Stars. Taking some time to watch a fantasy movie, England wishes that he could also live in a fantasy world. His magical and ghostly friends assure him that no such world exists. After a meeting, Italy states how he's impressed that America can put up with England's criticisms. America explains that England's meeting critiques are nothing compared to his movie critiques and shares an example.

Chapter 16 (第16章?)

Originally serialized as the twenty-seventh chapter of World☆Stars. Italy and Germany visit Japan to see his Christmas lights, but find the place filled with couples. Japan likens the experience to the Japanese honeybee fighting off the Japanese Giant Hornet. Japan then discusses when he first learned about Christmas trees. While discussing the Japanese-Prussian Treaty of Amity and Commerce, Prussia insists that Japan supplies a tree to decorate for Christmas. Completely unfamiliar with the tradition, Japan presents to him a bonsai tree. As Japan apologizes for how different Christmas is in Japan. Before Germany can explain at length how everyone's Christmas is different, Italy offers to share pictures of other countries' Christmas traditions instead.

Chapter 17 (第17章?)

Originally serialized as the twenty-ninth chapter of World☆Stars. Knocking on Germany's window and startling him, Italy comes to see the marzipan pigs that Germany has made for the new year. As Italy casually mentions how he only has coin-shaped lentils for New Years, Germany figures out that Italy forgot to buy lentil beans and thoroughly scolds him. Italy then says he has a gift for Germany - the usual pair of red underwear for good luck for the new year. However, he seems to have forgotten it, leaving the only pair he has to offer being his own.

Chapter 18 (第18章?)

Originally serialized as the thirtieth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy calls Japan to thank him for the New Years card he received. Though Italy compliments the hand-made card, he questions how difficult it is to make them. Later, America comes to visit Japan and explains how he's learned about Japanese New Year traditions, but he can't quite get the terminology right.

Chapter 19 (第19章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-first chapter of World☆Stars. To celebrate New Years, America joins England in a pub. England teases America about how he's afraid of ghosts, which America explains it's because he can't punch them. America then questions England's obsession with ghosts and they end up discussing the types of ghosts that make interesting tourist attractions.

Chapter 20 (第20章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-second chapter of World☆Stars. On January 1st, America is recovering from the previous night's New Years celebration. He decides for his New Years resolution that he'll try to be healthier. Thinking he's a dieting professional, he decides to celebrate with fast food. On January first, Prussia wakes up and bugs his brother Germany for breakfast. Germany offers Prussia a marzipan pig, but Prussia says he feels bad eating things with faces on them.

Chapter 21 (第21章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-third chapter of World☆Stars. Germany teaches Japan how to make Stollen. Japan outdoes himself by preparing the Stollen in record time. Germany tells Japan to take it slow, but Japan insists that he's working efficiently. As Germany tells Italy to follow suit, an exhausted Japan crashes while waiting for the Stollen to bake.

Chapter 22 (第22章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-fourth chapter of World☆Stars. America visits Japan to discuss the prize. Assuming he's referring to the Noble Prize news he just watched, Japan soon finds out they're not on the same page when America starts referring to video games. America goes on to discuss other silly awards that he enjoys, explaining that it's good to have things like those to laugh at. He encourages Japan to come up with his own silly award, but Japan is not quite up to the challenge.

Chapter 23 (第23章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-fifth chapter of World☆Stars. Introducing France, it's told he's one of the most stylish nations, has spectacular culture, food and art. All of which tourists can enjoy as long as he's not on strike.

Chapter 24 (第24章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-sixth chapter of World☆Stars. France teases England about an old cardigan he's wearing. As they argue back and forth about the importance of style, America jumps in to suggest that they wear the more trendy clothing that young people wear.

Chapter 25 (第25章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-seventh chapter of World☆Stars. Italy states he's going to introduce France, but France interrupts and says that isn't necessary, that people already know about how amazing he is. As he questions what else needs explaining, Germany interrupts to add a few complaints about France's work in the EU.

Chapter 26 (第26章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-eighth chapter of World☆Stars. The chapter opens up explaining how France and England have been friends and enemies since the beginning. From the middle ages up to the present, they always seem to find something to fight about. Since these sort of interactions are so common between them, Italy has learned to tune them out completely.

