Ich liebe...

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Ich liebe...
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Song released in Hetalia Character CD II Vol. 3 - Germany
Artist Hiroki Yasumoto
Released May 29, 2013
Lyrics YUMIKO(from DY-T)
Composer YUMIKO(from DY-T)
Arrangement Masao Nomura
Hetalia Song Chronology
Vorwärts Marsch! Ich liebe... My Friend

Ich liebe... (lit. "I love...") is the fourth image song for the character Germany in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It is sung by Hiroki Yasumoto in the voice of Germany. According to the Anime's website, the track is "a complete change from "Vorwärts Marsch!"! A melody that shows bits of Germany’s best guarded inner thoughts ☆."


Ich liebe den Kuchen.
Ich liebe auch Kaffee.



Ich liebe den Kuchen.
Ich liebe auch Kaffee.

オーブンで50分だ Starten!





Ich liebe den Kuchen.
Ich liebe auch Kaffee.

Zairyou wa muen-Batā ni Guranyū-tou
Remon no kawa wo surioroshita mono
Hakurikiko ni Bēkingu-paudā
Gyuunyuu・ringo・funtou wo youi
Bunryou wa seikakuni hakaru
Kirei ni fuita Bōru de awasete
Konekone mazeteiku

Kūhen wo yakuzo!
Mousugu niji da zo!
Kyou wa amami tappurino
ringo no Kūhen

Ich liebe den Kuchen.
Ich liebe auch Kaffee.

Kata wa chokkei nijuu-yon senchi ichidai
Mazeawaseta kiji wo nagashikomu
Rokutoubun ni kiriwaketa ringo
Teineini hitotsuzutu noseteik
Tokashita Batā wo komameni nutte
Ōbun de gojuppun da Starten!
Yakeru made matteiru aida ni
tanpopo wo tuminiikou

Kūhen wo yaku zo!
Jikan wa kicchirito!
Ii nioi ga shitekitara
Kōhī no junbi da!

Samashite kara kata wo tori
Funtou wo kakete
Juuyouna no wa takusan no Hoippu!

Kūhen ga yaketa zo!
Yaki-iro mo kanpeki da!
Küche wo katazukete
youi da Naifu and Fōku


Ich liebe den Kuchen.[1]
Ich liebe auch Kaffee.[2]

Ingredients are unsalted butter, granulated sugar,
Eggs, salt, vanilla extract, lemon zest, flour and baking powder.
Measure the milk, apples and powdered exactly so they fit in the bowl
Wipe the counter clean, mix, go!

I’ll bake the cake!
I’ll be 2:00 soon
Today will be filled with sweetness!
Apple cake
One, two, three!

Ich liebe den Kuchen.
Ich liebe auch Kaffee.

The mix is poured into a mold that’s 24cm in diameter.
Apples are divided in 6 equal parts and are placed carefully one by one.
Coat the cake with melted butter carefully.
Put it in the oven, set for 50 minutes, and starten![3]
While we wait for it to bake, let’s go pick dandelions.

I’ll bake the cake!
The time must be precise.
When you smell something nice,
The coffee has been prepared.
One, two, three!

Take the mold after it cools and put powdered sugar on top.
It’s important that one puts a lot!

"Ah, Italy... I've made us some cake and coffee... would you like to eat them together?"
"Oh, I see! Wait just a moment!"

I have a browned cake!
Baked foods are perfection.
Clear away the küche.[4]
Forks and knives are available!
One, two, three!


  1. I love cake
  2. I also love coffee
  3. start
  4. kitchen
  5. Welcome...

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