Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 4

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Hetalia: World☆Stars
Volume 4
World Stars Volume 4.jpg
Volume Information
Publisher Shueisha
Released June 2, 2017
Pages 138
ISBN ISBN 978-4-0888-1228-1
Hetalia: Axis Powers History Primer: Hetalia-like World Heritage III - From the French Revolution to the 21st Century Hetalia: World☆Stars Volume 4 Hetalia: Axis Powers Anthology 1

The fourth volume of Hetalia: World☆Stars, the tenth volume overall, was released in Japan by the publisher Shueisha. It primarily contains content that was serialized in Shonen Jump+ from December 7, 2015 to January 6, 2017.


Chapter 107 (第107章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred twenty-fifth and one hundred twenty-sixth chapters of World☆Stars. Romano scolds Spain, upset that the girls he was trying to impress weren't really interested in him. When Spain asks what he'd like to do, Romano says he would actually like to work. While Spain is impressed by this, it turns out that though Romano likes being lazy, he wants it to be by his own choice. Spain asks Romano what kind of job he would want to do and Romano explains he wants an interesting job with regular breaks and will earn him lots of money and girls. Spain has an idea and the next moment Romano is dressed as a gladiator, causing his brother some worry.

Chapter 108 (第108章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred twenty-seventh through one-hundred thirtieth chapters of World☆Stars. England is unimpressed by the tea supplied in his rations. Russia offers him some of his own tea, claiming it's good. A little skeptical at first, England gives it a try and quickly finds it much too sweet for his liking. Russia, confused by England's reaction, tries to figure out what wrong, then decides the flavor was off because he forgot to add jam to the tea, making it even sweeter than before. England still protests against Russia's sweet tea. Russia explains that in his house they get extra calories from sweet things to help combat the cold conditions. England decides he can drink it if he doesn't think of it as actual tea, which gives Russia the opening to offer more sugar.

Taking his rations complaints to Germany, Germany tells England that rations are about the nutrition, not the taste. Russia then points out that Germany's rations includes delicious foods from Italy. Germany still insists that nutritional value is most important. When the two still complain, Germany points out someone who's suffering even more from bland rations. A forlorn Canada must suffer through rations that do not include maple syrup. Taking the rations conversation to Italy, Germany asks to see what his rations include. England and Russia want to see how delicious his rations are, so Italy shows off a large pile of various canned pasta and other foods. To top it off, his rations come with a toothbrush.

Chapter 109 (第109章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred thirty-first and one hundred thirty-second chapters of World☆Stars. At the start of a conference, America complains about it being held at a pub, since he always has to carry England home after he's had too much to drink. England nervously denies that's always the case, and seems to not be drinking as much as usual. America questions this, concerned about the change in habit, and England explains that his boss threatened to raise the duties on alcohol every time England got too drunk. Though England is upset by this turn, America praises his boss. To cheer him up, America offers England a cola soda from his house in place of alcohol. England turns it down saying he can't drink that either because his boss also threatened to raise the taxes on sugar, which this time sends America into a panic.

Chapter 110 (第110章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred thirty-third through one-hundred thirty-eighth chapters of World☆Stars. England opens an authentic maid cafe and invites Japan to see it. With a setting to make it seem like the guests are the master of a 1900s manor house, England states that he is playing the roll of the butler and offers to take care of everything for Japan. England show Japan around the magnificent manor house and introduces him to the French chef (who happens to be France). Stating again how the butler will take care of everything, Japan questions if it's really a maid cafe. England explains that being able to employ a butler makes it the height of luxury, but he assures Japan that it will be maids serving him. As Japan enjoys the calm atmosphere, England explains the hierarchy of the maids is based on skill, so the head maid and second maid are in charge of the serving. Then he shows Japan the maids behind the scenes who do manual labor, and for such tasks, wear different uniforms that can get dirty.

Japan sits quietly as the maids serve him then go on their way. He asks England why the maids always retire to the back. England states that's how it's supposed to be since it's like a private house. Though he suggests possibly adding parlour maids, England says it wouldn't be accurate, and Japan notices how historical it's set up to be. Japan points out a maid who has been facing a wall for a long time. Excited to introduce her, England says she was a legendary housekeeper when she was alive. Since Japan is finding the ghost experience to be odd, England instructs the ghostly maid to smile at them, but Japan isn't quite ready for that either. England asks Japan how he's enjoyed the cafe, and though Japan says he did enjoy it, he also states that it's a maid cafe in name only. Instead, he suggests that England makes an English cafe where customers can enjoy the charm of England itself. As England gets ideas and starts mentioning having alcohol and a bar, Japan interrupts to say that's just a pub.