Chapter 27 (第27章?)

Originally serialized as the thirty-ninth chapter of World☆Stars. In Italy's early days, his government and church became corrupt and spoiled with money. In steps Savonarola, a friar set on turning around all that is corrupt. However, Savonarola decides that extravagance is bad and decides to burn works of art, much to Italy's horror.

Chapter 28 (第28章?)

Originally serialized as the fortieth chapter of World☆Stars. After reading "Romeo and Juliet" Germany decides to visit Verona with Italy as his guide. Italy comments on how Germany is a romantic, but Germany insists he's just doing research. When Italy shows Germany the famous balcony from the play, Germany breaks the romanticism by going over realistic facts about the story. Then Italy shares the legend of a statue of Juliet that people who touch it can get happily married, but Germany reminds him they can't get married.

Chapter 29 (第29章?)

Originally serialized as the forty-second chapter of World☆Stars. The nations celebrate Valentine's Day. As they get excited, Italy confirms with Japan that he will get gifts from girls. Though Japan says that's true, he explains it's a bit more complicated, and that men are expected to present return gifts. As he expresses his concerns, Taiwan enters and offers Japan some chocolates. Italy and France are jealous of Japan for different reasons. In an added bonus strip Italy asks Taiwan if there are any chocolates for him, but she says there isn't since she was following Japan's tradition. Taiwan insists that if Italy copies Japan, he must have a special day to give return gifts, as from a Valentine's Day legend. she is surprised to find out that Italy is unfamiliar with the story.

Chapter 30 (第30章?)

Originally serialized as the forty-third chapter of World☆Stars. China decides to use a cute panda on Japan to receive praise from him. Gushing over how cute the panda is, China is jolted from his course as he discovers Japan wearing a headband with moving cat ears. Overwhelmed by how cute the ears are, China immediately sets upon the task of making his own. Successful in his endeavor, China decides to make more cute Chinese items and clothing, but he ends up going overboard.

Chapter 31 (第31章?)

Originally serialized as the forty-fourth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy, disturbed by weird noises at his house, runs to China for help. Though Italy has his own exorcists, he's hoping China will be faster, but China has his doubts. As Italy rambles on about Chinese culture, China has to clear up his movie-based misconceptions. China then explains that he can draw a picture on a rice grain, but Italy's noise problem is probably vermin, which he'll gladly exterminate for a fee.

Chapter 32 (第32章?)

Originally serialized as the forty-fifth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy decides to take a shortcut through Switzerland's land to get to Germany. Though the neutral Switzerland would seem to be peaceful, Italy knows otherwise and begins to change his mind about crossing the area. Unfortunately for him, he activates a security system and Switzerland quickly confronts him.

Chapter 33 (第33章?)

Originally serialized as the forty-sixth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy tries to pay Liechtenstein a compliment, but is verbally shot down by Switzerland. Switzerland tells Italy he'll pay for trespassing, unless he was visiting as a tourist. Italy in panic insists that he's just a tourist. Switzerland then invites him to stay for lunch, but Italy quickly finds the lunch menu prices to be rather exorbitant. Unable to pay for lunch, Italy is put to work in Switzerland's garden where he finds the other nation's concern for his garden to be uncharacteristically amusing.

Chapter 34 (第34章?)

Originally serialized as the forty-ninth chapter of World☆Stars. As Germany complains over the fighting during a meeting, Russia challenges him to ask why he's been silent. Giving in to Russia's request, Germany is told it's so Russia and read and counter America. As Germany shows disinterest, Russia explains the actual reason is he's listening carefully, since as a lonely person he finds comfort even in the din of the argument. However, Russia says enough is enough and says they should silence the others "as much as can be lawfully done."

Chapter 35 (第35章?)

Originally serialized as the fiftieth chapter of World☆Stars. Russia approaches Italy to ask him for a favor. As Italy frets over what bad thing may befall him, Russia reassures Italy that he just needs help picking out a gift for someone he's been on good terms with. Feeling a bit more confident, though still intimidated by Russia's determination, Italy promises to help him.

Chapter 36 (第36章?)

