Hatafutte Parade (America)

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Hatafutte Parade (America)
はたふってパレード アメリカ版
Song released in Hetalia: World Series
Vol. 3 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Katsuyuki Konishi
Released October 22, 2010
Length 2:53
Composer Conisch
Arrangement Saki
Hetalia Song Chronology
Hatafutte Parade (France) Hatafutte Parade (America) We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Hatafutte Parade (はたふってパレード アメリカ版 Hatafutte Parēdo Amerika-ban?, lit. "Flag-waving Parade - America Edition") is the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: World Series. This alternate version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in America. It is sung by Katsuyuki Konishi in the voice of America.

While initially only released with the Hetalia: World Series Vol. 3 Limited Edition DVD, it was later included in the compilation CD Hetalia: World Series: Hatafutte Best.


(Are You Ready?)
右手にはハンバーガー 左手にはシェイク!
バーガー食ってシェイク飲んでフリーダム パレード
魅惑の世界へ Welcome(ようこそ)!

手をとって輪になって 回るぜ地球号
French Fries もBig Sizeで絶好調!

世界一の証さ Stars and Strips

バーガー食って シェイク飲んで ダンシングパレード
楽器を鳴らして 行進だ
みんなで せーので 合奏すれば
たった一つの地球(うた) 完成さ!
ギターかき鳴らすは 俺 アメリカ!
「俺のクールでナイスなプレイを 聞き逃すんじゃないぞー!」

スーパーサイズの たいまつで
世界中を 照らすのさ
交友関係は 地球だけにとどまらないぞ なっ!トニー

Going my way!
Going my way!

Going my way! 風邪にはこれさ ハンバーガー
Going my way! コーラを飲んでも 元気になるぞ!
Going my way! Yes! We can!
Going my way! 

おっ! ちょうどあそこに アイス屋があるじゃないかー
HAHAHA 運がいいぞー さすがヒーローの俺だな!!

カラフルな アイス食って ハッピータイム ドルッフゥー
メロディは 万国共通さ
5つの大陸と 7つの海を
ノリノリなテンポで 大横断!
希望を抱いて Independence Day


独立の証さ Stars and Stripes
つまり 俺が ヒーローさ⌒☆

長く歩き続けるためにも そろそろまた ハンバーガーのチャージが必要だなぁ」

(Are You Ready?)
Migi te ni wa HAMBURGER Hidari te ni wa Shake!
Burger kutte shake nonde FREEDOM PAREDO!
Miwaku no sekai e Welcome(youkoso)!

Te o totte wa ni natte mawaru zo chikyuu go
French fries mo big size de zekkouchou!
Sekai ichi no akashisa STARS & STRIPES

"Kimitachi no yakuwari wo happyou suru zo! Ore no, engo da!"

Burger kutte shake nonde Dancing Parade
Gakki o narashite koushin da
Minna de seeno de gassou sureba
Tatta hitotsu no uta kansei sa!
GUITAR kakinarasu wa ore America!
"Ore no COOL de NICE na PLAY o kikinogasunja naizo-!"

SUPER SIZE no taimatsu de
Sekai juu o terasunosa
Kouyuu-kankei wa chikyuu dake ni todomaranai zo

Going my way!
Going my way!

Going my way! Kaze ni wa kore sa! HAMBURGER
Going my way! COLA o nondemo genki ni naru zo!
Going my way! Yes! We can!
Going my way!

"Sorosoro syokugo no DESSERT ga tabetaku natte kita zo,
O! Choudo asoko ni ICE ya ga arujanaika.
HAHAHA. Un ga ii zo, sasuga HERO no ore dana!!"

COLORFUL na ICE kutte HAPPY TIME dorufoo
MELODY wa bankoku kyoutsuu sa
Itsutsu no tairiku to nanatsu no umi o
Norinori na TEMPO de daioudan!

"Barbeque ni PICNIC, hanabi. Sukina koto o tanoshimou ja naika!"

Dokuritsu no akashi sa STARS AND STRIPES
Tsumari ore ga HERO sa.

"PARADE wa ii DIET ni narisou da zo.
Nagaku aruki tsuzukeru tameni mo sorosoro mata HAMBURGER no CHARGE ga hitsuyou danaa..."

(Are you ready?)
In my right hand is a hamburger! In my left hand is a shake!
Eating burgers, drinking shakes, it's a freedom parade!
Towards the enchanting world, WELCOME!

Take our hands, make a circle, spin, and it's the world
French fries and a big size I'm in the best condition!
Our priority in the world is proved by the Stars and Stripes[1]
"All right, I'm gonna announce your roles now. You'll all be my back up!"

Eating burgers, drinking shakes, it's a dancing parade!
Sound your instruments, it's time to march!
If everyone at one-two makes the ensemble,
The one and only song will be complete!

The guitarist is me, America!
"Don't miss my cool and nice play!"

With super-sized torches
The world is lit up
My acquaintances are not limited to the earth
As you know, Tony!

Going my way!
Going my way!

Going my way! When you have a cold, take hamburgers!
Going my way! And some coke, as well!
Going my way! Yes! We can!
Going my way!

"Now I want to eat dessert.
Oh! I see an ice cream stall over there.
HAHAHA! How lucky I am, the hero!"

Eating colorful ice cream, happy time durufoo!
This melody is universal
The five continents and the seven seas
At this rocking tempo, they traverse each other grandly!

Have a big hope with you, Independence Day[2]
"Barbeque, picnic, fireworks. Now enjoy anything you like!"

Our independence is proved by the Stars and Stripes
Now I say I am the hero⌒☆

"Hahaha! Having a parade will be good exercise!
To keep walking I now need to charge some more hamburgers..."

  1. Refering to the flag of the United States of America, 50 stars for the 50 states and 13 stripes for the 13 original colonies.
  2. The day the United States celebrates its independence from the United Kingdom.

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