Chapter 111 (第111章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred thirty-ninth through one hundred forty-first chapters of World☆Stars. China gets excited over the fact that his online gaming industry has become the largest in the world. Hong Kong asks him to think up a new game, to which China proposes a fantasy/historical war game. However, as he further describes mini-events like bathing cut-scenes and dating options, it it discovered that he means to turn all the male figures into cute girls. Hong Kong is not terribly impressed. Continuing with the mythological game idea, Hong Kong states he's not that familiar with Chinese mythology. China offers to help, and when Hong Kong suggests a character who can manipulate nature, China proposes a wind and thunder god with a bear head based on an old Chinese stone relief. As Hong Kong wraps up working on game development for the day, he asks China to debug it for him. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where China is forbidden from playing games, because he became too obsessed with them and had to attend a rehabilitation camp with other obsessed gamers.

Chapter 112 (第112章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred forty-second chapter of World☆Stars. England receives a special Christmas card from Japan. He decides to send a Japanese style card back to Japan in return. However, his understanding of what is actually Japanese leaves a bit to be desired. This chapter was previously released on Himaruya's blog as part of a Christmas event.[1]

Chapter 113 (第113章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred forty-third through one hundred forty-sixth chapters of World☆Stars. Russia goes to visit France and asks him to show him around. France is surprised at Russia's excitement of visiting his house, that is until Russia states he'd like to expand his own house to France. Continuing the tour, France shows Russia the Notre Dame cathedral. He tells the story of why the square Parvis de Notre Dame is named after Heaven. France compares himself to Heaven in the process, to which Russia offers to send him there. France brings Russia to Mont Saint-Michel. Russia states that Mont Saint-Michel is beautiful on the outside, but comments on how the inside seems very lonely. France quietly and painfully explains that everything was stolen during the French Revolution, which amuses Russia. France offers Russia a souvenir for his visit, a Miraculous Medal for granting wishes. Though Russia questions if it'll work for him since they belong to different religions, he wishes for Germany and France's economies to fail so they have to come to him for help.

Chapter 114 (第114章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred forty-seventh through one hundred forty-ninth chapters of World☆Stars. America is visiting Japan. While watching a cooking show in Japan's house, he comments on how everyone on the shows only respond with certain forms of praise. Japan says he's giving the show results away. Inspired by the cooking shows, America decides he'll do a cooking show in Japan too for the praise. Following through with his idea, America goes on a cooking show and throws together a hot pot of all of his favorite things and offers the concoction to a guest (Osaka) to try. Osaka tries the food, and despite obvious suffering, lavishes praises upon the dish. Watching the show, Japan is impressed by Osaka's professionalism.

Chapter 115 (第115章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred fiftieth chapter of World☆Stars. Trying to find a way to get some extra money, Greece debates selling his pants. Hearing the sad idea, Turkey rushes in to take advantage of the situation and rub it in how the EU is having a hard time with Greece. When Greece tells him it's none of his business, Turkey tearfully tries to hide his envy of Greece being part of the EU.

Chapter 116 (第116章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred fifty-first through one hundred fifty-fourth chapters of World☆Stars. A supplemental strip to the bonus Jump Square chapter about Belgium. Japan visits Belgium in hopes of touring the village that was the setting of "A Dog of Flanders." Belgium, however, is unfamiliar with the story and believes Japan is asking the location of a village built by a dog, or that instead of "Nello", the boy in the story, Japan is referring to "Nero", the ancient Roman Emperor. Despite the confusion, Belgium is at least able to direct him to the church in Antwerp.

As more tourists come in search of the setting of "A Dog of Flanders", Belgium starts thinking there may be more to what they're asking. Discussing the matter with other Belgians, they wonder what the significance of the dog is. Belgium comes to the conclusion that it just might be a pick-up line. Finally coming to the realization that "A Dog of Flanders" is a book, Belgium sits down and takes the time to read the story. Deeply moved by the terribly sad ending of the book, she proclaims that Belgians aren't that cruel. Now knowing that tourists are excited about the book, Belgium decides they should make something based on the book for tourists to enjoy. Creating some plush toys of Patrasche gets some attention, but Belgium seems regretful.