Originally serialized as the fifty-first chapter of World☆Stars. Italy starts the gift hunt with researching, explaining things like something seen as good luck in one nation may be bad luck in another. He explains to Russia that the gift should relay a message, and gives in example what France's choice of wine gifts mean, much to France's later displeasure. As Russia becomes more concerned about what to choose for a gift, Italy assures him that it should be okay as long as he puts love and feelings into it, but Russia says those things are meaningless. As a last resort, Italy suggests that Russia give a gift that he himself would like to receive, resulting in Russia presenting Egypt with an AK-47.

Chapter 37 (第37章?)

Originally serialized as the fifty-third chapter of World☆Stars. As France asks if America wants lunch, he is completely surprised to find America and Russia talking with each other. The two explain to France that they are actually getting along a bit better recently. Though France expresses his doubt, the two assure him that certain differences are now in the past. Russia goes on to explain how he's jealous of how America makes so many friends, and although he wanted to hurt America, they don't have such a bad relationship. France still finds them disturbing.

Chapter 38 (第38章?)

Originally serialized as the fifty-fourth chapter of World☆Stars. Italy and Romano are both visited by Grandpa Rome in their dreams. After a meeting, France encourages the Italy brothers to work harder. Despite Italy's begging, Romano refuses to work with his little brother. As Italy cries himself to sleep that night, Grandpa Rome visits him to give him encouragement and advice. Unfortunately for Italy, all of Rome's suggestions are incredibly Ancient Roman and most suggest violence, which is not something that works in modern times. Giving up, Rome just advises him to flirt with girls then sleep, which Italy is happy to do.

Chapter 39 (第39章?)

Originally serialized as the fifty-seventh chapter of World☆Stars. Prussia and Germany contemplate their future in mechanics during the Industrial Revolution. Being the most skilled in the subject, Prussia decides to teach mechanics to his younger brother. As they go over mechanical plans that Prussia bought from England, they find ways to improve upon the designs and in doing so discover a passion for their work. France goes to spy on the brothers' work during the night, but is shocked to find them still working away on their project. Later, Germany and Prussia go to show their improvements to England, however, he refuses to give them recognition and instead insists he'll stay with his own technology. Then America bursts in to announce his new mass production technology.

Chapter 40 (第40章?)

Originally serialized as the fifty-eighth chapter of World☆Stars. As the Industrial Revolution continues, Italy designs a new automobile. As an envious Romano watches from the sidelines, he hears a radio announcement about how America's industrial strength is booming. Eager for an opportunity for an easy life, Romano immigrates to America. Happy to have more help, America puts Romano in charge of cleaning since Lithuanian is busy with clerical work. Not thrilled to do cleaning, Romano harasses America and begs him for a free meal, but he can't avoid the cleaning chores.

Chapter 41 (第41章?)

Originally serialized as the fifty-ninth chapter of World☆Stars. America checks on Romano's cleaning progress, only to find his place covered with an even bigger mess. A cocky Romano scoffs at America and makes threats, claiming that he's started an evil organization. Registering that Romano may be a bad guy, America contemplates taking him down, but Romano backs off since he really has no desire to fight America. Later, Romano releases his frustrations by yelling obscenities from America's roof. America asks him why he doesn't return back to Italy if he's so unhappy, but Romano admits that despite his frustrations, things were worse back in Italy. Romano again threatens trouble for America, but America encourages Romano to find a job only he is capable of doing, and makes a point that it's hard to find Italian food in America. Romano realizes there's an opportunity for him to make a living from cooking and starts planning out a culinary career.

Chapter 42 (第42章?)

Originally serialized as the sixtieth chapter of World☆Stars. England is having troubles as the Industrial Revolution continues. He finds that customers are buying Germany's products instead of his because they are cheaper. Deciding the problem is that people can't tell the products apart, he insists that Germany find a way to keep them from getting mixed up. Adding "Made in Germany" to the products though only seems to results in customers buying the German goods faster. France offers to add "Made in France" to his products as well. England then focuses on how to improve his products'. He visits other nations to ask for their opinions on a teacup, but none of the suggestions really stand out until America suggests England changes the design.

