The Story of Snow and Dreams

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The Story of Snow and Dreams
Song released in Hetalia: The World Twinkle Character CD Vol. 7 - America and Russia
Artist Yasuhiro Takato
Released October 28, 2015
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The Story of Snow and Dreams (雪と夢のものがたり Yuki to Yume no Monogatari?) is the fifth image song for the character Russia in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Yasuhiro Takato in the voice of Russia.



『真っ白な雪景色 これは全て幻』
そんな夢を見たある日 ぼくは旅に出た

森の中で出会った 「キミはぼくのともだち?」
寂しそうな目をしてる 遠吠えのВолк

Девять… Десять…

ぼくは歩くよ あの夢まで
酷く吹雪いたとしても 白い足跡消えることなく
凍りつく Россия♪


空に手を伸ばしたら 届きそうな星たち☆
白い息吹きかけたら どこかへ消えるの…?

再び歩き出した ぼくを誘(いざな)ったのは
暖かい灯り纏う 大規模なЦирк

再び目を閉じて 開けば静かな世界…

ぼくは歩くよ あの夢まで
きっとどこかにあるから 水もВодкаも涙でさえも
凍りつく Россия♪

ぼくは歩くよ あの夢まで
そんな雪のものがたり 聞いて笑ったその笑顔だって
凍りつく Россия♪


“osoku natte gomen ne~ joushi no otetsudai ga nagabiichatta~
sore jaa, sassoku, boku no ohanashi wo kiite moratte mo ii kana?”

“masshiro na yukigeshiki kore wa subete maboroshi”
sonna yume wo mita aru hi boku wa tabi ni deta

mori no naka de deatta “kimi wa boku no tomodachi?”
sabishisouna me wo shiteru tooboe no Volk

Devyat’… Desyat’…
kazoeowari me wo aketemo
kawarazu hirogaru shiroi sekai…

boku wa aruku yo ano yume made
hidoku fubuita toshitemo shiroi ashiato kieru koto naku
kooritsuku Rossiya♪

“yuki no naka wo zutto aruite samukunai katte? daijoubu ♪
sukoshi mo samukunai yo~♥ demo, chotto tsukarechatta kara
sukoshi dake yasumou kana~
kuuki ga sundeite, tottemo kirei dana~”

sora ni te wo nobashitara todokisouna hoshitachi☆
shiroi ibuki kaketara doko ka e kieru no…?

futatabi arukidashita boku wo izanatta no wa
atatakai akari matou daikibo na Tsirk

kokoro ni najinda oto ya odori de
shizen to komiagete egao ni naru kedo… ne?
naze ka sabishii na… doushite darou?
futatabi me o tojite akeba shizuka na sekai…

“boku no na wa roshia. kimi wa dare? boku to tomodachi ni narou?”
boku wa aruku yo ano yume made
kitto dokoka ni aru kara mizu mo Vodka mo namida de saemo
kooritsuku Rossiya♪

boku wa aruku yo ano yume made
sonna yuki no monogatari kiite waratta sono egao datte
kooritsuku Rossiya♪
kimi to boku de roshia♪
“sateto. kyou no nikka wo sumasete okoutto. …atsuryoku♪”


“I’m sorry I’m late~ I was helping my boss and it got dragged on~
Anyway, without further ado, may I ask you to listen to my story?"

"A scenery of stark white snow, it is all an illusion”
The day when I dreamed such a dream, I embarked on a journey

We met in the middle of the woods “Are you my friend?”
A howling Volk with lonely eyes

Devyat’… Desyat’…
Even when I open my eyes after counting
The white world that stretches out before me is still the same

I’ll keep on walking, until I reach that dream
Even when the snowstorm rages on, these white footprints will not be erased
But frozen in place Rossiya♪

“You’re wondering whether I feel cold walking in the snow this whole time? I’m fine♪
The cold never bothered me anyway~♥ But I am kind of tired
So I’ll rest for a little while~
The air is so crisp and clear, it’s beautiful~”

The stars that look as though I could reach them, if I just stretch my hand towards the sky
If I blow a puff of white breath on them, where will they disappear to…?

As I resume my journey, Bathed in warm light
A grand-scale Tsirk beckoned me in

With the sounds and dances familiar to my heart
A smile spontaneously spreads across my face, but… y'know what?
For some reason, I feel lonely… I wonder why that is?
I close my eyes once more, and when I open them, the world is quiet again…

“My name is Russia. Who are you? Would you like to be friends?”
I’ll keep on walking, until I reach that dream
Because I’m sure it exists somewhere, where water and Vodka and even tears
Are frozen in place Rossiya♪

I’ll keep on walking, until I reach that dream
Even that smiling face that was laughing and listening to such snowy tales
Is frozen in place Rossiya♪
You and I together are Russia♪
“Well then, I guess I should take care of my daily routine… it’s pressure♪”


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