Chapter 117 (第117章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred fifty-fifth through one hundred fifty-eighth chapters of World☆Stars. America discusses the presidential primaries with England. Though England worries about the tension between the Republican and Democratic parties, America enjoys the liveliness of the event, and states that in the end, everyone will get along anyway. England is still worried about how exhausting the long election process is for America, but America doesn't mind and states it's the best for the people. He says some have to travel far to be able to vote, and mentions it took him three days to get to the polling station from his first house. England doesn't feel any better. Russia joins the conversation with England and America, amused at how entertaining they find the elections to be. America asks if England and Russia play it too cool with their elections, but they both agree America is the odd one out on that topic. However, Russia goes on to mention how politics in his home are a little sketchy, and England decides he's an odd one too.

Romano watches the news about America's presidential election and though he finds it annoying, he also thinks it looks like fun. He decides to give America some advice and sends him a text telling him he should get a boss that serious like Germany; not some wacky character. America replies immediately stating it'd be a great idea to have a candidate show off all their muscles, totally missing the point.

Chapter 118 (第118章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred fifty-ninth through one hundred sixty-second chapters of World☆Stars. Hungary's boss tells her to go out and advertise for tourists to vacations at her spas. As she's passing out fliers, Czech Republic comes up to brag about how her spas are better than Hungary's. Czech Republic claims there must be a way for her to be better known for spas than Hungary is. As she praises herself for her greater understanding of spa culture, some tourists decide to go visit Hungary's spas instead based on some sexy advertising. To confirm that she is the best spa country, Czech Republic calls up Slovakia to ask his opinion. When he responds it's "the one with the biggest boobs", she is much less than pleased. Hungary comes up with the idea to bring in hot spring pros from Japan to help determine whose spas are better. Unfortunately they are all animals, and neither she nor Czech Republic can understand their verdicts.

Chapter 119 (第119章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred sixty-third through one hundred sixty-sixth chapters of World☆Stars. Romania bursts in Italy's house claiming to be a member of the Italy brothers. He proudly proclaims all the things that he inherited from when he was a Roman territory, but Romano isn't impressed since Romania doesn't have the hair curl that he and Veneziano inherited from Rome. Not giving up, Romania decides that he'll use tarot card to foretell his status as a grandson of Rome. As he shuffles his cards, the Italy brothers respond with mixed enthusiasm. He hushes them, explaining that if he can't concentrate and gets it wrong, that he'll be fined. The tarot card results are in and Romania is devastated when they tell him he's not a grandson of Rome. Trying to stay positive, Romania claims that maybe things will turn around and he'll become the oldest brother. Back on the upbeat, Romania gives the Italy brothers an invitation to go to his house for a music festival. Veneziano grumbles about not having a lot of money, but Romania assures him there's no monetary fee to attend, he just has to give up some of his blood.

Chapter 120 (第120章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred sixty-seventh through seventieth chapters of World☆Stars. Germany presents the EU with the issue of there being too many olive farms. Spain panics since he has a lot invested into the production of olive oil. Though he gives in and accepts that the supply is more than the demand, he also suggests the idea of marketing olive oil as a juice drink. Trying to further prove how amazing olive oil is, Spain cooks up a dish fried in olive oil and offers it to Germany. Germany exclaims that it looks really appetizing. Then as a good luck measure, Spain douses the whole dish in more olive oil. Spain begs Austria not to regulate his olive fields, and Austria tells him he needs to explain the importance of the fields for them to understand. Searching his memory, Spain ends up joking that he can tell the quality of an olive tree by nibbling on its leaves.

Spain unfortunately is unsuccessful, but France compliments him and invites Spain to tell him about the wonders of olive oil. Spain offers France a bottle of olive oil juice. France, believing the gesture to be a joke, laughs about drinking the juice and tries to tell Spain he's taking the "joke" too far. However, Spain is already chugging down his own bottle of olive oil juice.

Chapter 121 (第121章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred seventy-first chapter of World☆Stars. Czech Republic decides to announce that she is changing her name to Czechia, since Czech Republic is too long. While Liechtenstein and Slovakia question her, Austria comes up specifically to tell her not to do it, based upon his own experience.

Chapter 122 (第122章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred seventy-second chapter of World☆Stars. Romano gets an unpleasant surprise when a rat grabs hold of his hair curl. He is even more unhappy when Veneziano admits there have been a lot of rats around. However, Veneziano claims to have a plan and introduces the idea of bringing in cats to catch the rats. Unfortunately for them, he brought in Italy-cat who only eats Ciao Churu brand cat treats.

Chapter 123 (第123章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred seventy-third and one hundred seventy-fourth chapters of World☆Stars. Germany admits that he's been feeling a bit under the weather. Italy, in a panic, looks for a charm to bring Germany some good luck. Italy suggests that Germany perform an Italian gesture of grabbing his balls for good luck. Germany protests the idea, and Italy remembers the gesture has actually been outlawed in his house. Still looking for good luck for Germany, Italy goes to Japan for help. Japan explains how his house has various superstitions and methods to bring luck, so Italy asks for something that works like a charm. Japan offers to do a purification ritual.