Chapter 43 (第43章?)

Originally serialized as the sixty-first chapter of World☆Stars. As the rest of the world seems to join the Industrial Revolution, Russia decides it's not that important to him as a farming country, even though he has trouble farming as well and runs into various resource deposits of materials that at that time seem unimportant. Finally, one of Russia's bosses decides that industrializing would be good for the country and asks Russia to study up on the topic. However, his next boss decides that the research materials are untrustworthy and throws them away then transfers the task of industrializing to a German. When his boss changes again, the new boss wants Russian technology and Russia is excited to work on industrializing again. However, his boss gives him rather crude materials to work with and a short deadline, threatening Russia with punishment if he doesn't finish.

Part 2

The second part of the volume collects strips that focus on the emperors of the Ancient Roman Empire. Unlike stories in the first volume, the story structure largely resembles that employed by traditional Hetalia strips, and features appearances by representations of Ancient Civilizations.


Originally serialized as the twenty-eighth chapter of World☆Stars. Introducing the emperor Quintillus, it is noted how his reign wasn't well documented. A soldier announces that Quintillus has been enthroned, but another soldier questions about Quintillus being enthroned the previous day. A curious Quintillus peeks in as they decide he hasn't been enthroned yet at all. As he decides to take the throne and the Romans celebrate the event, another man states that Quintillus has been enthroned every day that week. Later a soldier runs in to proclaim that Quintillus was killed by unhappy soldiers, but another one says he was killed by the next emperor. As another man says he heard Quintillus commited suicide, another one states he just died. Quintillus peeks in again, amused at the commotion, and it's quickly stated that he's still alive.


Originally serialized as the forty-first chapter of World☆Stars. The chapter starts with a girl explaining how the emperor Gothicus forbade soldiers from getting married, but Valentine would hold secret weddings for them and their lovers so Gothicus had Valentine killed. A shocked time-traveling Quintillus insists that the story is false. Back to the time of Rome, Quintillus tells his brother Gothicus what he heard in the future. Though Gothicus believes his brother was dreaming, he assures him that he's never forbidden anyone from getting married and suggests that maybe they can even marry multiple people. Back to modern times, Quintillus relays the story to Germany, who finds it interesting and confirms that Gothicus never did ban marriage. As Quintillus further praises his brother, Germany tries to send him home so his family won't worry.


Originally serialized as the forty-seventh chapter of World☆Stars. The imperial soldiers are successful in chasing off some invaders. One soldier tries to compliment the emperor Probus for his strength, but Probus doesn't respond. As another soldier explains that Probus is shy, Probus quietly tells Rome to thank the soldier for the compliment. Continuing on, as he pushes further, Rome looks exhausted from continuous battling and the state of the land. Concerned about his health, Probus decides to put effort into farming and rebuilding the cities as well to help Rome get back on his feet. As they work, some villages express how they're impressed to Probus. Confused by his shy silence, Probus takes a bean from them and eats it, exciting the villagers' child. However, the soldiers has little interest in farming, and start showing displeasure with the current situation.


Originally serialized as the forty-eighth chapter of World☆Stars. Continuing from last chapter, Probus stays focused on stabilizing the Roman Empire for it's citizens. Rome himself is very impressed by what Probus has done. Probus asks Rome how he's doing, and Rome notices that he's feeling a lot better than usual. Unfortunately as Probus keeps working on agriculture, the unhappy soldiers take action and attack Probus from behind. He wakes up to see Rome and states he felt like he had a weird dream. As Rome explains it's not a dream, Gothicus appears and compliments Probus. Remembering that Gothicus is dead, Probus quickly connects the dots and feels regret that he wasn't able to accomplish more. Heliogabalus interrupts and tells him he shouldn't complain, because he's been remembered for doing a lot of good and even had a wine named after him.


Originally serialized as the fifty-second chapter of World☆Stars. The chapter introduces the entertainment of gladiatorial fights in Ancient Rome. Though it's been said the gladiators fought to the death, as Spiculus stands triumphantly over his opponent, he is announced as the winner and quickly starts poking fun at his still-living opponent for losing. A throng of ladies stand on the sidelines and swoon over Spiculus. As the narration questions why there was no bloodshed, Spiculus jumps in to explain. It's explained that to become a gladiator it takes a lot of time, effort and money to train someone for the sport, so battling to the death constantly would be a big waste of resources, resulting in 50% less gladiators right from the get-go. Therefore, gladiator fights would involve choreography to entertain the spectators, and winners would be treated like celebrities.


