Hatafutte Parade (Chibiromano)

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Hatafutte Parade (Chibiromano)
はたふってパレード ちびロマーノ版
Song released in Hetalia: World Series
Vol. 7 Limited Edition DVD
Artist Aki Kanada
Released July 27, 2011
Length 3:00
Lyrics Saki and DY-T
Composer Saki and DY-T
Arrangement DY-T
Hetalia Song Chronology
Hatafutte Parade (Sweden) Hatafutte Parade (Chibiromano) Hatafutte Parade (Spain)

Hatafutte Parade (はたふってパレード ちびロマーノ版 Hatafutte Parēdo Chibi Romāno-ban?, lit. "Flag-waving Parade - Chibiromano Edition") is the ending theme for the anime series Hetalia: World Series. This alternate version of the song was rewritten to reflect the life and culture in South Italy during his younger days. It is sung by Aki Kanada in the voice of Chibiromano.

While initially only released with the Hetalia: World Series Vol. 7 Limited Edition DVD, it was later included in the compilation CD Hetalia: World Series: Hatafutte Best.


みぎてには オリーブ
ひだりてには トマトー!

トーマト マートマト トマトマトパレード
みわくのせかいへ ついてくるなよこのやろー!
てをとって わになって まわるぞ ちきゅうごう
キラッキラ ながぐつが かっこいいだろーこのやろー!

Verde Bianco RossoでTricolore!

トーマト マートマト トマトマトパレード
がっきをならして こうしんだぞーこのやろー
みんなで せーので がっそうすれば
たったひとつのうた かんせいだぞーちくしょー!

タンバリンがかりは 俺 ロマーノだぞー!

とうぎじょうだぞー Colosseo
じいちゃんのぬくもり Foro Romano
Bocca della Veritàはうそつきなヤツが てをいれるとかまれちゃうんだぞー

Viva l'allegria! しょくよくはたべるうちにでてくる
Viva l'allegria! きらいなものは「ん、お前にやるー!」
Viva l'allegria! おんなのこはだいかんげい
Viva l'allegria!

トーマト マートマト トマトマトパレード
いつつのたいりくと ななつのうみを
めちゃ めちゃ たのしい おんがくさい

Verde Bianco RossoでTricolore!

Migi te ni wa oribu
Hidari te ni wa tomato!

Tomato ma tomato tomatomato pareedo
Miwaku no sekai he tsuitekurunayo konoyarou!
Te wo totte wa ni natte mawaruzo chikyuu gou
Kira kira nagagutsu kakkoii darou konoyarou!

Verde Bianco Rosso de Tricolore!
Ore no houga omae yori ue dakarana

Tomato ma tomato tomatomato paredo
Gakki wo narashite koushin dazo konoyarou
Minna de seeno de gassou sureba
Tatta hitotsu no uta kansei dazo chikushou!

Tanbarin ga kari wa ore Romano dazo!
「Ore no yuushi wo mite oku no da! 1·2·3·dai!」

Toukijyou dazo Colosseo
Jiichan no nukumori Foro Romano
Bocca della Verità wa usotsuki no yatsu ga te wo ireru to kamarechaun dazo

Viva l'allegria! Shokuyoku wa taberu uchi ni dete kuru
Viva l'allegria! Kirai no mono wa 「N, omae ni yaru!」
Viva l'allegria! Onna no ko wa daikangei
Viva l'allegria!
「Ah... Ah... kono kireina tomato wa
Ano, sono Be... Berugi ni yaru...」

Tomato ma tomato tomatomato paredo
Merodi wa bankoku kyoutsuu dazo chikushou!
Itsutsu no tairiku to nanatsu no umi wo
Nori nori na Tempo de daioun dazo konoyarou!
Mecha mecha tanoshii ongakusai
「Tanoshimanai yatsu wa ashi no ura mochimochi no kei dazo!」

Verde Bianco Rosso de Tricolore!
Kikitakattara mata utatte yattemo ii no da

In my right hand is an olive!
In my left hand is a tomato~!

Tomato-mato-mato, tomato-mato parade!
Towards the enchanting world, "Don't follow me, you jerk!"
Take our hands, form a circle, spin and you have the world
My sparkling boots, they're cool, aren't they bastard?!

Verde, bianco, rosso è tricolore[1]
You know that I'm higher than you!

Tomato-mato-mato, tomato-mato parade!
Sound your instruments, it's time to march, you bastards!
If everyone at 'one-two' makes the ensemble
The one and only song will be complete, dammit!

Playing the tambourine, it's me, Romano!
「Watch me now, my fans! Uno・Due・Tre・dai![2]

The Colosseo[3] is the greatest amphitheatre in the world
Grandpa's really cool, Foro Romano[4]
Put the liar's hand in the Bocca della Verità[5]

Viva l'allegria![6] If you're hungry, go away.
Viva l'allegria! I hate guys who say 「Yup! I give it to you!」
Viva l'allegria! Girls shouting of joy
Viva l'allegria!
「A-ah... This is such a pretty tomato...
I'll... I'll give it to Belgium then...」

Tomato-mato-mato, tomato-mato parade!
The melody is universal, from all the world, dammit!
The 5 continents and the 7 seas
At this energetic tempo, they traverse each other grandly, you bastard!
This vivacious music is so amusing!
「If there's anybody who doesn't enjoy it, he'll suffer from a nice kicking!」

Verde, bianco, rosso è tricolore
If you want to hear this again that's alright.

  1. Italian: Green, white, and red make my tricolor
  2. Italian: One Two Three GO!
  3. Colosseum
  4. Roman Forum
  5. Statue in the shape of a face. It is said to bite off a liar's hand
  6. Italian: Long live the joy!

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