Chapter 124 (第124章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred seventy-fifth through one hundred eighty-second chapters of World☆Stars. Seychelles tries to name all the nations in the G8. After a short struggle, she finally remembers that Canada is one of the nations, which results in an ecstatic Canada as he overhears her. Extremely thankful that Seychelles remembered him, Canada tries to find a way to express his gratitude. Since Kumajirou tells him to make a big impact so she'll always remember him, Canada puts on a big show for her. Seychelles questions who he is, since she doesn't believe Canada is capable of such a display.

America happened to see Canada's show and comes by to tease him for being out of character. America tells Canada that he's fine just the way he is. It's revealed that Canada is envious of how well known America is, and America is envious of how well Canada gets along with others. Kumajirou points out to Canada that part of the reason he doesn't stand out is because he looks like America. Canada protests, pointing out how their personalities are nothing alike and how even their glasses are different. It comes down to Canada thinking too little of himself and wanting to be more like America. Canada chats with America about entertainment that they share with each other. America wonders how Canada knows so much about him. Canada says it's because they're neighbors, but when he asks America if he also knows everything about him, Canada learns that America isn't quite as knowledgeable.

Feeling down that America isn't as interested in him, Canada tries to remember a time when he wasn't like that. Thinking back to when they were little, Canada made various attempts to invite America over to play. However, each time America has grown older as he learns more about being a nation, and he quickly outgrows little Canada. Finally having caught up physically with America, Canada is floored when America suggests that they declare independence from England. However, Canada dislikes fighting and comes up with many excuses to let things stay as they are. With sarcastic frustration, America wishes Canada and England a happy future together. Wanting to be on good terms with America, Canada tries to find a better way to communicate with him. He ends up having England speak on his behalf, since he feels America won't take him seriously on his own.

Chapter 125 (第125章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred eighty-third through one hundred eighty-sixth chapters of World☆Stars. France claims he has something very important to talk to Germany about and wants to keep it secret that they're meeting up. Taking it seriously, Germany asks what it is and is very surprised when France brings up the topic of school uniforms. France hopes that Germany will agree with his views on the aesthetic value of school uniforms, and briefly goes over the history of why they became less common in Europe. Germany is less than enthusiastic and says he needs to leave. Somehow France gets Germany to continue their discussion on school uniforms. Germany states the issue that reviving their popularity could result in complaints about the lack of individuality. France brings up how students in Japan will customize their uniforms, yet stay within the required uniform rules, and then proceeds to demonstrate his own take on it.

France invites Japan to join the uniform discussion. Japan tells them about how there was a movement to get rid of uniforms in his home as well, but in the end it backfired and students wouldn't apply to schools that did not have uniforms. France decides that Japan's methods won't work for Europe, so Japan suggests reflecting on them with a nostalgic approach. France resolves it would be best to offer uniforms that students would like to wear. However, he immediately dons a skimpy school uniform as he urges them to help him boost interest in uniforms. Germany quickly declines in favor of walking his dogs.

Chapter 126 (第126章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred eighty-seventh through one hundred ninetieth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 127 (第127章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred ninety-first chapter of World☆Stars.

Chapter 128 (第128章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred ninety-second chapter of World☆Stars.

Chapter 129 (第129章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred ninety-third and one hundred ninety-fourth chapter of World☆Stars.

Chapter 130 (第130章?)

Originally serialized as the one hundred ninety-fifth through two hundredth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 131 (第131章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred first and two hundred second chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 132 (第132章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred third chapter of World☆Stars.

Chapter 133 (第133章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred fourth chapter of World☆Stars.

Chapter 134 (第134章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred fifth and two hundred sixth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 135 (第135章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred seventh through two hundred fourteenth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 136 (第136章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred fifteenth through two hundred twentieth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 137 (第137章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred twenty-first and two hundred twenty-second chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 138 (第138章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred twenty-third through two hundred twenty-sixth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 139 (第139章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred twenty-seventh and two hundred twenty-eighth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 140 (第140章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred twenty-ninth and two hundred thirtieth chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 141 (第141章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred thirty-first and two hundred thirty-second chapters of World☆Stars.

Chapter 142 (第142章?)

Originally serialized as the two hundred thirty-third and two hundred thirty-fourth chapters of World☆Stars.


The fourth volume was released by Shueisha on June 2, 2017.


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