Originally serialized as the fifty-fifth chapter of World☆Stars. This chapter covers the story of when the Persian King, Shapur I The Great, defeated the Roman Army and captured Emperor Valerian. This chapter includes the first appearance of Persia, as he visits the battle-weary Rome to gloat about his victory. Despite Rome's protests, Germania also sneaks in a quip at him. Moving on to life at Shapur's palace, he is shown the design for a relief depicting his victory against Valerian, but Shapur quickly protests its inaccuracy in not showing him holding Valerian's hand, and pulls the Emperor closer by the hand to show as an example.


Originally serialized as the fifty-sixth chapter of World☆Stars. Continuing with last chapter's hand-holding, Shapur offers Valerian access to a hot bath, treating him more like a guest than a prisoner. Valerian is not fond of the idea of being stuck hand-holding in the bath. Later, Shapur offers Valerian a chance to go back to Rome, but Valerian declines as he's afraid he would be killed upon return. Shapur worries of the terrible things that could happen if he lets go of Valerian's hand. Finally, Rome meets up with Shapur to discuss negotiations and check up on how Valerian is doing. Though Shapur originally greets Rome with a menacing aura, once Valerian states how he needs to stay in Persia, Shapur changes to a friendlier tune.

Jump SQ. Official Tour Edition

This section reprints a special chapter of World☆Stars originally published in the March 2015 issue of Jump Square to promote the release of the first volume of Hetalia World Stars. The Jump Square version included a full color page, but the image is not included in the Volume 2 reprint. Along with the reprint, a few new strips have also been included.

Starting off with some pointless banter between America and England, a lazy Italy ignores the situation as Germany get increasingly anxious. As the others add more pressure, Japan takes on the duty of announcing the big event, that Hetalia World Star Volume 1 will be released. The rest of the strips introduce Ancient Egypt, explaining how her culture worshiped many different gods. Ancient Egypt's fawning over her gods is interrupted as the Pharaoh Akhenaten announces that he's introducing a new god, Aten, who is to be the only god. Ancient Egypt questions what Aten's abilities are in comparison to the other gods, and Akhenaten claims that Aten created the world. Ancient Egypt has trouble adjusting to worshiping the new god, especially with the confusion of whether his tentacle-like features with Ankhs are hands or beams or light. As she tries to familiarize herself with it, Akhenaten steps in to say that he's the only one who can speak to Aten. In modern day, Japan questions why Akhenaten tried reforming the Egyptian religion, but America insists that Aten was an alien. Back to Ancient Egypt becoming more exasperated with Aten, Akhenaten states she just needs to open her heart to him. Once Akhenaten's son, Tutankhaten becomes Pharoah, the lonely Aten drifts away. With a name change to Tutankhamun, the new pharaoh brings back the old religion.

The new strips in this section start with a reflection of times in Ancient Egypt and Rome and how even royalty started to dress casual so their clothing would be hot or difficult to move around in. It comes to America stating how this transition to loose fitting clothing is the reasoning behind wearing blankets as shirts. England is not terribly impressed. Later, America introduces to England some "live-in-wear", which is comprised of a mechanical suit that's temperature controlled and offers television, internet and the ability to consume drinks while inside. As England scoffs at it, America demonstrates that the suit can be slept in as well. Giving up, England tries to coax America to remove the suit, but since America is asleep, the suit goes into self-defense mode. England, however, is just having a bad dream, and America laughs at him. Changing the focus then to Switzerland joining the EU. As the other members voice to him their concerns about his social interactions while in the EU, Switzerland assures them that they'll receive special treatment as fellow EU members. However, Switzerland then stands his ground that he will not assist in any fights, maintaining his neutrality. The others complain that is the same as always. Italy thinks Switzerland is cool.


The second volume was released by Shueisha on July 3, 2015.


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